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Easy to see dialogue Li Xiaolai: there are too many people rubbing against my traffic, and I dare not send them to my circle of friends

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        Netease technology news on August 10, Li Xiaolai, a well-known bitcoin investor, said in an interview with Netease that although many projects in the market may fail in the future, he will continue to hold them. It is impossible for him to invest in one of them, and the investment is ultimately the winning rate. He also said that the most money he earns in the blockchain world has nothing to do with traffic. From holding bitcoin to now, whether there are fans of bitcoin will rise. It is also a burden to be paid attention to in a large scale. It is often interpreted, and it is afraid to send it to the circle of friends. Li Xiaolai: it may return to zero. But this is my investment logic. I will invest in coins that I think can be held for more than 3 years. In case they may return to zero after a long time, there is no way, because I cannot invest one of them.
        In this market, there is a simple logic, the winning rate. In the end, because I cast a lot, in the long run, my winning rate will be large. So many people ask me why I still hold it when I know that most of them will return to zero? I don't know which one will return to zero, so I hold it. At the very early stage of the industry, the participation of more than the scope of the ability can also help promote the development of the industry. Netease Technology: if there is a project, it will be difficult to implement in the long run. It solves the false demand. But in the short term, the capital operation and operation ability behind it are very good, even a star project. Can you throw?. Li Xiaolai: I'm sure not.
        My investment philosophy makes me never invest in such projects. I don't have to make all the money in the world, and I can't. I will earn as much money as I can. For example, if I buy some valuable coins and then hold them, I will make money. For me, it's not cost-effective to invest in such a project. I don't have the time and mood to do this. I will be relatively easy to invest in valuable projects. It took me a long time to judge. After I bought it, I went to do something else. I don't want to do this anymore. I don't care whether it goes up or down. Li Xiaolai: this question misunderstood me, and I was full of all kinds of doubts about the future. At most, I'm a little different from other investors in that I'm not in a hurry, so I won't try my best to make a layout.
        In 2016, I said that I would try my best to reduce my workload in the blockchain, and finally put my time on meeting efficient people, so I may spend more time dealing with people now. Li Xiaolai: in the future world, all core changes will take place around Niu Ren. As for what he can do, I don't know. I don't know what we can do together. But if he is a Tauren, he will be there when the spring tide comes, so this is a way for me to explore the unknown. The longer you work, the more you understand that logic has its limitations. Sometimes the same reason leads to the opposite conclusion, and sometimes the same conclusion comes from the opposite reason.
        Reality is always slapping in the face. Netease Technology: you said earlier that it is unrealistic to make a fortune in the currency circle, because there are many exchanges and the transaction depth is not enough. But now it is obvious that I only go to one exchange for one currency, and the public share is very small, so there is room for this operation. Li Xiaolai: since the era of cloud currency, we have been obsessed with data openness and transparency. Cloud coin is likely to be the only blockchain asset exchange in the world that pays taxes in full. At that time, we converted the income of bitcoin into the price of bitcoin at that time to calculate the revenue. This is well documented. We are a large taxpayer in Haidian District. Openness and transparency are not as simple as we think. It is very complicated and a very large system engineering.
        It is related to privacy, as well as the overall system security and social system security. So where should be made public, how should be made public, to what extent, and with what tools. It is a very complicated matter to keep secret. No one has ever done this, so we have to explore it every day. We have done a lot of work in this area, but what is the next embarrassment we face? All these work are time-consuming and laborious, and have nothing to do with our business. It's because I have done it all well. It has nothing to do with how much money I can make. We have done a lot of work, which is invisible to the outside world. Li Xiaolai: trading is mining, which is a normal innovation.
        Transaction is the mining mode, which is essentially a distributed brushing volume. We all know the amount of fraud swiped by the exchange. The transaction mining mode is that everyone publishes the amount of brushing, and the distributed amount of brushing is the real amount. Compared with the false amount that was simply changed in the database, I think it is the lesser of the two evils. Let's say that both are evils. The mode developed by Zhang Jian is obviously lighter, so I think it is good from this perspective. Li Xiaolai: the volume itself is not the real transaction volume, not the transaction volume generated by the target of the transaction, but the purpose is to share part of the service fees of the platform. Therefore, there is no harm. It is unnecessary to exist, and the transaction volume is even more unnecessary. So when I say that the lesser of the two evils is the lesser, I mean that it seems that the lesser of the two evils is the lesser. But I do not think that trading is mining.
