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Taking advantage of the lottery business to rub against the blockchain hotspot, Shenzhen stock exchange quickly asked Tianyin Holdings

Time : 02/11/2021 Author : 5tyc0d Click : + -
        With the warming up of the concept of blockchain, many companies have successively announced their future layout in this emerging field, including "old drivers" who have been deeply cultivated for many years, and companies that seem to only want to scratch the hot spots and attract attention. On the evening of December 24, Tianyin Holdings (000829. SZ) announced that it had signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement with Hainan Lianhuo Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huobi China") on December 24. The two sides will establish strategic cooperation relations around the business of blockchain technology enabled lottery, industrial solution consulting, high-quality project cooperation and other businesses. Just two days after the announcement was issued, on the evening of December 26, Tianyin holdings received a letter of concern from Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company was asked to explain whether the blockchain technology owned by Huobi China has the business foundation and feasibility of commercialization and large-scale application in the lottery industry.
        In addition, Shenzhen stock exchange requires Tianyin holdings to explain the specific impact and actual effect of blockchain technology on your company's lottery business in combination with the specific cooperation mode of blockchain technology and the company's lottery business, the implementation path and application scenario of certificate traceability, randomization and encryption, and further explain the feasibility and necessity of the cooperation between the two parties. At the same time, Shenzhen Stock Exchange also pointed out that Tianyin holdings needs to provide a list of insiders of the strategic cooperation framework agreement signed this time to explain the information confidentiality of this cooperation; Supplement the explanation on whether there are policy, legal and other risks in the development of blockchain related businesses, and fully prompt the risks in terms of relevant risks and uncertainties.
        Coincidentally, on November 20, Hongbo (002229. SZ) announced that it would sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Cambodia Golden Elephant Co., Ltd. to conduct in-depth cooperation in the fields of blockchain lottery technology application, lottery game design and printing services, lottery system development, lottery hardware development, etc. In the following two days, the company received a letter from Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In fact, there is no reason for the regulatory authorities to react quickly. Looking back at the financial reports of Tianyin holdings from 2018 to now, the company has never mentioned the layout of the blockchain. Not only that, even the lottery business proposed by the company now has a very limited contribution to the company's performance.
        According to public information, the main business of Tianyin holdings is the sales of mobile communication products, including mobile phone distribution, mobile Internet and mobile resale business, and other alcohol products sales and lottery business. It is worth noting that according to the financial data of the company's semi annual report in 2019, if the main business income is divided into industries, the line%, by contrast, the lottery business revenue is 87.471 million yuan, and the gross profit is 62.02 million yuan, accounting for only 0.4% and 7.7% respectively. In the announcement, Tianyin holdings pointed out that the stacking of blockchain technology in the company's product system will be the most direct way to solve the current practical problems such as lottery data storage and traceability, and also the fastest way to improve the existing solution capability and better serve existing customers.
        And further exploring the use of the random and encryption characteristics of the blockchain technology to achieve new results in solving the problems of transparency and fairness of lottery, can provide the company with obvious advantages in the market of the next generation lottery overall solution. Tianyin holdings also said that in terms of lottery playing methods, it uses the transparent and open characteristics of blockchain, smart contract mechanism, multi-party signature and other technologies to design new blockchain playing methods, which can play a positive role in opening up new markets and adding new business models in the future. Through cooperation with Huobi China, the company will not only add blockchain technology to existing products, improve product competitiveness, but also make layout for future products and new markets to meet new growth.
        Tianyin Holdings said in the announcement that the company has a complete lottery industry layout, complete lottery business support series software, outstanding product research and development capabilities and various lottery related terminal products. Huobi China has complete industrial consulting services and rich industrial resources. The two sides jointly explore the deep application of blockchain technology in lottery betting, lottery and supervision. On the basis of existing solutions, Based on the pain points in all aspects of lottery, Huobi China can provide blockchain technology related services for Tianyin holdings. Tianyin holdings also said that the company has the development strength of lottery products, and Huobi China has the development experience and technical reserves of the blockchain basic platform. Therefore, the two sides can cooperate to develop the lottery production and trading system, adapt to the current application scenarios, and create a typical case of the combination of blockchain technology and the lottery industry.
        At the same time, the company has rich industrial practice experience and understands the needs of lottery business. Huobi China has practical experience in the application of blockchain technology in traceability and document circulation, and has complete technical development capacity. In this cooperation, the two sides can work together on a lottery data management platform based on their respective technical advantages, dock their respective industrial resources, and jointly promote the concrete implementation of blockchain technology in data management and asset. Institutional people believe that the biggest advantage of blockchain is to reduce the trust cost. However, because it is a distributed technology in nature, the execution efficiency of the blockchain system is lower than that of the centralized system. Therefore, the implementation of blockchain needs to select a suitable application scenario.
        At the same time, the deployment of blockchain requires a large amount of costs. At present, the industry as a whole is still in the early stage of infrastructure construction. It is expected that industry leaders, information technology companies and technology giants will enjoy dividends.
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