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The latest e-commerce model - blockchain + social E-commerce

Time : 23/03/2022 Author : p6fnlo Click : + -
        Today, I will talk about the new model of E-commerce & mdash& mdash; Blockchain + social e-commerce mode. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet industry, the dividend period of the traditional e-commerce model has gone forever. The competition pressure of the traditional e-commerce model is increasing, and the demand direction of customers has undergone earth shaking changes. In view of the emergence of these problems, if a new model can not be found to make a breakthrough and replace, it will gradually be eliminated by the market. With the emergence and popularization of mobile Internet and smart phones, people's communication and communication have been more convenient and faster than ever before. People from all over the country can be brought together to form different communities by randomly pulling a group.
        Under such conditions, people with relatively large influence in the circle will gradually become the opinion leaders of the community. If the needs of these communities are expanded, the current online Red economy will be gradually formed, and the social e-commerce model will be formed. However, it is obvious that the cost of obtaining traffic through direct promotion will be very high. Therefore, through in-depth cooperation with the leaders of various communities, not only can the traffic source be obtained quickly, but also the cost can be reduced greatly. In addition to the convenient application of various large and small programs, under the leadership of this form, the mode of mall + community leaders + small program sharing has become the most popular e-commerce mode at present.
        With the progress of science and technology and the development of the times, the business philosophy of mass entrepreneurship and innovation has guided the future of this era. Now, no matter which industry is constantly exploring new business models, it is seeking better industrial solutions to become the industry leader. The emergence of blockchain technology is a cross era technology update. Relying on blockchain technology, it can create a trust mechanism. The biggest characteristic of blockchain is the decentralized application. For example, taking decentralized exchanges and traditional e-commerce platforms as examples, using decentralized technology to trade is a point-to-point transaction mode between users and users or between users and manufacturers. However, the traditional e-commerce mode relies on a third-party platform, and funds and goods need to be entrusted in advance. The process is very complicated.
        If the social model can be combined with the blockchain technology, the interests of the buyer, the seller and the platform can be integrated on the same interest chain. The future of social E-commerce & mdash& mdash; Through digital currency trading, a standardized use scenario is gradually formed to solve the financial problems, cross-border payment problems, and information data problems of major e-commerce companies. In addition, users can be encouraged to promote and purchase interest by issuing coins to increase their stickiness and enthusiasm. To collect the user's consumption records, the records can be encrypted or protected by the public authority through the blockchain technology. According to personal needs, you can choose to open or encrypt and share valuable information from it, so as to truly return power to users.
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