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Red shirt capital accelerates its influx into web30hopingclub: the Web3 layout road of Huaying Club

Time : 10/07/2021 Author : tq9o0u Click : + -
        In the past two years, the technology market under the new concept has been paid more and more attention by capital. Whether it is the birth of defi or the fire of NFT, whether it is the growing maturity of the blockchain or the expectation of the meta universe, capital is using their keen sense of smell to find a lever to pry the old world. Since 2022, the Web3.0 field has witnessed a large-scale capital attack. Not only Microsoft, Google and other traditional giants have laid out their plans one after another, but also Sequoia Capital, JPMorgan Chase, huayinghui and other venture capital institutions from around the world have also made frequent moves, which seems to become the next wind. As early as January, Microsoft announced that it would buy the gaming giant Activision Blizzard for us $68.7 billion.
        Completed the layout of the important pillar track game field of metaverse. Since then, Microsoft has also posted an inspiration on its recruitment website to recruit a director of digital currency development, looking for professionals who can help the company expand its territory in the digital currency field and the most important Web3.0 field. In March, Microsoft, Softbank of Japan and Temasek of Singapore announced that they had completed a new round of US $450 million financing for the start-up consonsys, making a large-scale entry into the field of Web 3.0. Sequoia Capital, one of the world's largest venture capital companies, was the most popular in this period. After leading the investment in the blockchain company polygon with us $450 million in 2021, Sequoia Capital led the seed round financing of US $12 million of ethsign, a Web3.0 electronic protocol platform, on March 9; On March 7, he participated in the financing of US $32 million for a company focusing on the Web3 privacy system espresso systems.
        Earlier, on February 18, Sequoia Capital announced the launch of an investment fund focusing on cryptocurrency, with a capital scale of $500 million to $600 million. This cryptofund will mainly invest in crypto projects, including tokens already listed on the crypto exchange and those not yet listed. The investment scale of a single project is between $100000 and $50 million. Sequoia also plans to participate in crypto finance. According to incomplete media statistics, from January to the end of April 2022, Sequoia Capital Invested in 17 Web3.0 companies at the rate of about one investment per week. Marx once said: "if capital has a profit of 50%, it will take risks. If it has a profit of 100%, it will dare to trample all the laws on earth.
        ”The 3000% profit brought by the crypto world in recent years will naturally attract investment institutions on Wall Street. A regulatory document submitted by the New York Stock Exchange to the US patent and Trademark Office was made public. It hopes to establish a "cryptocurrency and NFT exchange". JPMorgan Chase has also set up a lounge on the "virtual land platform" decentraland, where there is a picture of Jamie & middot; Photo of Jamie Dimon, announcing the entry into the meta universe. Not only the old giants have made frequent moves, but other investment institutions on Wall Street have also made moves one after another. Hopingclub Huaying, a global asset management organization, is currently in Singapore to discuss investment in a crypto digital start-up. As early as 2016, hopingclub Huaying established its own crypto asset investment department and launched auction guarantee business in the NFT field.
        In March this year, the team of Asian blockchain finance expert samueluo joined BLACKGOLD, a branch of the China UK Association, and became the head of the Asia Pacific region, which caused quite a stir in the industry. A person in charge of the Huaying Association said that the innovation in the field of digital encryption has shown greater energy than the early Internet. For many people, Web3.0 may represent the future, but for the Huaying Association, we are focusing on the present of Web3.0. It is not easy to understand the concept of Web3.0. A popular explanation of Web3.0 is that Web1.0 can only read information, Web2.0 can read, write and write information, and Web3.0 can bring a new experience of reading, writing and having information.
        Web1.0 is based on an open, decentralized and community managed protocol. People obtain information from the Internet one-way. Information and knowledge are produced and organized by large companies, such as Yahoo, Sina and other portals, but users cannot interact with the content of the page. In the era of Web 2.0, knowledge and information are more produced by users. Commercial organizations build platforms, collect user information, and effectively distribute information. Facebook, Weibo, youtube and Tiktok are all products of this period. The third stage of Internet development, Web3.0, will allow users to become close participants in the network, instead of the traffic that was previously played by centralized technology companies.
        A manager of the Singapore Branch of hopingclub said that Web3.0, metauniverse, blockchain, encryption technology, NFT and Dao will form the next generation of Internet Ecology and open a perfect new business form based on blockchain decentralization, transparency, openness and democracy.
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