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To be honest, developing blockchain games is actually very simple!

Time : 30/06/2022 Author : a61b8d Click : + -
        With the progress of science and technology and the continuous attention of the state, the blockchain has made great progress in all fields. The new economic system born around the blockchain is slowly evolving and growing, and the door of a new era is slowly opening. The organic integration of blockchain with cloud computing, 5g communication, artificial intelligence and other information technologies will become an important infrastructure that constitutes a digital economy and an intelligent society. The "open alliance chain" launched by ant financial blockchain for small and medium-sized enterprises in 2020 has solved many problems encountered by many developers in the actual development work. It is amazing!. As a comprehensive operation service platform for blockchain games, youmi chain has always been committed to empowering the game industry with blockchain thinking and technology and creating a new infrastructure for next-generation blockchain games.
        Now, based on the idea of building a new game ecosystem with blockchain technology, youmi chain is also striving to create a comprehensive ecological solution for the majority of game developers & mdash& mdash; Main chain with blockchain game development kit. Blockchain games, as the outlet of the current game industry, have attracted many teams to the blockchain game development camp since the appearance of cryptocat in December 2017. In addition, under the current situation that the traditional game market is saturated and the ownership of game virtual assets is not guaranteed, it seems that it is a good choice for game industry practitioners to transform the blockchain game industry.
        However, it is not easy to develop a blockchain game. At present, the mainstream blockchain public chain has low TPS, high contract call costs, and great difficulty in chain development, which leads to the extremely high threshold for traditional games to be blockchain, which has become a natural barrier for many game developers and enterprises. In view of such problems, the upcoming "main chain with blockchain game development kit" of youmi chain provides a perfect solution for game developers. "Main chain with blockchain game development kit" means that youmi chain provides various types of game development tools on the independently developed main chain, including:. Front end tools: visual game development engine, open game editor back end tools: one click deployment of all types of smart contracts art tools: art resource package testing tools covering mainstream styles: exclusive test clothes, game community services.
        Not only that, all game component templates of the game development kit will be developed and designed by professional game developers in the industry. Youmi chain strives to create a set of "simplified" game development tools that non professional game developers can quickly learn. Game developers can efficiently develop and deploy a game of their own through the game development tools of youmi chain. Even if ordinary users do not know how to program, they can realize the rapid development of the game through this set of visual operation tools to avoid complicated code writing. Yumi chain hopes that by providing this complete set of project solution support, more game manufacturers and players can have the opportunity to enter the blockchain game field. In a borderless game world that can be freely created, internally driven and safely traded, everyone will be the Creator!.
        Finally, youmi chain also firmly believes that the formal launch of the next set of project solutions will certainly meet the expectations of game developers and enthusiasts, become the best chain game development solution, and bring sublimation to the chain game industry. Return to Sohu to see more.
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