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Blockchain, "asthenic fever"

Time : 22/08/2021 Author : 3san8c Click : + -
        [people in the blockchain circle generally believe that the blockchain is still in the early stage of development, and the concept of blockchain is also hot. It is mainly focused on fund-raising and speculation, rather than using technology to solve practical problems. There are still many technical and application problems to be solved, and large-scale applications will take some time to realize]. On the eve of the new year of the dog, a wechat group called "3 o'clock sleepless blockchain" emerged. This wechat group composed of venture capital tycoons such as Xu Xiaoping, Xue Manzi, Cai Wensheng, and people in the scientific and technological circles, as well as people in the performing arts such as Wang Feng, Gao Xiaosong, and Tong Liya, is said to be worth "1 trillion market value". The birth of this blockchain group has triggered the public's attention to blockchain to the highest point in the near future. Blockchain chicken breeding, supply chain finance blockchain, blockchain insurance, blockchain social networking, and even cleaning aunts have said that "a blockchain project has a bright future".
        So, what are the real and fake blockchain projects that everyone is talking about? Which are realizable and which are pure speculation concepts?. People in the blockchain circle generally believe that the blockchain is still in the early stage of development, and the concept of blockchain is also hot. It is mainly focused on fund-raising and speculation, rather than using technology to solve practical problems. There are still many technical and application problems to be solved, and large-scale applications will take some time to realize. Entrepreneurial blockchain enterprises have opened their brains and released various white papers. Many listed companies have issued announcements and held press conferences to announce their entry into the blockchain industry, thereby raising share prices. Some even carried out illegal fund-raising and fraud under the cloak of blockchain innovation. For example, in the second half of last year, some blockchain projects raised tens of millions of dollars a minute in ICOS, but few of them actually realized the application.
        In foreign countries, some blockchain project teams also claim that blockchain can also be applied in industries and departments such as network security, manufacturing, government public utilities, retail logistics, etc. Traceable logistics chain and other blockchain application innovations are blooming everywhere. Zhang weiqi, CEO of Fosun technology, told China business news that it is difficult to judge the authenticity of blockchain due to its certain technical threshold. Even if a blockchain project with a certain real background is at the stage of the white paper, there is a great risk whether it can be realized. It is not easy for the general public, even professionals, to make accurate judgments. What kind of blockchain project is a fake project? Bian Yang, the founder of the digital chain alliance, told China business that there are many kinds of pseudo blockchain projects. First, they do not really use blockchain, but only claim to use blockchain; Second, although the blockchain is used, the chain only runs on its own central server, which is completely closed; Third, the blockchain is indeed used and the open attitude is adopted, but the problem solved does not need the blockchain at all; Fourth, blockchain is indeed needed to solve the trust problem in the application scenario, but because the design fails to grasp the key points, the value of blockchain cannot be brought into play in the mechanism.
        Bian Yang, for example, said that at present, many large enterprises have publicly released blockchain project plans, but most of them are experimental, such as Xunlei's blockchain, Baidu's calculus, Netease's planet black diamond, etc. strictly speaking, even if blockchain technology is adopted, it is a closed blockchain project, which can realize local social cooperation, but it is not different from an ordinary app, and the public participates in it, There will not be too much loss, but there will not be too much profit. The financial industry can still be regarded as the main battlefield for the application of blockchain technology. At present, many banks and other financial institutions around the world have introduced blockchain technology to improve the efficiency and quality of transaction settlement services.
        Cbinsight recently mentioned in an article that the subversion of blockchain to traditional financial institutions such as banking can be reflected in many aspects. The total volume of the global banking industry is currently about $134 trillion. The decentralized nature of the blockchain, together with its encryption technology and smart contract technology, can effectively simplify many cumbersome processes of banks. Recently, many banks around the world have publicly stated that they are exploring the improvement of blockchain technology on banking business. HSBC announced that it would conduct real-time transaction blockchain testing. Barclays Bank has now run a number of blockchain projects such as tracking financial transactions and combating fraud.
        Bank of Israel cooperated with Microsoft to build a blockchain based bank supervision and management system. At the same time, with the rapid development of Internet Finance and Inclusive Finance in recent years, both the service population and the application scenario have been widely increased. However, for the newly born financial scenario, risk control is still in a situation where each side does its own thing. The blockchain alliance can solve the problems of "joint debt query", "anti fraud", "blacklist sharing" and so on. For example, smart contract technology has unique advantages for financial institutions to improve their risk control level. Bian Yang told China business news that on the one hand, smart contracts can improve the security of data flow, and on the other hand, they can obtain the programmability and flexibility of data flow rules.
        For example, for early warning of high-risk customers, a data contract can be established to stipulate that the participants in the first early warning can get the most rewards. In this way, all parties will be more willing to participate, send out early warning information, make its hit rate higher and more accurate, and also conduct big data analysis and modeling to optimize the risk control model for all participants. HSBC mentioned in a customer report that the blockchain technology may create a money system outside the government, liberate the centralized ledger, and create smart contracts, which can be used in the market, accelerate the settlement speed, and change the way the industry tracks the supply chain. Taking the bank payment and settlement system as an example, cbinsight said that by eliminating the intermediary license that consumers need to rely on in payment transactions, blockchain technology can facilitate faster payment at a lower cost than banks.
        In terms of payment, many companies around the world are trying to solve the payment problem through blockchain. For example, a company named tenx is building a wallet attached to a debit card, and users can pay with cryptocurrency when using the card. The company is building a distributed network that can trade between different cryptocurrencies and integrate the network and cards. In terms of clearing and settlement, ripple, an enterprise blockchain service provider, is the most famous player trying to replace swift. Swift is one-way, very similar to e-mail, which means that the transaction is not completed until both parties have completed the transaction.
        Through direct integration with existing bank accounts, Ripple & rsquo; Xcurrent's products provide banks with faster two-way communication protocols, allowing real-time communication and settlement. At present, ripple has more than 100 customers who have signed up for blockchain network experiments. The application of blockchain technology to supply chain finance is also mentioned by the industry. As a tool to ease the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, supply chain finance has developed well in the past two years, but it still faces unavoidable pain points, such as the authenticity of supply chain finance and the authenticity of trade background. Tan Feng, technical director of dianrong blockchain, said at a blockchain technology application salon recently held in Shanghai that the reason why blockchain was chosen to solve the traditional bottleneck of supply chain finance is that the application of blockchain can effectively solve the problems encountered by the traditional supply chain. All the data on the chain can be independently verified and have certain fidelity value.
        If the core enterprise can link all the data on the supply chain and ensure the authenticity of the data, it can transfer the value of the core enterprise layer by layer, thus effectively helping the middle and downstream suppliers to solve the problem of information asymmetry in financing.
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