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"Blockchain version of wechat" telegram, ICO attracted $1.7 billion

Time : 17/02/2022 Author : rbh49y Click : + -
        In the first quarter of this year, when the digital currency suffered the most, telegram, known as "blockchain version of wechat", set the highest record for ICO financing. According to the latest documents submitted to the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), following the completion of the first round of ICO financing from January 29 to February 13 this year, the second round of ICO financing of the encrypted instant messaging application telegram, which started on March 14, raised another 850 million US dollars, with a total financing of 1.7 billion US dollars. The document also shows that the minimum investment amount of external investors participating in the second round of financing is US $1 million, and there are 94 investors, whether qualified or not.
        Telegram hinted that there might be more financing because the document mentioned that "one or more follow-up issues may be sought". Telegram will use financing to build a blockchain network called telegramopennetwork (ton). Telegram's 200 million users will be able to purchase services with its digital currency gram on the network. According to telegram, the goal is to make the transaction speed of ton exceed that of bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain, which may compete with visa and MasterCard. It is worth mentioning that telegram's ICO financing in March coincided with a new round of decline in digital currency.
        Wall Street has previously mentioned that bitcoin fell below US $7000 at the end of this month, making the first quarter the worst quarter for bitcoin and all digital currencies. The collapse of digital currency may cause cautious investors to switch to telegramico. Bloomberg reported that Gennady zhilyaev, a former executive of Templeton emerging market fund in Russia who invested in digital currency and ICO, commented that considering the decline of bitcoin in recent weeks, investors were more cautious about cryptocurrency assets, and telegram was undoubtedly successful. Zerohedge, a financial blog, thinks that considering the recent crackdown by Japanese regulators on the cryptocurrency exchange known as the ICO token paradise, telegram's ICO is quite successful.
        Wall Street has previously mentioned that on March 22, the financial services agency of Japan planned to issue a warning to the company according to the revised fund settlement law, requiring it to stop its business in Japan, on the ground that Binan was not registered in Japan or caused losses to investors. In early March, the market, trading and law enforcement departments of the SEC issued an announcement to remind investors to pay attention to illegal platforms used for digital asset trading, implying that the regulatory actions of the SEC on such trading platforms are becoming stricter. On March 16, Stephanie Avakian, CO director of the law enforcement department of the SEC, said that "dozens of investigations" had been carried out in the field of cryptocurrency. ICO had been facing more and more scrutiny in recent months, and the SEC paid very high attention to the field of cryptocurrency.
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