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Blockchain mania stems from ignorance of blockchain

Time : 14/07/2021 Author : eqhzn0 Click : + -
        Today, many people are still immersed in the dream of digital currency, because there, they have drawn a wonderful wealth kingdom for themselves. In such a wealth Kingdom, blockchain is the cornerstone of building all these beautiful things. Although this wonderful wealth Kingdom has long been riddled with holes under a series of blows such as regulation and shuffling, this has not offset people's enthusiasm to realize their own wealth dreams by using the blockchain. Therefore, we still see that when the development of blockchain has entered the deep-water area, they repeat their dreams represented by coin issuance or ICO. Practice has proved that blindly using blockchain technology to issue coins or ICO lacks the underlying transformation of the industry by using blockchain technology. The so-called beauty is only a false dream.
        Only by taking blockchain technology as the underlying logic, completing the in-depth transformation of the industry, and then giving full play to the settlement advantages of digital currency, can the real closed-loop development of the industry be realized and an era completely different from the Internet era be built. Similarly, practice will continue to prove this truth and truly bring the development of the blockchain industry to a new stage of more objective and rational development. However, some people are still intoxicated in the dream of digital currency. In order to realize their own interests, they regard digital currency as the inevitable development of the blockchain industry. Even on the premise that the blockchain technology has not been iterated and updated, they regard the blockchain technology of Nakamoto's era as an untouchable existence and go further and further on the wrong road.
        Even under the current severe market situation, we still see that many people are not tired of issuing coins or ICOS and keep repeating their previous mistakes. It is certain that this development mode without the support of underlying technology will only bring about rapid development. After people really see their actions, they will either vote with their feet or act as the "people's supervisor". False blockchain projects will eventually be eliminated by the industry and history. Therefore, we not only have such questions, since this development mode without the support of underlying technology is difficult to sustain, why are so many people willing to participate in it? Since blockchain technology can bring fundamental subversion to traditional industries and there is a huge market space, why don't people do research and development and application of blockchain technology? Perhaps, when we answer these questions, we can really find the correct development direction of the blockchain.
        Let's go back to that crazy and crazy age again! At that time, almost everyone was talking about blockchain, from wechat to online celebrity to Chinese aunt. Almost everyone was familiar with blockchain. If you drag a few people into a blockchain forum, they can talk with you about blockchain for three days and three nights. However, once you talk to him about the core issues of blockchain technology, algorithms, trust mechanisms and so on, he usually quiets down. Why? It is because they do not know what the real blockchain is, and they do not understand the blockchain technology itself. What they know is that the price of bitcoin keeps rising, and some people around them have made a lot of money through coin speculation.
        Is this the essence of blockchain? Is the subversion and innovation of the blockchain just at the level of issuing coins? Obviously, if the blockchain technology follows such a development idea, it will inevitably enter a dead end. In this dead end, the digital currency we hold in our hands only has collection value, and there is no other significance. For a new technology that has just been born, simply focusing on its functions and functions on collection rather than using it to change the pain points and problems of the industry is obviously a great underestimate of its value. People's enthusiasm for blockchain is not because they really see the future of blockchain, but because they are ignorant of blockchain.
        Because they don't know what blockchain is and how to use it, they simply think that the so-called blockchain is digital currency, and the so-called blockchain application is to issue coins or ICO. This practice of discarding the essentials and discarding the trivial will only bring short-term prosperity and frequent emergence of concepts. When people really understand what blockchain is, This kind of fanaticism originating from ignorance will inevitably fall into the predicament of development. Therefore, a reshuffle of the blockchain market represented by regulation and capital withdrawal began to appear, and all kinds of air coins were washed away from their original glory.
        After several years of shuffling, we can see that there is less fanaticism in the blockchain market and less chaos in the blockchain. However, this does not mean that the development of the blockchain industry is really on the right track. Because only changing people's ideas is only the first step for the blockchain to really step on the right track. If we want to put the development of the blockchain industry on the right track, we still need to make it truly form a sustainable and recycling ecosystem. Although the blockchain market has undergone a deep reshuffle, it is not yet mature in the real sense. Because we see so many blockchain projects and so many blockchain technologies in the market, there are very few players who really form a complete and ecological ecological closed loop. Even the top players represented by Alibaba's ant blockchain, Tencent blockchain and Baidu blockchain can not say that they have built a complete ecosystem.
