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U.S. stock Outlook: the futures of the three major stock indexes fluctuated, and the blockchain concept stocks surged again before the market

Time : 01/07/2022 Author : 2cnk9a Click : + -
        Zhitong finance app learned that before the US stock market on July 28 (Wednesday), the three major stock index futures of the US stock market were mixed. As of press release, the Dow index futures fell 0.15%, the S & P 500 index futures rose 0.07%, and the NASDAQ index futures rose 0.29%. As of press release, WTI crude oil rose 0.38% to US $71.92/barrel. Brent crude oil rose 0.30% to US $73.74/barrel. The Fed's interest rate resolution will come in the early hours of Thursday, and Powell will hold a press conference afterwards. Considering the factors such as the delta variant of the new coronavirus, the market expects that the Federal Reserve will still maintain a neutral position. Although it will discuss debt reduction, it is not eager to make a decision.
        Powell previously stressed that the meeting will focus on two major issues: when to start reducing QE and the speed of reducing QE. Citibank expects that the Federal Reserve will remain basically neutral or hold detailed discussions on reducing bond purchase, but will not disclose all details or timing. "Panic index" & mdash& mdash; CBOE volatility (VIX) has been rising. According to the survey report of Bank of America this month, investors expect the Federal Reserve to announce the reduction of asset purchase at the Jackson Hole meeting or the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) in September. Is the trillion yuan infrastructure plan coming? Some investors bet that the huge spending of the US government on infrastructure reconstruction will boost copper demand and push the US copper futures to the highest level in the world.
        The International Monetary Fund (IMF) maintained its forecast of 6% global economic growth in 2021, raised its economic outlook for the United States and other developed countries, and lowered its growth expectations for emerging markets and developing economies. The vaccination rate is one of the factors to be considered. European Central Bank Management Committee Holzman has "reservations" about low interest rates. He believes that inflation rate far exceeds the target and may stay at a high level, which will bring tail risks. It should send a signal to the market that "temporarily keep loose and change interest rates if necessary". Pablo Hernandez de cos, member of the Management Committee of the European Central Bank, said that the European Central Bank should consider maintaining the flexibility of its emergency bond purchase plan when transitioning to other asset purchases after the COVID-19 crisis.
        Important economic data: at 20:30 Beijing time, Canada's June CPI annual rate (%), Canada's June core CPI ordinary annual rate (%); At 20:30 Beijing time, the initial value of the monthly wholesale inventory rate of the United States in June (%), and the change of EIA crude oil inventory in the week ended July 23 (10000 barrels); At 21:30 Beijing time, IMF chairman Georgieva delivered a speech on the target upper limit (%) of the federal funds rate in the line month and the target lower limit (%) of the federal funds rate in the United States in July. Apple (AAPL. US) fell 0.99% before the session. Although the Q3 financial report showed a blowout growth in performance, chief financial officer Luca Maestri pointed out in the performance conference call that Apple's hardware would be limited by the shortage of some chips, and its profits might be affected.
        AMD. US rose 2.48% before the session, Q2 revenue increased by 99% year-on-year, and net profit increased by 352% year-on-year. Hehuang Pharmaceutical (HCM. US) rose 8.94% before the session, and started the phase II clinical trial of vorisar with AstraZeneca (Azn. US).
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