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BSN's third batch of "officially designated blockchain applications" was officially launched

Time : 15/07/2022 Author : 91ycm8 Click : + -
        Since its launch in July last year, BSN's "officially designated blockchain application" (hereinafter referred to as "designated application") has attracted wide attention from application providers and users in government and enterprise industries. After review and consideration, 25 BSN designated applications have been put on the shelves. After selection, the third batch of applications has been welcomed recently. A total of 10 designated applications have been put on the shelves, and the number of designated applications that BSN has entered has reached 35. The purpose of BSN designated application selection is to "show the most suitable blockchain applications to the most needed government and enterprise users". (ranking in no order) nine blockchain applications of seven categories have been selected for this batch of designated applications. All the developed applications have been deployed in BSN, using fabric, fiscobcos and CITA underlying frameworks respectively. As the adaptation of BSN to the underlying framework increases, subsequent access applications will have more choices during deployment.
        Please go to the official website of BSN to view all designated applications, and click the navigation menu of the official website "development alliance" - "BSN designated applications". If you are interested in a specific application, you can click to view the application details. The details page includes the detailed description, characteristics, chain up method, basic quotation and other information of the application. If you are an enterprise user and are interested in the use or purchase of products, you can directly communicate with the application provider through the contact information published on the website. BSN does not charge any fees in this process. The applications designated by BSN are divided into 15 categories according to the service fields. The developer committee will adjust the classification according to the feedback of market demand.
        The number of specified applications under each category is limited. When the number of added applications reaches the upper limit, only existing applications exit other applications can compete to join. The specified application is still in the hot recruitment process. Before joining the specified application, the application party must apply to become a BSN qualified developer. Apply to join the BSN designated application now and apply to become a qualified developer. If you have any comments or suggestions on the published designated application, please send an email to us. The development of blockchain technology has been elevated to a national strategy and included in the category of "new infrastructure". As a global blockchain infrastructure network independently developed by China, BSN has played an important role in promoting the development of the blockchain industry.
        For the launch of designated applications, BSN aims to select high-quality blockchain applications serving various fields in the market by virtue of its in-depth understanding of the blockchain industry, and promote these applications to the end users who really need them with the help of the commercial channel resources covered by the existing ecology. The launch of BSN designated applications has brought more business opportunities to high-quality users who are struggling to find customers, and also enabled purchasers who are puzzled about how to make choices to obtain reliable application products and better pre-sales / after-sales service guarantees. Undoubtedly, all participants are beneficiaries. After joining the designated application, the application will receive diversified promotion assistance.
        First, it will bring huge sales opportunities for the products. The designated application will be displayed as a recommended application in many public portals and private network products of BSN, so that the product can directly reach the user groups such as government commissions, offices, enterprises and institutions. At the same time, it will focus on recommending the official designated applications of BSN among the government and enterprise customer channels covered by the member units of the development alliance. The second is to promote the brand and products through the official training of BSN. The official training of BSN has been carried out in an orderly manner. The training covers the sales teams of the member units of the alliance, the local government commissions, bureaus, government and enterprise units and the vast number of developers. In combination with the "BSN campus plan", the training will also cover colleges and training institutions in the future.
        We will invite the designated application parties to share the product case experience to deeply promote their companies and products to the target customers. The third is the promotion and dissemination of joint media resources. BSN has achieved in-depth cooperation with many technical and industrial media. BSN promotes the designated applications from multiple perspectives through interviews and interactions with the media and news dissemination. In this process, BSN will provide you with these high-quality promotion resources for free. Through various promotion resources provided by BSN ecology, the developer Committee hopes to encourage more application parties with excellent design ideas and innovative technology capabilities to actively participate in the specified applications. At the same time, the designated applications that have participated in will continue to optimize and accumulate advantages in this benign competitive environment.
        Only in this way can we continue to promote the development of the industry and generate more high-quality blockchain application services that can promote the progress of the industry.
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