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Abbreviation of blockchain,Facebook, Tencent, Baidu and Netease compete to join the blockchain: is this the ticket to the new world?

Time : 26/11/2021 Author : u3t0em Click : + -
        Recently, the China Internet Finance Association suddenly called Xunlei by name, saying that there were hidden risks in its "chain control", which was essentially a financing behavior and a disguised ICO. In this regard, Chen Lei, CEO of Xunlei, said that he understood the protection of users by the China Internet Finance Association, and accepted the concern of the association that "if there is something wrong, we will correct it, and if not, we will encourage it". In fact, not only Xunlei, but also Internet giants such as Baidu, Tencent, Netease, Suning and 360 have joined the blue ocean of "blockchain". Even Facebook plans to carry out research on relevant technologies. In August 2017, Xunlei launched a new generation of intelligent Hardware & mdash& mdash; Gamecloud, through this hardware, users can search for massive resources throughout the network and enjoy the privilege of lifelong free super fast download.
        In October of the same year, Xunlei also launched the game coin mining product. Game coin is a native digital asset based on blockchain technology under the game cloud sharing computing ecosystem. Users can mine by purchasing game cloud hardware. The obtained game coin can be used to exchange for network acceleration, cloud storage, shared content and other services. On October 12, 2017, gamecoin began to issue a limited number of 1 billion coins. In December last year, Xunlei officially announced that "play coin" was officially renamed as "chaingram" and "play Coin Wallet" was officially renamed as "chaingram pocket". After the name change, the function remains unchanged, and it will still serve as the exchange medium of shared resources and various value-added services. Meanwhile, the real name authentication function will be launched on December 14.
        Data shows that by the end of 2017, more than 18 million people had reserved private cloud disks developed by Xunlei group in mdash; Play Hakka cloud. On January 12, it was reported that Baidu launched the blockchain open platform "baas". In response to this, baidu finance said that the platform was launched on July 21 last year and has supported the authenticity of more than 50 billion yuan of assets. According to public information, Baidu "baas" is a commercial level blockchain cloud computing platform, which belongs to the blockchain technology-based project developed by Baidu and mainly helps enterprise alliances build their own blockchain network platform.
        In June 2016, baidu invested in circle, a global blockchain technology payment company in the United States. It is reported that the company is a consumer finance startup providing digital currency storage and national currency exchange services to improve consumer payment methods by using bitcoin supported by technology. On May 16, 2017, baidu finance, Baiqian leasing, Huaneng trust and other partners jointly issued the ABS Project supported by blockchain technology, with an issuance scale of 424 million yuan. In this project, the blockchain mainly uses technologies such as decentralized storage, asymmetric secret key, consensus algorithm, etc., and has the characteristics of disintermediation trust, tamper resistance, transaction traceability, etc.
        In the case of limited financial institutions participating in the nodes, baidu finance has also made adaptive transformation to the blockchain in order to preserve the technical characteristics of the blockchain. Subsequently, in September 2017, the "Baidu Changan Xinsheng Tianfeng 2017 phase I asset support special plan" was issued in Shanghai Stock Exchange, with a total issuance scale of 400 million yuan. This is the first exchange ABS in China to apply blockchain technology, that is, the on-site public offering ABS. Among them, Xi'an Baijin Internet financial asset trading center Co., Ltd. under Baidu finance acted as the technical service provider and transaction arranger. In October of the same year, baidu finance officially joined the hyperledger (hereinafter referred to as "super ledger") open source project under the Linux foundation, becoming another core board member of the project after Accenture, Airbus, American Express, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group, Daimler, American Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, JPMorgan Chase and other giants in the fields of finance, medical care, Internet of things and aviation.
        Recently, in response to the fact that some institutions and individuals engage in activities related to token issuance or transaction under the banner of cooperation with Tencent blockchain, Tencent made a statement:. "Tencent blockchain is a completely self-developed blockchain underlying technology. It has been committed to building a blockchain open service platform to solve the trust problem between commercial enterprises. Tencent blockchain has never participated in any form of token issuance or transaction related activities, nor has it cooperated with any institution in this regard.". In May 2016, wechat bank, initiated by Tencent and other enterprises, participated in the launch of the financial blockchain cooperation alliance in Shenzhen& mdash; Kim Alliance.
