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Reflecting the talent "secret war" behind the hot blockchain

Time : 06/01/2022 Author : lhcnyb Click : + -
        Previously, some media revealed that there was a serious shortage of blockchain talents recently, and there were frequent incidents of competing for talents. What's more, it is still difficult to attract people with an annual salary of one million. But is this really the case?. Since the blockchain was hot in 2018, discussions about blockchain have been endless. In the process of continuous heating up, the number of blockchain entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial projects has increased sharply, and the increase of blockchain business by major companies on the basis of the original has also aggravated the whole air gap. Previously, some media revealed that there was a serious shortage of blockchain talents recently, and there were frequent incidents of competing for talents. What's more, it is still difficult to attract people with an annual salary of one million. But is this really the case?.
        "This is only one chance. Come out and try while you are young!" This sentence has appeared many times in major excavation sites recently, and it can be called the first golden sentence when digging people. It is true that the blockchain fire has made all walks of life yearn for this direction. In the circle of friends alone, the reporter of found a number of recruitment posts. Among them, many blockchain entrepreneurs continued to recruit, and some star companies added blockchain business. According to the recruitment demand on the mainstream Internet recruitment apps such as boss direct recruitment and pull hook, it seems that the salary level of blockchain engineers has risen sharply and the number of blockchain media posts has increased abruptly. All these seem to be natural.
        Since a certain we media group called all Internet businesses not connected with the blockchain classical Internet, various signs indicate that classical Internet seems to have fallen behind in the talent competition. However, according to the information obtained from various headhunters, classical Internet, including AI, is still the mainstream of recruitment. "Blockchain? No, it doesn't involve such projects." Several headhunters interviewed by the reporters of China Investment Network said that they had not taken over the blockchain related projects recently, and they finally found headhunters who had recently helped blockchain companies to dig people. Beijing Wanshitong headhunting consultant told the reporter of China investment network that the recruitment demand of blockchain companies has indeed increased recently, but at present, the demand for AI talents is still higher. In fact, the bustle seen by the outside world is not directly reflected in the demand for talents.
        "At present, the recruitment demand is still dominated by exchanges and entrepreneurial projects." He said: "the exchange is a traditional blockchain project, and recruitment has always existed. Recently, the number of entrepreneurial projects has increased, so there is also a demand for talents.". "Unlike the high threshold attribute of AI, the threshold of blockchain is actually very low," he told the reporter. "Many employers actually have no clear quantitative standard for recruitment. In addition to the constant demand for token trading platforms, companies doing application layer exploration do not have a quantitative standard to consider whether a person has the ability to research blockchain.". For example, when a company doing blockchain community entrepreneurship recruits a technical team, it pays more attention to whether the applicant has previous experience in community projects. In the case of no experience in blockchain, it can basically have experience in C / C + + and python development.
        "As long as you have the idea of decentralization, experience in implementing projects, and the idea of engaging in research, it's basically OK. Most employers' HR will not directly ask questions about blockchain implementation, but ask job seekers about their previous project experience." The headhunter said: "at present, the best blockchain projects are bitcoin and bitcoin derivative projects. Even so, the price of bitcoin is rising and falling, and it does not have the ability to bear monetary responsibilities. As an open-source technology that has appeared for nearly a decade, the threshold of this technology is not as high as expected. The blockchain technology needs to find the next Nakamoto Cong to redefine this technology.
        ”。 Generally speaking, HR is not very clear about what quantitative indicators should be used to treat job seekers, and job seekers are also not very clear about how to show that they can get this position. Both parties can only determine whether the other party is the person they want based on their discussions and ideas on the landing project. Among the job seekers he contacted, most still kept a wait-and-see attitude. At present, there are not many projects that can see the prospect of landing. The vast majority of entrepreneurs are still crossing the river by feeling stones. In this case, it is unlikely that they will succeed in digging people. For technical personnel with practical experience in landing projects, they have certain competitiveness in the market. Even if they do not change jobs, their employment prospects are relatively broad. It is obvious that they need to be prepared to bet on an unknown industry or even an unknown project.
        Of course, there are many people who are interested. The headhunter told the reporter that the common feature of these people is their optimism and interest in blockchain technology. Of course, there are also many people who are attracted by token wealth. As a technical researcher, if he wants to embrace blockchain, he must first make clear whether he has blockchain thinking, that is, decentralized thinking, and the experience of combining this thinking with projects is second. Similarly, an entrepreneur who considered financing and starting blockchain media a year ago told the reporter of China investment network that at present, there are hundreds of blockchain media and we media in Beijing. "Even if the financing is not a problem, it is difficult to say how long this tuyere can last and whether it can last until I make money.
        ”。 After comprehensive consideration, he chose to give up this entrepreneurial idea. At the same time, other entrepreneurs in the same community have already started their own projects in the blockchain field and obtained financing. "Opportunity is the first factor. Since there is an opportunity in front of us, why not try it? Other factors, including professionalism, capital, talents and experience, can be supplemented later, but opportunities can not be supplemented." Said an entrepreneur who is transforming to start a business in the direction of blockchain.
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