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How to realize blockchain,Blockchain smart city scenario, how blockchain technology realizes smart city, digital blockchain

Time : 30/12/2021 Author : fd4m3b Click : + -
        As an emerging technology, blockchain has great potential in many fields of new smart cities. In terms of infrastructure, the use of blockchain technology can explore the efficient exchange of data and information between information infrastructure equipment, and improve the coordination ability of information infrastructure. In terms of data resources, it is expected to break the original data circulation and sharing barriers and provide high-quality data sharing guarantee by virtue of the characteristics of the blockchain such as its own data non tamperability and traceability. In terms of intelligent applications, relying on the more reliable cooperation environment provided by the blockchain, a number of bright applications such as "just one run", "multiple data runs" and "accurate services" have emerged. Including finance, production, education, media, entertainment, government, retail commerce, health, medical care, supply chain, insurance and public utilities.
        Is it very tall? But what I want to say is these application scenarios. In front of real high-energy blockchain applications, these application scenarios can only hide in the corner and tremble. Now the real high-energy application scenario of blockchain is Ponzi application, commonly known as "Ponzi scheme". It is a smart contract type Qianbao, a blockchain game that rolls in and out of money, an ICO for trading purposes, and a universal pension platform. Ponzi scheme is one of the oldest application scenarios of human beings. After the emergence of the Internet, Ponzi scheme has been upgraded to "Internet +", that is, "Internet + Ponzi scheme". The Internet has enabled Ponzi schemes, so events like Qianbao's 10 billion level have occurred. Before the Internet era, there were few such large-scale Ponzi schemes. They were enabled through the Internet, and money was deposited and withdrawn through mobile app. Finally, they rolled for several years, reaching the scale of 10 billion level.
        The Internet has broken the geographical, physical, capital flow and communication restrictions. As long as you have a mobile phone, you can play the Qianbao app. Everyone participates, everyone gets money, and everyone gives money. The number of people involved in the case is said to reach the level of one million. Relatively speaking, it still stays in the online pyramid scheme (Ponzi scheme 1.0). You can't stop brainwashing in meetings every day. You use violent and illegal means, and it is simple and weak. With the rise of blockchain technology, the Ponzi scheme enabled by "blockchain +" can no longer be described as adding wings to a tiger. It is like a chicken changing into a tiger. Like the Internet, the promotion of "blockchain +" technology on application scenarios is practical. Ponzi scheme is further upgraded on the basis of the second generation of "Internet +". Because there are major breakthroughs in scenario promotion and improvement, it has become Ponzi scheme 3.0, and its characteristics are mainly reflected in the following aspects:.
        1. Decentralized, no summit. The smart contract of the blockchain runs automatically without human intervention and cannot be interrupted by human. The code rules are written dead and cannot be tampered with. In terms of scene improvement, the biggest pain point of Ponzi scheme for thousands of years, that is, the problem of the head running away, has been solved. Because the head is a program and a code, the blockchain program can be permanent and no one can delete it. I think this is the biggest breakthrough. This virtual leader is always there. He cannot run away, nor will he run away, nor will he change. The rules will never change. He will adhere to the Ponzi line for 100 years, 1000 years and 10000 years. Some people may say that smart contracts can be iterated, and can also be manipulated to leave a back door.
        Yes, but it can also be done without iteration. Even iteration is transparent and visible, leaving a back door, which is also clear at a glance. This is the characteristic of the blockchain smart contract. If you cheat on it, it is equivalent to taking out a cheat sheet under the teacher's eyes. Such a smart contract is online and no one participates. Therefore, after technical review and verification, there is no back door, fair rules, and irrevocable smart contracts can be realized using blockchain technology. Such reliability, once verified, will never change. This is the certainty of the smart contract. The code of a program and a character is unchanged. It runs one million times and one trillion times, and the results are consistent.
        2. Process transparency. Number, address, account number, amount and time of deposit; Number, address, account number, amount and time of withdrawal; All visible. The blockchain has a public ledger function, which can be viewed by everyone in the world. The ledger data viewed by everyone is completely consistent. Why did Qian Bao sell out? Because we can't see his background account, how much money goes in and out every day, and the details of each transaction. In this way, you can see the assessment of cashability before depositing, and the assessment result is absolute certainty, that is, it will not change after you deposit. 3. Complete anonymity. If you have heard of zero knowledge proof technology. This part can be skipped.