        But there was a false amount of swipe from the exchange, which was definitely harmful. Li Xiaolai: judging from my investment standard, I won't invest in this kind of investment. But since they are friends around me, they all make me feel embarrassed. That means they are still reliable. If he is unreliable, what am I ashamed of? So when I say that social investment is too embarrassed not to invest, it is a situation that they are very reliable people and they want to do things, but they may not choose from my investment standards. In fact, when we look back at the social investment projects, the success rate is higher. Li Xiaolai: what do I need to take advantage of this? Since it's a social investment, you're embarrassed to have to vote. You still have to bargain with people. Do you think you can do it? So it's actually like this, not to mention social investment. Theoretically speaking, I have the same conditions as others for any project.
        That is, if I can go in, but others don't, then only I have this condition. I went in and other people also went in, so I went in on the same terms as them. Otherwise, they will bully others. Netease Technology: you used to send a picture of a panda trapped on a tree branch in your circle of friends, with a sentence: "do you think I'm having fun?! I can't get off!", What do you want to express in this picture?. Li Xiaolai: there are many things that have to be done. For example, I was just a teacher in those years, and no one would have thought of today. To go back a year, I can't imagine that I will be paid so much attention today. Many people pay attention to it. Some people feel very happy and some people feel very burdened.
        In fact, I feel more burdensome. You see, I won't even post Weibo, and I won't post it in my circle of friends for a while. In fact, it's painful to post a circle of friends, but if you post a circle of friends at random, it will be interpreted outside, which is also painful. For example, at any exhibition, you can see Yi Labao printed with Li Xiaolai or other things standing there. I don't know. Every day, people ask, is this you? Are you on the platform again?. Netease Technology: you said in the recording that blockchain is actually a traffic business in the final analysis. More fans should bring you more benefits. The higher your reputation, the more traffic.
        Li Xiaolai: you have definitely misunderstood this question. In the blockchain world, people don't give you money when you shout. This is the first one. Second, the amount of money I earn in the blockchain world has nothing to do with the flow of half a cent. Where does so much money come from? I hold bitcoin until now. I have no fans and it has risen. I have fans and it has risen. Li Xiaolai: there are problems in this. First, he made investment decisions based on the judgment of others. It is already his fault; Second, he claimed that he believed me and made such a decision. Do I need to be responsible? How can I be responsible. Li Xiaolai: I'm not selling that coin. I'm just an investor.
        During the bear market, I invested in many projects, but all fell? So this factor is very small. Even if you are a big star with tens of millions of fans, if you buy Buffett's shares, it may not have any impact on the share price of Buffett's shares. In fact, there is not so much fan effect. For the project party, there is only a short-term profit. In the end, if you don't make something, you will return to zero. Li Xiaolai: This is a very complicated and huge topic. I have a certain number of fans. Is it helpful for me to work in the coin circle? For example, when we go to the project together, you go to the project and try it. People don't know you. If I go to the project, people will take me seriously. That is certainly helpful to me.
        But obviously, it is not a direct return of 10000 yuan, 100000 yuan, or 1 million yuan. Obviously, it is not this kind. It is indeed helpful, but it is not a direct financial help. This is the first one. Second, how much will this help? It may not be as big as the outside world thinks, and its weight is relatively low. Whether a project is good or not has nothing to do with how many fans I have. It is impossible that the more fans I have, the more discounts the project will give me. So in the end, did it help? The answer is definitely helpful. However, I think this help is relatively low. Of course, the outside world tends to think that it is particularly high. That is their guess, and I have no way to convince them.
        But from my perspective, I think some of the most intuitive data tell me that the most money I earn is obviously not related to the number of fans. Netease Technology: you said before that if there is an opponent in the world that you may not be able to fight, it is Wu Jihan. Why do you say so? Are there any other people in the blockchain you appreciate more?. Li Xiaolai: I appreciate Wu Jihan very much. I think he is very strong. He is smart, intelligent and has done enough. I mean, I appreciate him. In history, we have never had a chance to fight or become competitors, because what we do is different. So I actually want to express my appreciation for him.
        There must be other people who appreciate it, such as BM, the technical founder of EOS. He is very tenacious and simple, not to mention a technical genius. In fact, he failed many times. EOS is his fifth project. I voted for his first project. I and he failed four times. Li Xiaolai: Generally speaking, it is said that investment is investment. I may spend a lot of time thinking about this matter. I've seen too many very good people do something wrong or fail to do it. Personally, I do not fully agree with the argument that a project is a person.
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