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Blockchain empowers the digital economy, and the digital economy development summit of the sub forum of wcif was held

Time : 30/05/2022 Author : toskxg Click : + -
        From September 14 to 16, 2021, the 12th Western China International Capital Forum and global economic development forum & middot, as an important part of the Western China International Fair; The CEE summit was held in Chengdu. Many political and business figures, relevant scientific research institutions and enterprise leaders attended the special forum of the digital economy development summit and delivered speeches. At the sub forum digital economy development summit in the afternoon, Li Ming, director of the blockchain Research Office of China Electronics Technology Standardization Research Institute and chairman of the blockchain and Distributed Accounting Technology Committee of IEEE Computer Association, delivered a keynote speech on "blockchain standardization helps the high-quality development of the digital economy". In his speech, he reported on the standardization of blockchain. Li Ming said that currently China attaches great importance to the development of blockchain, which will play an important role in the development of the whole digital economy in the future.
        Li Ming led us to review the development process of blockchain and emphasized the importance of standardization for the development of blockchain. "After some experts extracted the blockchain technology from the independent network, after platform construction and application exploration, standardization was formed in this process," Li Ming continued to emphasize. "In the future, we believe that it will be built like the financial system, application system and service system.". In addition, Li Ming further explained the connotation and future development of blockchain for us. "There are many cultural expectations in the blockchain field, and everyone has a lot of understanding of blockchain. Some people understand it as technology, some people understand it as financial, and some understand it as social. It needs a consensus on a variety of blueprints.
        ”He explained. Liu Quan, President of CCID blockchain Research Institute, delivered a speech on the theme of "blockchain empowers digital economy development", reporting his views in the field of combining regional encirclement and digital economy. In his speech, Liu Quan led us to review the importance of the digital economy to China's development. He explained: "from the perspective of the digital economy, this is China's new development strategy in the new stage and new development path.". As for the development scale of digital economy, Liu Quan intuitively introduced to us in the form of data: "let's look at the data. Last year, China's GDP reached 16.58 trillion yuan. It is generally predicted that by 20 years, our speed of surpassing the United States will be accelerated. Take insurance for example, our GDP will surpass the United States in 20 years.
        ”Last year, the overall scale of the digital economy reached 100 trillion. If we look at the overall growth, our GDP should exceed 200 trillion in 10 years. Liu Quan raised a question: where will the future 100 trillion come from? He analyzed: "we can see that the GDP of Beijing and Shanghai's digital economy accounts for more than 50% of GDP, and China will be close to 40%. In the future, most of our 70% - 80% will come from the digital economy.". In this speech, Liu Quan also explained the classification and concept of digital economy for us: "digital economy is based on digital resources and modern signals as interactive carriers.
        Specifically, five directions are given. From the classification of digital economy, it is clear that there are two parts, one is the industrialization of digital technology, and the other is the industrial data. Shu Hongbing, deputy general manager of Management Information Department of Sichuan Branch of ICBC, published the "development and application of digital RMB". Since ancient times, people have used precious metals such as stone, shell, iron, silver, copper and gold as well as paper currency. "Generally speaking, it is becoming more and more portable and symbolic." Shu Hongbing further introduced that modern digital currency "with the establishment of modern commerce, especially the development of Internet technology and computer technology, the currency is not only more and more portable, but also more and more invisible.
        ”。 According to Shu Hongbing, since 2014, the people's Bank of China has established a legal digital currency research group; In 2016, the digital RMB Research Institute was established. Since the end of 2017, the six major banks and three major operators have started to test digital currency nationwide. By June 30 of this year, more than 1.32 million scenarios have been tested, 70 million personal digital wallets and 3.51 million French digital wallets have been opened, and the transaction amount has exceeded 34.5 billion. It can be seen that digital RMB is getting closer to us.
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