        To put it simply, many of the things we used to have in the mathematical knowledge base had no application scenarios after they were invented. Later, it was discovered that this knowledge was very useful for anonymization. The cryptography technology in the blockchain can well realize identity concealment. As we all know, Zhihu can't achieve real anonymity in the technical structure. Blockchain can. 4. The rules are open and fair to all. The deposit is one yuan, and the rebate is ten yuan. This is the rule for everyone, and it will never change. When you deposit a dollar, go to the front person to withdraw the money, then the back person will deposit the money, and then give you the money. Is that fair? I have reflected on this point many times, and I think it is fair.
        5. Sustainable iteration. In low-level Ponzi scheme, the head, product designer, benefit distributor and benefit winner are often four in one, while the blockchain Ponzi scheme can completely logically separate the four roles. To achieve sustainable iteration. Through social based collaboration, these projects can be iterated continuously. There are 400 senior engineers who are developing around bitcoin and constantly updating the code. These people may not know anyone. As long as the application is valuable, they can continue to iterate. Which centralized project can do this? Even bat level companies cannot hire so many professionals scattered around the world.
        This socialized iteration mode is not affected by the changes of a specific person and a specific organization. The scope of blockchain technology used in the Ponzi scheme enabled by "blockchain" is different, because the technology in this field is constantly updated, and the application of smart contracts has only increased in recent two years. The earliest blockchain application is bitcoin. Some people think that bitcoin itself has the characteristics of a Ponzi scheme. In 2013, I wrote an answer that implicitly pointed out that this new type of Ponzi scheme would be very destructive, because it has the characteristics of no head, open account books, no running away, and open and fair rules. Later, I also found that many people around me are much more interested in Ponzi scheme than in blockchain technology.
        As soon as I heard that bitcoin is not a Ponzi scheme, I usually walked away in silence before I started talking about blockchain technology. On the contrary, you told him it was a Ponzi scheme, and then they would ask, where to buy it? Of course, there are many controversies about whether bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme, because the actual application scenarios of bitcoin have been expanding. In the ICO boom, there are many air coins, which are Ponzi schemes without any application scenarios. The buyers probably know that these air coins are Ponzi schemes, but they buy them when they see that the packaging is good. It is estimated that there are hundreds or thousands of such air coins. The scope of the case is all over the world, and the amount is more than 10 billion yuan.
        These ICOS use smart contracts for subscription and allocation, and then circulate to the secondary market by themselves. Under such circumstances, there is no guarantee that the money will be disbursed, and some people will lose their money. Many blockchain professionals have always wanted to draw a clear line with these applications. Although these air coins use some blockchain technologies, they are still a centralized organization or individual behind them. There are few network nodes. When users deposit money, they directly converge with a certain organization or individual (so they will be swept away). However, there is no doubt that air coins still use the blockchain to deposit and raise money, which solves some of the problems of running away, It has improved the scope and dissemination ability of Ponzi scheme.
        This is an objective situation. Since this year, with the development of technology, a more decentralized Ponzi scheme using smart contracts has begun to emerge. Smart contract locking is used for deposit and issuance to complete the closed loop of deposit, subscription and withdrawal. It can already be a very pure blockchain application. Some blockchain games can be freely admitted. After the release, they publicly claim that they are a Ponzi game. He said: you see, the rules are transparent, the code is visible, the deposit contract is locked, no one will run, no one will interfere, and the money is automatically withdrawn. Play early and earn early. This is a very important breakthrough. Publicly admit that you are a Ponzi scheme. This kind of play can not be done by previous Ponzi schemes 1.0 and 2.0 (dare not publicly admit that you are a Ponzi scheme).
        Great. The game is simple and rough. This has solved the major obstacle in the promotion process of Ponzi scheme in the past. In the past, we relied on brainwashing to attract people, but now we rely on code to speak. You see, "this program won't run away by itself, will there be no back door? Has the leader disappeared? Does Nakamoto's capture affect the program's continued execution?" Therefore, the first batch of blockchain Ponzi schemes are code farmers who can understand the code, and then these code farmers stand up and say that after technical verification, it is indeed such an effect, which drives other people who do not read the code to join. In addition to realizing the application scenarios of Ponzi scheme in the nature of entertainment, gambling and fraud, the blockchain also has the opportunity to make great efforts in the application scenarios of Ponzi scheme involving the national economy and the people's livelihood and public utilities, and can even greatly enhance the people's sense of gain and happiness, and actually improve the people's life.
        For example, the national or global public pension platform application based on the blockchain can solve several major drawbacks of pension because it is based on the blockchain:. 1. Misappropriation of funds. The account books are open and the funds are not centrally locked. No one can unlock them except those who meet the rules. There is no possibility of misappropriation. 2. Inflation. The current pension system has to adjust the coefficient according to a series of complicated algorithms such as inflation every year. After the adjustment, the recipients are often dissatisfied because the total amount has increased, but the purchasing power has decreased. Taking advantage of the fact that virtual currency cannot be issued, we can control the inflation rate and ensure that all we receive are linear and unpredictable problems.
