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The crown prince of the blockchain has an aristocratic pedigree. The project swarm was born with a golden key!!

Time : 01/01/2022 Author : cl821t Click : + -
        Now BZZ is so hot, what makes it so hot? Why is it called noble blood? Why do people say that swarm is a project born with a golden key. Here we will first briefly introduce Ethereum. Ethereum is an open-source public blockchain platform with smart contract function. It provides a decentralized Ethereum virtual machine (Ethereum virtual machine) to process point-to-point contracts through its dedicated cryptocurrency ether (ETH). The concept of Ethereum was first proposed by the programmer vitalikbuterin (also known as V God) from 2013 to 2014 after being inspired by bitcoin, to the effect that "the next generation of cryptocurrency and decentralized application platform" began to develop through ICO crowdfunding in 2014.
        Nowadays, Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency in market value, second only to bitcoin, and it is also recognized by many industry leaders that it may surpass bitcoin in the end. The highly popular swarm project is the second project that V God has really operated after Ethereum, and cooperated with gavinwood, the founder of dot. Both of them are big men in the blockchain industry, and the projects created together will surely make new breakthroughs in the first two blockchains. Ethereum aims to solve the global network decentralization and point-to-point transaction transmission. The three major technologies of the Internet are transmission, storage and computing. Ethereum has already completed two points. The last one is storage, which needs to be completed by the swarm project.
        Since the founding of vitalikbuterin, the founder of Ethereum in 2015, swarm has been carrying out project R & D and development step by step according to vitalikbuterin's strategic planning. In 2020, the basic network framework of the current main network of the swarm project was basically completed, and the team created a new swarm network parallel to the "old" swarm network. In addition, in order to promote the stability and modularization of the nodes of the swarm project, we have successively optimized and improved the swarm network and released four bee versions.
        In March 2021, the swarm project launched a million BZZ coin airdrop test project and issued a statement that it is expected that the main network of the swarm project will be officially launched in the second quarter of 2021. And we are all waiting for this time point. The arrival of the 21st also indicates that BZZ will be on the main network, and we can also know how all mining modes are. The above market analysis is based on the current market situation and personal past experience. Investment is a long-term process! Investment should be cautious, not too hasty! We must do a comprehensive investment survey before investment! This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice!. The emergence of a new project must be accompanied by risks and opportunities. In a new field, we need to have a clear understanding, obtain information from various aspects, identify and extract information, keep ourselves sober, and find the official wind direction. Only in this way can we seize opportunities and avoid risks!.
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