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A promising blockchain farm,Blockchain + Cloud Computing: bright future, tortuous road

Time : 09/12/2021 Author : r3z0lp Click : + -
        Introduction: compared with those public chain project parties that have the first mover advantage, the baas field is undoubtedly more suitable for the survival and development of traditional Internet enterprises. Their technical accumulation and layout in the cloud service field make them more advantageous. According to incomplete statistics, at present, more than ten traditional Internet institutions have announced to enter the baas field, including giant enterprises such as Alibaba and Tencent. However, behind the layout of these enterprises, it is difficult to hide the embarrassment of few industrial applications. Is it the restriction of technical bottleneck or other obstacles. Cloud services will face great challenges in the era of Internet of things, with more and more data and higher requirements for physical space storage capacity.
        At the same time, as more data subjects are generated, more data islands are formed. How to open up the data island and make the data generate more value, the blockchain has been given a historical mission. According to the definition of, cloud computing is the increase, use and delivery mode of related services based on the Internet, which usually involves providing dynamic, scalable and often virtualized resources through the Internet. In short, cloud computing is the computing resources such as servers, storage space, databases, networks, software and analysis delivered to users through the Internet. The companies that provide these resources are called cloud providers. They will provide the resources required by users and charge according to the actual consumption.
        CITIC Securities pointed out in a report on cloud computing that cloud computing can significantly optimize the cost and efficiency. It enables enterprises to acquire and use it capabilities as the basic market resources on demand, and has an ideal cost structure for enterprises; At the same time, according to the needs of the enterprise, cloud computing resources are delivered in time, avoiding the tedious time-consuming processes such as scheme design, selection and deployment in the past, and greatly improving the operation efficiency of the enterprise. At the same time, compared with the IT department within the enterprise, the cloud computing manufacturers themselves have more complete and outstanding technical capabilities, which can reduce the use threshold of end users. Dr. Li Huaxi, researcher of Huobi blockchain Research Institute, believes that cloud service is a good it deployment method for small and medium-sized enterprises.
        Economically, it can effectively reduce the cost input of enterprises. If you want to build a reliable IT infrastructure or develop mature application software, there are two main costs: one is the hardware equipment such as servers, and the other is the physical cost of the computer room. The second is the labor cost of the technical service team. It is undoubtedly a heavy burden, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. Li Zhiguo, the commercial director of Zhigui technology, believes that from the perspective of time cost, cloud services belong to application and use, which varies from a few minutes to dozens of minutes according to different environments. However, if the server is built by yourself, it will be even longer, and the time is at least calculated in weeks.
        According to the report of CNNIC, the mobile Internet traffic consumption in 2017 reached 2120743 trillion g, 10 times that of 2014. The huge traffic growth poses a great challenge to the traditional IT architecture. Cloud computing has many advantages, such as flexible expansion, low cost, fast speed and good performance, and enterprises are flocking to cloud computing. At the same time, China has also issued a number of policies to encourage and support the development of cloud computing. Driven by policies and enterprise demands, the industry is growing at a high speed. In 2016, the scale of cloud computing in China reached 59.68 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33%. According to the report of the Institute of information and communications, it is expected that the scale will reach 156 billion yuan in 2020, with a compound growth rate of 27%.
        Blockchain and cloud services have many similarities. Li Huaxi proposed that cloud services are essentially a framework of distributed services. From the implementation of its services, it can call computing resources through API interfaces or SDK toolkits. For example, IAAs cloud services can call storage, bandwidth, containers and other computing resources through API interfaces. Blockchain can provide a mature API interface or SDK toolkit for developers to develop the application layer, so that developers can flexibly use computing resources on demand. Therefore, blockchain is also a cloud service to a certain extent. Zhu Jiang, head of the blockchain business of Jinshan cloud, also has a similar view. He believes that the cloud platform service of the blockchain itself is to reduce the user's use threshold, so that both enterprises and technology developers can quickly open accounts and deploy nodes.
        In addition, blockchain technology is an extension of cloud computing and an effective supplement to cloud computing. Since the emergence of the blockchain based distributed storage system, people are willing to contribute their own storage resources. Once a joint force is formed, a part of the storage cost can be saved, and a part of the network cost can also be saved. This combination of blockchain and cloud computing is called baas (blockchain as a service) in the 2018 white paper on blockchain issued by China Academy of information and communications. The report believes that the combination of blockchain and cloud computing will effectively reduce the cost of blockchain deployment.
        The blockchain service quickly built by cloud computing can quickly verify the feasibility of concepts and models. At the same time, cloud computing charges according to the amount of use, and makes use of the existing infrastructure service facilities or makes adaptive adjustments according to the actual needs. It can accelerate the application development process, reduce the deployment cost, and meet the service needs of start-ups, academic institutions, open source organizations, alliances and financial institutions in the future blockchain ecosystem for blockchain applications. The report also points out that at this stage, there are baas service providers supporting the background data storage, application data analysis, mobile terminal, application release, information identification, etc. Relying on the cloud computing platform, blockchain developers can focus on applying blockchain technology to different business scenarios, help users build blockchain services with lower threshold and more efficiency, and promote the transformation and upgrading of their own industries to create new products, businesses and business models for customers.
        "With the continuous popularity of the blockchain concept, more and more Internet giants are aiming at this market (blockchain cloud service). Compared with those public chain project parties that have the first mover advantage, the baas field is undoubtedly more suitable for these traditional Internet enterprises. Their technical accumulation and layout in the cloud service field make them more advantageous. At the same time, the baas service can avoid the compliance sensitive term token." Some people in the industry expressed this. According to incomplete statistics of, at present, more than ten traditional Internet institutions have announced to enter the field of baas, including giant enterprises such as Alibaba and Tencent.
        "Nowadays, the market space and potential of cloud services are very large, and many traditional Internet enterprises attach great importance to it, but the competition of homogenization is very serious. Therefore, by providing blockchain cloud services, we can create differentiated services. In addition, the concept of blockchain is widely popularized and the popularity is also high. From the perspective of marketing strategy, it is a good selling point, and compared with other cloud services, blockchain cloud services currently have a certain premium Space. In addition, many cloud platform service providers can provide blockchain services such as consensus verification, digital encryption, and smart contracts. For enterprises, it has indeed played a role in improving efficiency in actual business. For example, the introduction of smart contracts can help reduce human interference during business execution.
        ”When talking about why Internet enterprises are gathering together to enter, Li Huaxi expressed this.
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