        The alliance aims to integrate and coordinate financial blockchain technology research resources, explore, develop, and realize financial alliance blockchain applicable to financial institutions, as well as application scenarios on this basis. In April 2017, Tencent released the white paper of Tencent blockchain solution (hereinafter referred to as the "white paper"). According to the white paper, the overall architecture of Tencent blockchain is divided into three levels: the bottom layer is the trustsql platform independently developed by Tencent; The middle is the trustplatform, which is the platform product service layer. It is mainly used to build blockchain application basic platform products on the bottom layer (trustsql), including shared ledger, authentication services, shared economy, digital assets and other directions; The top layer is the application service layer (trustapplication), which is used to provide blockchain applications to end users.
        At the same time, Tencent's blockchain has also launched the "public welfare search chain", which realizes the connection with Tencent's internal multi platforms, thus improving the efficiency of public welfare search. In early 2018, Netease launched a product called "Netease Zhaocai cat". According to the information on this page, this product is a heavyweight product of Netease blockchain layout and will be sold in limited quantities. At present, the specific release date has not been determined. In addition, it is also reported that Ding Lei, founder of Netease, not only invested in a blockchain platform called arcblock, but also personally acted as the project consultant of arcblock. It is reported that arcblock is the world's first blockchain ecosystem designed for the development and deployment of decentralized applications. It can help all industries seamlessly connect existing systems and services with the blockchain, and promote the blockchain from "concept" to implementation.
        However, the news has not yet been confirmed by Netease. According to the news on January 9, 360 recently announced the launch of the sharing cloud plan, which is officially the first secure sharing cloud platform based on blockchain in the world. Establish a 360 cloud drill incentive system, reward users according to the bandwidth flow and storage size contributed by users, and encourage users to actively participate in the sharing plan and share idle resources. On January 15, Suning cloud merchants revealed on the interactive platform that Suning Financial Research Institute established a blockchain laboratory in 2017. Based on the in-depth research on blockchain technology, it has been applied in practice. On September 29, 2017, Suning Bank successfully launched the blockchain domestic letter of credit information transmission system, which is the third bank in China to carry out the blockchain domestic letter of credit business. At present, Suning financial is further exploring more application scenarios of the blockchain and embarking on system development. More landing applications will be launched in 2018.
        Just as Internet companies entered the "blockchain", Xu Xiaoping, founder of Zhenge fund, also encouraged everyone to embrace and learn blockchain technology among the 500 people composed of CEOs of enterprises invested by Zhenge fund. He said: "the blockchain revolution has come. It is a great technological revolution in which those who follow will prosper and those who go against will perish. Its (blockchain) subversion of tradition will be more rapid and thorough than the Internet and mobile Internet.". Even Facebook CEO Mark & middot; In his 2018 challenge, Mark Zuckerberg also said that he was interested in deeply studying encryption technology and cryptocurrency, understanding its positive and negative aspects, and how to apply it to our services.
        This is also seen as a signal that Facebook will enter the blockchain. In addition to the hot spots, a very important reason is that in the second half of 2017, the blockchain technology has undergone major changes, and the smart contract technology developed based on the economic blockchain has become more and more mature. With the development of the Internet, it has been almost 5-10 years since a new operating system appeared; Today, we see a new era, which is a new operating system based on "decentralization" & mdash& mdash; With the smart contract system, users can break away from the current "centralized" Internet era and do many "decentralized" applications, which is parallel to the whole Internet world.
        You will see that all Internet companies will wake up and throw themselves into this decentralized era, although many people are not clear about what role they can play in this "decentralized" era. The value of a real blockchain media will be determined by its innovative technology and actual application scenarios, and will be absolutely determined by how many audience groups will use it together and identify with it. I believe that by that time, we will not only understand the blockchain, but will be able to see the value behind this technology and the subversive impact on the real economy and various industries. Xunlei is willing to be the first one. It seems stupid, but we know that we are doing the right thing that is really valuable to users and society.
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