        It is difficult for us to predict the pension payout in 30 years, but it can be predicted in advance through smart contracts. Stimulate the enthusiasm of payment. 4. Policy loopholes and fairness issues. Any pension policy is aimed at diversified groups, and there will be unfair situations. Everyone wants to pay less and take more, and pay late and withdraw early. The transparency of the blockchain is detailed to each account, rather than a set of general policies to plug the loopholes in the implementation process. Everyone is the same. Pay more and pay more. Pay early and pay early. It can even be inherited and never lost. This has greatly reduced the burden and cost of the state's pension management. What the existing pension system can do can still be done after the use of blockchain technology, such as state subsidies. It is enough to put money into the contract and lock it in. There will be no fake, such as compulsory payment. Every record is authentic and traceable.
        In a word, the existing systems and rules can all be linked. On the basis of not affecting the existing effect, the efficiency and output level have been improved, and fairness has been guaranteed. Moreover, because the cost of the huge management system has been reduced, the absolute amount that each person can receive may be increased by a large part, which has the effect of improving the people's life in a down-to-earth manner. In other words, the sense of gain and happiness have been improved. On the pension issue, the subject we trust has changed from a single national government to a national government + blockchain, and more than 50% of the process has become a fixed software program. Don't we believe it more? If the on-line pension system is 100%, it can even break the national limits and be realized by an honest, non cheating and non tamperable code. It is like trusting a dead person, and there will be no mistakes.
        The design of the next generation to support this generation is a great invention of our human evolution, which has accelerated the speed of social development. On the surface, it seems that the last generation on the earth will suffer losses, but in fact, it will not, because the last generation on the earth does not necessarily know that they are the last generation (maybe in the last few seconds, but what about it). Besides, the earth has disappeared, and the last generation still needs to pay for the elderly? Obviously, there is no need. The biggest drawback of the Ponzi scheme is that it runs halfway and the funds are broken. The blockchain has a clear technical solution to this problem, which can be proved and falsified. Therefore, this technology is scientific.
        The disadvantages have been eliminated and the benefits have gradually emerged. Ponzi scheme will achieve greater development in the future. I also want to ask a question: in the history of mankind, are there any negative or useless things that have been eliminated or avoided with the development of technology, and then become more and more useful and important?. Either the information is released and distributed uniformly by one center, or the information is reconciled in batches (typically once a day). For the information sharing with timeliness requirements, it is difficult to achieve real-time sharing. First, the blockchain itself needs to maintain the data consistency of each node, which can be said to have its own information sharing function; Secondly, the real-time problem can be realized through the P2P technology of the blockchain; Finally, a secure and reliable information sharing channel can be built by using the tamper proof and consensus mechanism of the blockchain.
        It's OK. You will have such questions: to solve the above problems, I can build an encryption channel myself without using blockchain technology! But I want to say that since blockchain technology can solve these problems and it is very convenient to add nodes, why not use blockchain technology before you have built a safe and reliable information sharing system?. Let's take Tencent's own application - the public welfare search chain, and the value of blockchain in information sharing. Bitcoin solves the trust problem in the issue and accounting of currency. Let's see how bitcoin solves the above two problems one by one. Indiscriminate issue: bitcoin can only be obtained through mining, and the total number of bitcoins is 21 million, which solves the problem of currency indiscriminate issue in the issuance process; Ledger modification: bitcoin's transaction records are stored in a chain and decentralized global nodes to form a network to solve the ledger modification problem.
        Chain storage can be simply understood as: the blocks storing records are connected one by one to form a chain; The records of all blocks except the first block contain the verification information of the previous block. Changing the information of any block will cause the verification error of subsequent blocks. Because of this correlation, other blocks cannot be inserted in the middle, so it is difficult to modify existing records. Blockchain is as widespread as the Internet, and the future trend is more and more towards blockchain. To be honest, many binancechain and binancesmartchain are practical applications of blockchain. Xiong'an released new news. Xiong'an has put many practices in blockchain applications.
        N among them, China xiongan group launched xiongan blockchain fund management platform, which is the first project integrated management system based on blockchain technology in China; In June this year, the first "blockchain supply chain" subcontractor financing business in China was successfully implemented in the first phase of the flood intercepting canal project in Rongdong District, Rongcheng, xiong'an new district. N in xiong'an, BIM (building information model) + CIM (city information model) technology has been adopted since the first urban construction project, realizing the coexistence of physical cities and digital cities. Not long ago, China xiongan group held talks with the blockchain technology company consonsys (Ethereum)
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