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The National Archives Administration held a special video lecture on blockchain Technology

Time : 04/12/2021 Author : qhzyj3 Click : + -
        On June 19, the National Archives Administration held a video lecture on blockchain technology, inviting experts from relevant parties to explain the "development trend of blockchain technology and its application in archival storage". A total of 350 people, including Chen Shiju, deputy director of the general office of the CPC Central Committee, members of the leading group of the State Archives Bureau, and representatives of some cadres and workers, attended the special lectures at the main venue and the sub venue. Lu Guoqiang, director of the state archives administration, presided over the special lecture. As an industry expert and keynote speaker, Terry, the co-founder of Iost, introduced the "development trend of blockchain technology and its application in archival storage" and "Iost blockchain underlying core technology (IOS -- Internet of services)".
        Lu Guoqiang pointed out during the lecture that it is necessary to deeply understand the great significance of applying blockchain and other new generation information technologies in archival work. The general secretary attaches great importance to the application and development of information technology, emphasizing that "informatization has brought a golden opportunity to the Chinese nation", "without network security, there will be no national security, and without informatization, there will be no modernization". Former director of the US National Broadband Task Force: anti encryption law is not conducive to the US economy and security: Golden financial report, Anurag Lal, former director of the US National Broadband task force and CEO of netsfere, said that bills such as the earnit act and the legal access to encrypted data act essentially require the prohibition of end-to-end encryption, and the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.
        Critics believe that anti encryption laws are not conducive to the US economy and will make the United States more insecure. LAL agrees with this view and explains that this will put us companies at a disadvantage and may even force them to move overseas to a place where there are no such strict requirements. [2020/7/24]。 Dynamic: the national development and Reform Commission deleted "virtual currency mining" from "eliminating industries": on the morning of November 6, the Guiding Catalogue for industrial structure adjustment (2019 version) released by the Chinese government website was reviewed and adopted at the second executive meeting on August 27, 2019. It is hereby announced and will come into effect on January 1, 2020.
        The Guiding Catalogue for industrial restructuring (2011 version) (Amendment) shall be repealed at the same time. Upon review, it was found that the "virtual currency mining" in the eliminated industry was deleted in the first draft for comments. According to the regulations, the elimination category mainly refers to the backward process, technology, equipment and products that do not meet the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, do not have the conditions for safe production, seriously waste resources and pollute the environment, and need to be eliminated. In the previous draft for comments, "virtual currency mining" was an item that had not been marked with a phase out period or phase out plan, and it was explicitly or immediately phased out by the national industrial policy. (Wu Shuo blockchain) [2019 / 11 / 6]. Analysis of third world countries' strong interest in cryptocurrency due to high inflation rate, open government attitude and other reasons: according to longash analysis, many Third World countries in Asia, Africa and South America have also shown increasing interest in digital currency.
        Some well-known project parties have also discovered the great potential of cryptocurrency in third world countries. From the data and the actual implementation, it is found that cryptocurrency can often be favored in third world countries with high inflation rate, open government attitude towards cryptocurrency and high penetration rate of mobile scenarios. [2019/9/4]。 On June 22, 2020, the "Star Trek Guide & mdash; & mdash; IPFs technology and application discussion forum", sponsored by golden finance, node consulting and office, and jointly sponsored by interstellar agents and MAC storage, opened in Shenzhen. On the forum, cloud tiger computing power cmolorreta, on the topic of how.
        According to the data of Huobi global station, BTC has exceeded US $9600, and is now at US $9615.85, with a daily increase of 1.3%. The market fluctuates greatly, so please do a good job in risk control. Anthony pompliano, founder of Morgan Creek, said that pension funds such as California Civil Service Pension Fund would have a good performance in investing in bitcoin. Pension funds should not blindly increase the allocation of non current assets. It is suggested to allocate 1% to 5% of their investment portfolio to bitcoin. Micha & euml; lvandepoppe, crypto analyst and full-time trader, said that eth is expected to reach $300 in August or September.
        He shared the chart on June 22 and wrote that "so far everything has gone well." The chart shows that as long as eth maintains the $225 area, with March. Official announcement: MXC Matcha launched DMG (dmg) at 20:30 on June 22, and opened DMG / usdt transactions. Now DMG recharge is available. According to the official data of DMG, the governance token DMG of the DFI money market (DMM) Dao is used by the community to manage and develop the DMM ecosystem and. Dan held, director of business development at Kraken, said that bitcoin is the only thing that cannot be changed.
        This is the only monetary policy with a total amount of 21 million tokens that everyone can believe. Bitcoin's monetary policy can be changed technically, but considering its position in the whole cryptocurrency field, it is the last. On June 22, 2020, the "Star Trek Guide & mdash; & mdash; IPFs technology and application discussion forum", sponsored by golden finance, node consulting and hosting, and jointly sponsored by Mack storage, etc., opened in Shenzhen. Hou Feng, CEO of Mako storage, was on the theme of "filecoin economic model and business...". The fugaku supercomputer jointly developed by Kobe science research and Computing Science Center and Fujitsu in Kobe, Japan, occupied the first place in the 55th TOP500 supercomputer speed ranking, replacing IBM's supercomputing system summit. Its computing capacity per second was 2.8 times that of the latter.
        The chip technology of this computer. According to the golden financial report, the June 2020 contract of CME bitcoin futures, which has the highest trading volume, closed up US $270 to US $9585, up 2.9%. The contracts in July, August and September 2020 received US $9660, US $9705 and US $9745 respectively. According to chainalysis, a blockchain analysis company, 3.72 million bitcoins (worth $35 billion) have been lost and are likely to never be found again. In a new report, chainalysis said that 20% of bitcoin has not moved in five years or more, and the company will.
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