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Do you know about blockchain? Lubanso teaches you to save beautiful numbers

Time : 15/08/2021 Author : i4b9cj Click : + -
        Lubanso thinks that you have heard of mobile phone number, license plate number, QQ number & hellip; I'm sure you haven't heard of EOS. What the hell is this?. The public key address is generally composed of 42 bits. Such a length may cause that the transfer can only be made by copying or scanning the code. I believe most people can't remember their own account name without making a record backup. Some patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder may need to repeatedly confirm whether the account number and amount are wrong when changing the pen, so that the problem comes. It's enough to make a hot eye for this long string of chaotic codes. Nowadays, as a common address, it has not been sent out by individuals, which is really a bit different.
        As a representative of blockchain 3.0, lubanso has found that its account system has indeed made great efforts to improve the user experience. The number of digits is simplified. Although EOS is still a 64 bit integer, the front-end display only has a maximum of 12 characters. Compared with Ethereum's 42 bit public key, it is too convenient. 12 account names are free, and less than 12 people can be obtained by auction. This behavior, I think, is quite interesting. In the near future, maybe it is the existence of QQ numbers in those years. The less the number, the more valuable it is. Because Teng x is the strongest in China's industry, the added value generated by it is given to QQ, which is the cornerstone of the soaring value of QQ.
        Similarly, the value of EOS account can be said to be proportional to EOS. Lubanso believes that EOS is the basic public chain with the highest probability of success at present, and the value of EOS account naturally has high value. The uniqueness of EOS represents the experience of scarcity and value. The shorter the number, the easier it is to remember. Its account name is similar to the public key address of Ethereum, and it can be transferred directly, which is very convenient. EOS accounts can be transferred. Yes, the reason why QQ accounts are valuable is not because of the number traders who are blooming all over the country, and the characteristics of speculation and resale and scarcity, which make their prices soar all the way. EOS accounts can also be obtained.
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