        We can only say that they are on the right path of the blockchain. If they want to be truly mature, the R & D investment, landing application and return output of the blockchain should be balanced and sustainable. Now, the reason why these internet giants' blockchain projects try to implement and apply related projects is that they can offset their blockchain R & D and Application Investment with other income in their own ecosystem. For some small and medium-sized players, they are still facing the dilemma of technology research and development and landing application. Why do you say that? After the early reshuffle, in fact, people began to abandon the development model represented by coin issuance or ICO and began to focus on technology research and development.
        However, blockchain technology R & D actually requires a lot of investment. A single blockchain technology R & D personnel spends a large amount of money every year, which is compounded by some promotion and operation investment. In addition, even if there are these costs, we can not guarantee that these expenses will be rewarded. Therefore, for many blockchain players, what is really lacking is financial support. When it is difficult for them to maintain, they have to choose to return to the old way of issuing coins or ICO. Therefore, although there are fewer fake projects in the blockchain market, we can not say that the development of the blockchain industry has been on the right track. We can only say that there are fewer fanatical projects in the blockchain market.
        Therefore, when we look at the fanatical atmosphere in the blockchain market, we should look at it objectively and rationally, that is, people are so fanatical because they do not know what the real blockchain is, because they are ignorant of blockchain. Simply relying on the blockchain itself, and only relying on the concept of blockchain to issue coins, will not bring about the essential change of the blockchain. Only by truly basing on the blockchain itself and deriving new directions from the application of blockchain can we truly benefit the development of blockchain. Technology is always the key to the development of blockchain. What is a blockchain? In short, blockchain is actually a new technology.
        Since it is a new technology, if the blockchain itself can not change the production logic of the traditional industry, it actually has no effect. Only by using the blockchain technology to change the traditional operation logic of the traditional industry can we truly change the traditional industry itself. However, any practice that can not really change the traditional operation logic of the traditional industry can not really change the traditional industry itself. The so-called subversion or innovation is only a concept. Only by truly starting from the technology of blockchain, truly changing the operation logic of traditional industries, and deeply changing the practices of traditional industries themselves, can the development of blockchain be truly beneficial. In fact, it can really apply the blockchain technology to the traditional industry itself.
        And there are very few practices that really use blockchain technology to change the traditional industry itself. This is not to say that the blockchain technology itself lacks real subversion and change, but because the blockchain technology itself can not really change the traditional industry itself, and really find a method that is really conducive to truly changing the traditional operation logic. Therefore, in the new stage of blockchain development, a major breakthrough that we should really look for is to change the underlying operation logic of traditional industries with blockchain technology and truly change the traditional industries themselves. If the players of the blockchain break away from the technology itself and blindly use the concept of blockchain to meet the landing and application of the blockchain, the so-called landing and application of the blockchain is only a concept and does not have a real landing and application.
        Closed loop is always the key to ensure the long-term development of the blockchain. At present, many blockchain players are emphasizing how subversive, innovative and innovative their technologies are. However, they do not pay attention to the blockchain application itself. Therefore, when we land and apply, we usually pay attention to the landing of blockchain technology itself. Although the landing and application of blockchain are very important, against the background that blockchain technology has not fundamentally changed the traditional industry, The reference of blockchain is impractical. How to make the development of the blockchain truly form its own closed loop, and truly advance according to its own development vein is the key to truly promote its own continuous development.
        One of the most important reasons why so many blockchain players can't find a suitable development path is that we can't form a perfect blockchain development closed loop. We can only truly build a development closed loop that belongs to the blockchain, so that the development of the blockchain can truly get rid of the impact on capital and flow, This is the key for the blockchain to truly enter a new stage of development. When people begin to be crazy about the development of blockchain, what they should really focus on is how to find a really beneficial development path through the blockchain itself. At this stage, coin issuance or ICO has obviously proved to be a paradox. Only by getting rid of the current development dilemma can the development of blockchain truly leave the tradition and enter a new development stage.
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