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How to systematically learn blockchain technology? And the digital chain class provides you with suggestions

Time : 02/09/2021 Author : 74wnuy Click : + -
        From 2017 to 2020, large it Internet enterprises laid out blockchains one after another, and startups entered the blowout mode. The industrial scale continued to expand. According to IDC data, China's blockchain industry experienced a change from the market scale of US $85 million in 2017 to the industrial scale of US $561 million in 2020. In terms of the number of enterprises, in the first half of 2020, China provided blockchain professional technical support, products, solutions and other services, and the number of new blockchain enterprises with input or output reached 303, a year-on-year increase of 274.07%. Blockchain & mdash& mdash; A decentralized distributed ledger system, in essence, blockchain technology is an internet protocol. In a strict sense, blockchain is not a new technology, but an organic combination of cryptography, P2P network communication, consensus algorithm and other technologies, and the technologies involved have basically appeared long ago.
        In short, the blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger system, which adopts the end-to-end data structure and uses cryptography to ensure the data's tamperability and security. In order to enable the distributed ledger system to operate normally, the blockchain has implemented a set of consensus algorithms to solve the trust problem between various distributed nodes. For students with a technical foundation, the best way to learn a new technology is comparative learning. For example, people with a Java foundation can master Python easily through comparison and learning; People who have a basic knowledge of C language can learn C + + as if they were looking for something; If you know the front-end technology, you can learn small programs easily; If you are a programmer who has mastered many technologies, you may only need to learn blockchain by yourself or watch more teaching videos.
        If you are a technical Xiaobai, it is recommended to learn the blockchain courses of the system, from the basic go language programming and web front-end development, to the core technical principles of blockchain, and then to the actual development of Ethereum smart contract. Through the combination of theory and practice and the combination of technology and application, we can understand and master the core technologies of the blockchain faster, so as to achieve the level of blockchain employment. For example, the 90 days training camp course launched by the digital chain classroom is very suitable for Xiaobai users to learn. There are also opportunities for the platform to recommend employment after successfully passing the course assessment. I hope the above content can give some inspiration to those who have no development experience but are eager to enter the blockchain industry. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
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