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With the support of blockchain technology and the guidance of China Mutual Fund Association, the public welfare platform of donation and certificate deposit was launched

Time : 29/04/2022 Author : 74ud2t Click : + -
        Beijing News (reporter Chen Peng) on February 28, the reporter learned from the China Internet Finance Association that in view of the problems such as information asymmetry, opacity and lack of credibility in the donation process of epidemic prevention materials, the China Internet Finance Association recently guided and launched the blockchain research center of the school of Information Science and technology of Peking University Boya Zhenglian (Beijing) science and Technology Co., Ltd. has developed and constructed the public welfare platform of "Boya medical chain" and "epidemic" medical material donation certificate (hereinafter referred to as "public welfare platform"). According to the China Internet Finance Association, the public welfare platform aims to improve the transparency and credibility of donation information by using the distributed, tamper proof and traceability characteristics of blockchain technology, provide online services such as material confirmation, trusted storage and information query for donors and recipients free of charge, and provide open, transparent, traceable and feedback supervision channels for all walks of life, So as to better pool social trust and strength to fight the epidemic.
        According to reports, in order to mobilize all forces to fight the epidemic, China Internet Finance Association donated 611336 yuan (including 211336 yuan from individuals) to Huanggang City, Hubei Province, to purchase protective equipment for designated hospitals. At the same time, it actively led and organized member units to participate in the fight against the epidemic, and timely put the relevant donation information on the online. Up to now, the public welfare platform has provided certificate storage services for 253 donors (including institutions and individuals), involving a donation amount of 29.3742 million yuan, and more than 310000 pieces (sets) of medical supplies such as medical masks, protective clothing and goggles. The China Internet Finance Association said that the launch of the public welfare platform strongly supported the current epidemic prevention and control work.
        In addition, as a beneficial attempt of the application of blockchain technology, the public welfare platform also has positive practical significance for accelerating the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, and actively promoting the integration of blockchain and economic and social development.
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