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As the world's first blockchain, bitcoin is also the best blockchain

Time : 22/12/2021 Author : ki9to2 Click : + -
        Titanium confessions has held 14 sessions so far. Each session invites titanium guests to share a topic and then discuss it with everyone. Some dry goods have been released. You can click the link:. Watch the full sharing and participate in the topic discussion. You can search the wechat official account "taimeiti" and send "titanium confessions 15" to obtain the 15th issue of customs clearance secrets. Titanium customer: Wu guanggeng, author of titanium media, like the co-founder and COO of bitcoin. He knew bitcoin in 2012, engaged in quantitative trading, mining and other bitcoin industry chain activities, and firmly believed that bitcoin was the best blockchain. Blockchain is a technical concept brought by bitcoin. Bitcoin was born in 2009. Since 2014, people began to pay attention to the blockchain technology behind bitcoin.
        The blockchain is not so mysterious. In essence, it is a decentralized database, which is global, all-weather, open and transparent. Perhaps these summarized features do not sound very conceptual. Here are a few examples:. 1. The concept of globalization is easy to understand. No matter where you are on the earth, as long as you have a network, you can register a bitcoin account and transfer bitcoin to anyone. No bank can do this. Banks must have outlets to open accounts. 2. Another example is that the central bank closed the inter-bank transfer system before the new year, and inter-bank transfer cannot be conducted during the new year. Because the central bank's clearing server is centralized, it must be upgraded and optimized annually. If the central bank uses the blockchain as the RMB clearing system, it will operate completely 24 hours a day, without downtime and updating. This is the all-weather nature of the blockchain.
        3. Third, for example, now I transfer 500 yuan to Jiayin girl of titanium media (Jiayin: ☆▽☆), so how can I prove to the third party that I transferred money to her (Jiayin: how can I prove that you did not transfer it & hellip; & hellip;), There may be only three people together, and then I take out the bank's statement to prove it. If you use the blockchain to transfer bitcoin worth 500 yuan to Jiayin girl (Jiayin: O ◕ & forall; ◕) fast, then the transaction here can be directly seen on the blockchain. The third party can query by inputting the bitcoin address of Jiayin girl, which is the characteristic of openness and transparency.
        Every file has readability and Writeability, as does the blockchain. Here, the readability of the blockchain means that everyone can query every transaction on the blockchain, which is open and transparent. We now send express, you can find out where each item is sent. The same is true on the blockchain. You can query where each transfer has been transferred and whether it has been transferred. The Writeability of the blockchain refers to who has the right to record things on the blockchain. Taking the bitcoin blockchain as an example, it refers to who has the right to account, which is referred to as "accounting right". If the blockchain is likened to an account book, there will be an account page every ten minutes. This account page is called a "block". This "block" records all the transaction information of the whole bitcoin network in the first ten minutes. The accounting right is to pack this block and then transmit it to other nodes of the network. This process is bitcoin mining.
        Here comes the question: Why are people willing to do this seemingly tiring accounting right? The answer is that there is a reward system for bitcoin. Whoever gets the accounting right can get a certain amount of bitcoin (now there are 25 bitcoins in each block, and after June 2016 there will be 12.5 bitcoins. Here is the mechanism of halving every four years from January 2009). Since there are rewards, then everyone wants to grab the right to keep accounts. The extended question is how to design the competition system. The answer is that the founder of bitcoin designed a very difficult problem by using elliptic encryption algorithm and hash algorithm. There is no shortcut to solve this problem. He can only try all possible solutions without using the program until the answer is calculated. The 25 bitcoins in this block will be awarded to whoever is the first to calculate the answer.
        At the same time, the information of the previous block in the blockchain will be used as the initial condition for the next block to answer questions. In this way, the security of each block is accumulated, and the integrity of the blockchain data as the account book is guaranteed. On the other hand, bitcoin is very safe because many computing power compete for the right to account, because no one can change anything on the bitcoin blockchain. First, corresponding to the Internet, there will be a globally shared blockchain, or public chain for short, and I firmly believe that this globally shared blockchain is the bitcoin blockchain. The Internet is an all-weather information exchange, while the public chain is an all-weather value transmission.
        Second, corresponding to the private network, there are many kinds of alliance chains. For example, several banks form an alliance and jointly recognize a blockchain. As a value network, they jointly recognize mutual transfers. Third, there will be numerous private chains corresponding to the local area network. This is to use the blockchain technology to build a private database to perfectly realize the security or other characteristics of the database. We can also see from this that no matter what development they have in the future, the dividends of the development of the second or third blockchain will not be distributed to ordinary investors, and their benefits will be attributed to the direct use groups or private individuals. Only bitcoin blockchain, as a globally shared chain, can benefit every investor with every step of its development.
        The first direct impact is on banks. Because the blockchain perfectly realizes the core function of the banking industry & mdash& mdash; Safe storage and transfer center of value. The blockchain will eliminate many intermediate links of the current bank and directly lay off many bank tellers. Second, it directly impacts Internet finance. At present, there are only two forms of Internet Finance in China. Internet + finance is the internet background entrepreneurship, and Finance + Internet is the financial background entrepreneurship. As the original currency system of the Internet, the bitcoin blockchain includes the issuance and circulation of money, does not rely on the substitution and withdrawal of money from traditional banks, is a complete financial system built at the bottom, and is a real Internet finance.
        Then, all industries that need to be identified, such as jewelry identification, education identification, heritage identification, etc., will be affected. At present, all the projects done by the notary office can be perfectly identified by the blockchain. This is the most open and transparent, and the cost is extremely low. The credit of the notary office is based on state violence and law, while the credit of the blockchain is purely based on technology. At present, the concept of blockchain is very hot, but bitcoin is a bit cooler than in 2013. This state is actually a bias of many blockchain media who do not understand it. In fact, at present, governments of various countries are optimistic about bitcoin. For example, China and the United States regard bitcoin as a commodity, while Australia, Japan and the European Union are prepared to treat bitcoin as a currency.
        Technically, bitcoin has been the first blockchain in the world since 2009; At present, it has up to 1E computing power. It is the safest blockchain on the planet and has been certified and successfully operated for seven years. In terms of audience, bitcoin has the largest number of users and has gained the largest consensus. The effect of the network and the rationality of the bitcoin mechanism have made the bitcoin blockchain a globally recognized blockchain, equivalent to the Internet of the network. Ecologically speaking, bitcoin has the most abundant periphery. Many excellent talents from around the world have joined the bitcoin industry, established bitcoin companies, engaged in bitcoin mining, circulation, trading, bitcoin blockchain development, and created a new ecological environment on the bitcoin blockchain.
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