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Time : 26/07/2022 Author : 37zbx1 Click : + -
        Introduction: Xicai Weijin is operated by Professor Zhang Xiaomei and his team. The team has long been committed to the popularization of science and frontier exploration of micro finance and financial technology. It has always paid close attention to the development of today's Micro Finance and financial technology, and timely transmitted accurate information to the public. While keeping up with the pace of the times and grasping the pulse of the times, it strives to provide the public with the best first-hand resources. We hope to move forward side by side with this era, not to laugh at carriages, let alone refuse the embrace of cars! We will try our best to shield our parents from too much information noise and strive to be a good observer!. Whether it is the high-rise buildings or the Chang'e dragon, whether it is the high gorge and the flat lake or the Flying North and south, the past 100 years have passed. Human beings are constantly refreshing the world on the road of seeking, and China is also moving towards glory in the changes of the times.
        From the industrial revolution to the birth of the computer, every turbulence and innovation is so meaningful, but at the beginning of each subversion, it is also insignificant and difficult to see. Finally, the stars set fire to the wilderness and the water trickles into the river. Now, when the information revolution comes, when blockchain becomes a hot topic in the streets, when cloud computing and big data fly into ordinary people's homes, and when micro finance is treated with dignity, we have reason to believe that this is a revolution in financial technology, and a new future for China's finance and even the world's finance. We need to embrace the times and accept challenges. With the deepening of financial system reform and the progress of Internet technology, micro finance and the Internet, two seemingly independent concepts, are profoundly changing people's thinking, concepts and production life after fierce collision and deep integration.
        Therefore, we have seen innovative financial forms such as third-party payment, P2P online loan, big data finance and crowdfunding springing up like bamboo shoots. These financial forms are impacting and reconstructing the entire financial market pattern. The vigorous development of Internet finance has brought more possibilities for financial innovation, and will further help solve the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises, meet the financial needs of long tail people, and also improve the fairness and efficiency of the entire financial system. In 2014, the China micro finance and Internet finance innovation research center of Southwestern University of Finance and economics was born. This is an independent, objective, professional and open pure academic research think tank integrating "government, industry, learning, research and application" established under the realistic circumstances of existing financial system defects, small and micro enterprises urgently need to solve financing difficulties and expensive financing. It aims to explore innovative financial frontier theories, build innovative financial disciplines and cultivate innovative financial professionals. Finally, we hope to give play to the collaborative innovation advantages of micro finance and Internet finance, Comprehensively apply the modern financial frontier theory, diligently strive to solve the global problem of small and micro finance.
        In 2016, the center won the "2015-2016 China V Financial think tank Award" (the other winners are ant Financial Service Research Institute, Yixin Research Institute, Ali Research Institute, China Internet Economy Research Institute of Central University of Finance and economics, Internet Finance Laboratory of Wudaokou School of finance, Tsinghua University and crowdfunding Finance Research Institute). We are not brilliant creators, only to spread the gospel as a lifelong pursuit; We do not seek success and fame, but only to contribute our modest efforts in the tide of development; We don't need flowers or salutes. We just act as a lookout for China's financial aircraft carrier. Therefore, in the new century, under the dawn of science and technology, we, Xicai Weijin, are willing to use our hands to brush off the last haze, become the pioneer of helping the development of China's Micro Finance and Internet finance, and become the explorer of promoting the implementation of financial technology.
        Zhang Xiaomei, member of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference of Sichuan Province, founding president and chief economist of Sichuan Financial Science and technology society, professor and doctoral supervisor of Southwest University of Finance and economics, and director of China micro finance and Internet finance innovation research center. He graduated from the Graduate School of Ichihashi University in Japan and has a Ph.D. in economics. He has been engaged in research on micro finance and Internet finance, blockchain finance, financial technology, financing of small, medium and micro enterprises, bank governance and other fields for a long time. He is one of the earliest scholars studying blockchain finance in China. Served as the first selected experts of the outlook think tank of Xinhua news agency; At the same time, he served as the academic tutor of Alibaba group and ant financial group in the Internet finance direction of "living water plan"; Blockchain finance expert of Tencent group and Tencent think tank; Xiaomi Internet Finance guidance expert; Member of the expert group of China blockchain Application Research Center (Beijing); Founder of China blockchain joint development organization; Vice chairman of financial science and technology professional committee of Sichuan Institute of finance; Strategic consulting expert of Guiyang big data and crowdfunding exchange; Chengdu Tianfu new area Internet finance development planning expert, etc.
        In addition, he was employed as a special writing expert for the Internet economy of the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, a writing expert for the "theoretical edition" of Guangming Daily, an expert for the Internet Finance column of zero one finance and economics, a special writing expert for the financial column of the first finance and economics Daily, and a writing expert for the Beijing Youth Daily. In 2017, it won the title of "Lei Feng's professional pacesetter in post learning" and the annual financial and economic figure award of the second financial and economic leader list in Sichuan Province. At the same time, he served as a reviewer of first-class financial journals at home and abroad, and presided over the National Natural Science Foundation projects; He has published dozens of papers in China's industrial economy, Nankai management review, financial research, international financial research, Nankai economic research, economist, international review of economics and finance and other first-class academic journals at home and abroad.
        In 2016, he published the monograph "Micro Finance - fragmentation and reconstruction" (China Financial Publishing House), and Mr. Du Xiaoshan, the father of China's small loans, wrote the preface to the book. In 2017, he published blockchain: the concept of quantum wealth (Machinery Industry Press), which won the best popular book award of "financial books of the first financial year 2017"; And won the first place in the selection of "2017-2018 China blockchain readers"; In December 2017, trump also specially recommended this book at the US president's breakfast meeting. In the teaching work and life, Professor Zhang Xiaomei not only pays attention to the improvement of students' professional quality and the cultivation of professional ability, but also pays more attention to the physical and mental health of students and the communication and exchange with students.
        Since March 2009, Mr. Zhang has started to talk about life, work and life with students in a pleasant and relaxed dining atmosphere through the way of "dinner appointment". Today, "Xiaomei lunch" has been popular in Xicai for nine years. In 2015, Professor Zhang Xiaomei was selected into "freezing point People Weekly" of China Youth Daily for "Xiaomei lunch"; In 2016, "Xiaomei lunch" became even more popular and became a hot topic in the interview of national civil servants. In the new era of China's development, in the new journey of micro finance and Internet finance, we should not only be financial people, but also social people, understand the hardships of the people, and sympathize with all living things.
        Only by maintaining the original mind and feelings can we clearly understand the direction in the spring tide and strive for the upper reaches. With a rigorous academic attitude and profound national feelings, it is necessary to assume the responsibility and mission as a financial researcher, and truly use the life-long learning to promote the progress and development of micro finance and Internet finance, and ultimately benefit the country and mankind.
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