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What is a blockchain and what blockchain can do [details]

Time : 27/07/2021 Author : 0e4bin Click : + -
        Starting from the virtual digital currency of bitcoin (based on the blockchain Technology), the wind of blockchain has been blowing rapidly in 2017. It seems that the blockchain has something to do with it. Especially now many routing, NAS and other devices are linked to this blockchain. But do you really know what they are used for?. Blockchain is a series of data blocks that are generated by using cryptography. Each data block contains the information of all bitcoin network transactions in the past ten minutes, which is used to verify the validity of its information (anti-counterfeiting) and generate the next block. It provides a decentralized credit building paradigm without trust accumulation.
        In short, data blocks have replaced the dependence of the Internet on the central server, making all data changes or transaction items recorded on a cloud system, and theoretically realizing self certification of data in data transmission. If you don't understand it, it may be easier to understand: ABCDE is five different users. Each device records an account book on the blockchain. A revenue suddenly appears on this account book and is told that it belongs to A. at this time, no intermediary or server (such as Alipay) is required to prove that a has a new revenue on the account books of all people, including a, This is the role of blockchain.
        Let's talk about the products based on blockchain technology, including routers, smart boxes, NAS and software. It is now known that more than a dozen manufacturers will participate in the blockchain and make progress with different products. From the perspective of surface application functions, they all need to be pulled by different functions, so that users can use the equipment, thus realizing the blockchain technology layout of various manufacturers. What is behind this layout? Some reward users with points, and some reward users with tokens. Why do manufacturers do this?. There are so many things that can be done by joining the blockchain. Your computer computing power and your bandwidth will become a "bookkeeping" in the network, helping manufacturers record the data they need, and even the power is a part of the sharing.
        For example, Xunlei has announced its gamecoin cloud service based on blockchain technology with ambition: users donate bandwidth resources to obtain virtual digital property gamecoin rewards, while Xunlei expands its own CDN with extremely low value to obtain greater cloud storage space and bandwidth. Do you understand then?. Obviously, the services provided by the manufacturer may be NAS functions, cloud playback functions, router functions, etc., but behind this, you should also "contribute" your own strength. Then there are broadband charges. The broadband charges are different in different regions. The small edition does not calculate here. Obviously, while using the equipment, you have indeed obtained the required functions, but you have also "paid" while enjoying.
        Of course, many of these products are sold at very low or even free prices, which is not high for users. It's different from the previous concept that when I buy it, I will give it to myself. Sharing everything is gradually realized in technology. Finally, it depends on whether you are willing to share your own resources.
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