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The action plan for innovative development of Beijing urban block chain (202022) was issued, and Beijing will initially build four

Time : 23/06/2022 Author : 2nsz6g Click : + -
        The original title: Beijing urban block chain innovation and development action plan (2020-2022) was issued. Beijing will initially build four "highlands" ■ science and technology innovation highlands ■ application demonstration highlands ■ Industrial Development highlands ■ innovative talents highlands. On June 30, the general office of the Beijing Municipal People's government issued the notice on printing and distributing the action plan for innovative development of Beijing urban block chain (2020-2022) (hereinafter referred to as the plan). According to the plan, by 2022, Beijing will initially build itself into an influential highland of blockchain technology innovation, application demonstration, industrial development and innovative talents, take the lead in forming a "Beijing plan" for blockchain enabled economic and social development, establish a new system of integration and interaction between blockchain technology innovation and industrial development, and inject new momentum and vitality into Beijing's high-quality economic development.
        In terms of basic principles, the plan stated that we should adhere to the combination of original guidance and demand driven. We will strengthen theoretical research on blockchain and independent controllable technological innovation, promote the deployment of application scenarios with great social impact and obvious expected effects, and further open up the innovation chain, application chain and value chain. In terms of key tasks, the plan states that, first, innovation leads and creates a blockchain theory and technology platform. We will strengthen basic research on the blockchain and tackle key core technologies, build the underlying open-source technology platform and ecology of the blockchain, and build a trusted information infrastructure system based on the blockchain. Scientific research institutions, institutions of higher learning and enterprises are encouraged to initiate or participate in the formulation and revision of international, national and industrial standards of blockchain, accelerate the development of basic, key and security standards oriented to core technologies, enhance the international voice and rule making power, and build a world-class new research and development institution of blockchain.
        Second, driven by demand, a number of multi-disciplinary application scenarios were built and implemented. We will promote "data sharing and business collaboration" in government services, promote "multi-party mutual trust, cost reduction and efficiency improvement" in financial services, speed up "credible collection and sharing" of credit information, empower "credible interconnection and fine governance" in urban management, promote "whole process and traceable process" in public security, help "reliable sharing and traceability of certificates" in health care, and promote "efficient and transparent and traceable process" in e-commerce transactions. Third, cluster development and cultivate integrated and linked blockchain industry. Cultivate blockchain innovation enterprise clusters and create blockchain innovation and entrepreneurship service platforms. Build a blockchain industry innovation and development base.
        Focus on building blockchain industry innovation and development bases with different characteristics and advantages in Haidian District, Chaoyang District and Tongzhou District. Establish a blockchain industry investment fund to promote the construction of blockchain industry alliance. Fourth, factor guarantee, building a leading blockchain talent echelon. Introduce the world's top professional talents of blockchain, implement special talent introduction actions, and vigorously support the introduction of domestic and foreign talents and innovation and entrepreneurship teams urgently needed in the key core technology fields of blockchain. At the same time, we will train high-level innovative talents of blockchain, establish a training system for blockchain talents, encourage blockchain enterprises to establish enterprise universities, and accelerate the training of professional and technical talents such as blockchain system architects, development engineers and test engineers.
        In terms of organization and implementation, the plan states that it is necessary to strengthen organizational leadership and establish a blockchain work promotion group led by municipal leaders to coordinate and solve major problems in blockchain technology and industrial development. We will strengthen financial support, increase financial support at the two levels of the city, adhere to the combination of long-term and short-term investment, encourage innovative subjects to actively participate in the construction of industrial bases, and provide a strong guarantee for the development of blockchain technology and industry. In addition, we will improve the regulatory mechanism, strengthen the supervision of token issuance and financing activities, and create a good public opinion environment for the development of blockchain technology and industry.
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