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Whether blockchain social networking can subvert Facebook and Weibo depends on these three points

Time : 07/01/2022 Author : 8n46ld Click : + -
        In his new year's wishes every year, Xiao Zha would list one of his concerns, from learning Mandarin to visiting every state in the United States. The establishment of these aspirations is not only driven by personal interests, but also driven by work pressure. As the helmsman of a technology company with a market value of $540 billion, Xiaozha's anxiety is particularly obvious this year. This is also the first time that xiaoza publicly admitted that Facebook has deviated from the original track and is in a great dilemma: "we want to prevent all errors and abuses, but there are too many errors in the policies and tools to prevent abuse. If we can succeed this year, we can get on the right track at the end of 2018.
        」。 According to the financial report of the third quarter of 2017, the daily active users of Facebook in that quarter exceeded 1.37 billion, more than the total population of China. At the same time, the quarterly revenue also exceeded $10 billion. Facebook and Google reaped more than 60% of the total number of digital ads in the United States. While achieving great commercial success, Facebook has been deeply involved in the whirlpool of public opinion. From the suspected dissemination of false information before and after the 2016 US presidential election, to the campus network bullying, information security, and the proliferation of advertising content, it can be said that there are many negative aspects. This is what Zuckerberg said in his new year's wishes: "too many mistakes.".
        Reuters reported at the end of October that Facebook, Google and twitter executives were required to attend hearings held by three congressional committees to testify about Russia's suspected dissemination of false information before and after the 2016 US presidential election. Earlier, according to the testimony submitted by Facebook, Russia has published more than 80000 posts on Facebook in the past two years trying to influence American politics, and about 126 million Americans have read these contents. Outside the United States, Facebook has also faced challenges from the British government. The BBC reported in mid October that the British government proposed to levy additional taxes on social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter to help raise funds for the UK's cyber security strategy, which aims to solve the problems of cyber bullying, cyber abuse and other risks for children and vulnerable users.
        In addition, the deterioration of the quality of Facebook's information flow has become increasingly prominent. Zuckerberg also admitted that commercial content from major brands has overwhelmed news push and exceeded personal relationship posts. "Because there are more public content than your friends and family posts, the balance of news push has deviated from the original intention of Facebook & mdash; & mdash; to help us connect with each other.". Relying on existing technologies alone, Facebook is still difficult to eradicate fake news, cyber bullying, and even data privacy protection and excessive commercialization. The emergence of blockchain may provide a feasible solution.
        Blockchain has three important characteristics: non variability, traceability and distributed consensus. In his new year's wishes, Zuckerberg also conveyed his expectations for blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and announced that he would conduct in-depth research on cryptocurrency and cryptotechnology to understand how relevant technologies are applied to Facebook services. Compared with the existing traditional social networks represented by Facebook, the new generation of social networks based on blockchain has at least two major characteristics that are extremely subversive:. Like the mainstream companies of the same era, the existing Facebook is undoubtedly a centralized network, and Facebook itself plays a huge intermediary platform function.
        The blockchain is technically a distributed ledger solution, which cannot tamper with records and ensures authenticity. For ordinary users, it is essentially a trusted intermediary free network platform. When applied to social networks, it is a trusted peer-to-peer social platform. The data of traditional social networks are stored on the server of the platform. As early as 2012, datacenter knowledge estimated that Facebook had 180000 servers. If these servers were attacked, the consequences would be unimaginable. In the blockchain environment, the social network allows users to run nodes on their own devices to access the network, and the nodes are interconnected in real time. The user information is stored on the network nodes in encrypted form to form a distributed cloud.
        According to the blockchain technology, data is redundant storage, and only those who have mastered the secret key can view the data. According to the Financial Times report, Anton ROZENBERG, a former employee of telegram, revealed on Facebook that telegram is developing a social platform based on blockchain. Currently, it is tentatively named "open network" (ton). It is reported that the platform will be locally integrated with many of the most popular messaging applications (although it is not clear which applications are specific). In addition, it will use light wallets to make users do not need to download large and clumsy blockchains. However, telegram officials have not yet officially responded to this news.
        As the first mainstream social communication platform to adopt blockchain technology, it is not surprising that telegram plays the role of a crab eater. Telegram was launched in 2013, and its biggest feature is the use of end-to-end encrypted communication. Paul & middot, one of the founders; Dolov announced that as long as anyone successfully cracked the blocked communication line, the bitcoin of $million would be used as a bonus. In China, blockchain is also becoming a new entrepreneurial hotspot. A young company Ono is also building a blockchain social platform, which is expected to be launched in March. Fu Sheng, CEO of cheetah mobile, once commented on Xu Ke, founder and CEO of Ono. He said: "our views on the social field, our understanding of the Internet, and our ability to analyze things are all outstanding among entrepreneurs.
