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Time : 30/10/2021 Author : guckhn Click : + -
        For the data availability of light clients, there is almost no objection to using erasure correction codes to solve this problem. The difference is how to ensure that erasure correction codes are correctly encoded. PolygonAva...。 Decentralized Science (desci) is a campaign aimed at building public infrastructure for the fair and equal financing, creation, review, and trust of Web3 tools. Recently, the frequent cross chain safety problems have attracted extensive attention in the market. This paper hopes to tell the readers why there are so many product safety problems in this circuit from the perspective of product design. Need. Zero knowledge proof is one of the most important cryptocurrency technologies being developed. Here are five ways zero knowledge proof can make dapps more efficient, more private and more decentralized:.
        Trust minimization is a valuable security attribute, and blockchain technology has unique advantages to realize this attribute. Blockchain is based on computer code, cryptography and decentralization. The author emphasized the growing importance of community to enterprises, and simplified his experience in community construction for many years, and summed up two key concepts: 1) community quadrant, 2) community funnel. Nowadays, data has become the basic key strategic resource comparable to oil, and it is subverting the development mode of various industries. With the construction of the digital economy and the rapid expansion of the data industry market. Cryptography is the core of many blockchain protocols.
        From traditional proof of work (POW) to L2 modern methods (such as ZK rollups), many advanced additions. Everything has some special indicators to measure its performance. Whether it is a simple physical object such as a car or a complex technology such as blockchain technology. Research off. Data security promotes decentralized identity (did) to become the next track, and web3did based application products will shine brilliantly. Data security drives.
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