        "Previously, Xu Ke's team developed the blockchain game cryptodogs based on the graphics algorithm. Based on the judgment that "the post-95 and Post-00 generation are in fact decentralized", Xu Ke firmly believes that "we need a truly free, democratic, open, and social platform with a voice. They need to be respected and have a sufficient sense of security." It is reported that the project has been invested by Fu Sheng, CEO of cheetah mobile, Songhe Fengfeng, Zhulu capital, Huachuang capital and coin capital. However, the final form of the product has yet to be determined in March. Not only did Zuckerberg see the disadvantages of Facebook as a centralized network, but on the Pacific side, at the 2018 wechat open class pro, Zhang Xiaolong, who is in charge of wechat, also said:.
        "We have always insisted that our platform is a decentralized platform since a long time ago. I think that decentralization is not so much a platform strategy as an idea, which represents the way we look at the world. In a decentralized world, each individual has his own thinking and brain. We believe that the robustness of such a system may be far greater than There is only one brain driven system. ". If you comb the development history of the Internet, it is not difficult to find that there have always been two ideas of centralization and Decentralization for the form of social relations and the form of content generation.
        Especially after the era of Web2.0, content is no longer produced by professional websites or specific groups, but is the result of the joint participation of all netizens and equal rights. Anyone can express their views or create original content on the Internet to jointly produce information. With the diversification of network service forms, the decentralized network model is becoming clearer and more possible. After the rise of Web2.0, the services provided by web service providers such as Wikipedia, Flickr and blogger are decentralized. Any participant can submit content, and netizens can jointly create or contribute content.
        The key reason why the decentralization trend has evolved from the niche trend of the geek circle to the correct choice of technology advocated by the mainstream social networks is that users pay more attention to personal data and privacy. Like Zhang Xiaolong, Zuckerberg also complied with this trend in his new year's resolution: "there is an important counter trend, such as crypto technology and cryptocurrency, to return the right of centralized systems to people's hands. I am interested in studying the advantages and disadvantages of these technologies and how to best apply them to our services.". Social networking is the most basic and high-frequency behavior of human society. As the most important basic measure and trading platform of the Internet, social networking platform is theoretically the natural soil for the application of decentralized blockchain technology. However, whether it can be implemented depends on three factors:.
        According to the privacy report of post-95 fans released by Tencent technology, only 60% to 70% of the personal data uploaded by post-95 fans, such as their avatars, addresses and birthdays, are the generation behind the line who have a stronger sense of privacy. They are more protective of their parents than expected. They protect their privacy because they care about the image. In addition, after being exposed to indecent privacy, the post-95 generation is less tolerant of stars, and everything is full of personality. ". Blockchain is a new global interconnection technology that can subvert and reconstruct the world. Perfectly solve the problems such as information asymmetry, high communication cost and trust of strangers in the process of regional economic development. Obviously, the higher the post-95 sensitivity to personal privacy, the more conducive the development of blockchain in social platforms.
        The blockchain social networking represented by Ono uses end-to-end data encryption chat. All data is stored in the user's own "free database", and the user has the right to decide how to process the data. Telegram, especially the blockchain social platforms such as Ono, steemint, synergeo and yours that are under internal testing or are about to be launched, will directly shape the initial impression and trust of users on blockchain social networking. At present, according to the disclosed information, these companies claim to adopt end-to-end encryption technology. For example, Ono says that "all the callback contents are signed with the secret key of the message sender, whether it is a single chat or a group chat.
        The protocol is based on the client, so the server only plays the role of a message broker. No one else can view the messages that are proxied, including the ONO itself. " Have a good social incentive mechanism. Your can provide money incentives for users; You also said that "based on the characteristics of the blockchain that can not be tampered with and can be traced back, you also obtains permanent ownership of its content for content creators."; Synergeo also said that "based on the characteristics of the blockchain, the control of content, personal information and monetization is returned to the user.". The speed and scope of the adoption of blockchain technology by super social platforms such as Facebook, twitter, wechat and Weibo. Currently, among the four, only Facebook has announced that it will try to use it. However, for Zuckerberg, 2018 is only the first year for understanding and research, not a large-scale landing.
        Even if only one of the four platforms takes the lead in announcing the full application of blockchain technology, it means that the blockchain social era has come. However, in the rapidly changing Internet industry, the sooner you step in, the more likely you are to win the top prize.
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