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Zhongqingbao clarified that no product was the main reason after it exposed its involvement in the blockchain

Time : 14/12/2021 Author : bn32pe Click : + -
        On January 17, after a rapid rise in the previous period, the share price of zhongqingbao ushered in a falling limit. In the evening of the same day, zhongqingbao issued an announcement to clarify the relationship between the company and the concept of blockchain, and replied to the questions of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company said that the company's research on blockchain technology is at the stage of internal discussion, and there are no products and no income. The company will launch legal related products. Zhongqingbao said that the mining machine of Baode technology, the controlling shareholder of the company, is not related to the company's main business at present. However, the company plans to create a new blockchain chess and card game. It is expected that the development time will be 3-6 months and it will be released in Southeast Asia. However, this project is also in the exploratory stage.
        At the beginning of 2018, the blockchain concept was hotly speculated, and the stock prices of relevant individual stocks soared. On January 11, zhongqingbao disclosed on the investor interaction platform, "The digital currency mining machine independently developed by Baode technology, the controlling shareholder of the company, has been sold well; the company's wholly-owned subsidiary, proton Internet, plans to combine the remaining bandwidth and computing power with the mining machine of Baode technology to form a shared cloud pool, which will be engaged in digital currency mining in the form of self use or lease. The shared cloud pool business will be carried out in the near future. In terms of game innovation, the company organizes a team to establish a more win-win probability of games based on blockchain technology Transparent, fair and unalterable game mechanism to create a good game environment. Such games will be issued overseas by wholly-owned subsidiaries in the near future.
        ”。 However, it is interesting that the reporter of Securities Daily found through the third quarterly report of zhongqingbao in 2017 that the controlling shareholder of the company is Shenzhen Baode Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Baode holding). As of the end of September last year, Baode technology held 15.24% of the company's equity, and Baode holding held 27.86% of the company's equity. The reporter could not help wondering why zhongqingbao changed its controlling shareholder to Baode technology when replying to investors this time? In the fourth quarter of 2017, has the equity held by Baode holdings changed?. In this regard, the reporter of Securities Daily repeatedly called Li Ruijie, chairman of zhongqingbao on the evening of January 17, 2018, but the call was never answered.
        However, Li Weibo, the shareholder of Baode technology, confirmed to the reporter that Baode technology is still the second largest shareholder of zhongqingbao. It is worth mentioning that when zhongqingbao changed its "owner" is not a hot topic at this time. By virtue of the blockchain concept, zhongqingbao successfully squeezed into the circle of friends of blockchain concept stocks and stood on the wind, and the stock price also rose. After zhongqingbao released the aforesaid news about "blockchain", the stock of the company rose by the limit the next day. Within three trading days, the company's stock price rose by 17.67%. However, the concept of A-share blockchain gradually got out of control, and the relevant individual stocks went up crazily. The regulatory authorities quickly took action. They asked 17 listed companies about the blockchain, including zhongqingbao.
        On January 15, Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern to zhongqingbao, focusing on the recent disclosure of the company's involvement in blockchain business on the interactive platform. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange pointed out that zhongqingbao has never disclosed its involvement in blockchain business, and requires the company to disclose six additional issues, namely: first, the specific situation of its involvement in blockchain business; Second, the specific business of dongbaode technology digital currency mining machine, the sales volume in the past three years, the sales area, and the relevance with the company's business; Third, in combination with the latest policies, laws and regulations, explain whether there are policy and legal risks for the company's controlling shareholders to carry out blockchain related businesses; Fourth, the estimated time of the company's plan to carry out the shared cloud pool business with Baode technology, the specific mode of engaging in digital currency mining by self use or lease, the specific impact of relevant businesses on the company's future operation and finance and the possible risks; Fifthly, explain the name, distribution region, expected launch time, revenue forecast, specific application and realization effect of blockchain technology on the products that will be released overseas in the near future based on blockchain technology innovation; Sixth, explain the personnel, technology and patent reserves of the company's blockchain business, and conclude the relevant information of the competitors in the contract industry to explain whether the company's blockchain business has core competitiveness.
        On the evening of January 17, zhongqingbao issued a risk prompt and Clarification Announcement, saying that "in order to make the majority of investors understand the company's relevant situation, the company clarifies the relevant situation according to the requirements of Shenzhen Stock Exchange". Specifically, the company's clarification includes three aspects: first, the company's research on blockchain technology is in the stage of internal discussion and analysis, and has not yet formed relevant industrial applications; Second, the company has not formed relevant products in the blockchain field, and has not directly generated business income. This business has no material impact on the company's operation; Third, the company's future application of blockchain technology will, under the premise of laws and regulations, prudently consider risks and launch legal and compliant related products.
        At the same time, zhongqingbao said that Baode Technology launched the first generation of digital money mining machine pm108 in November 2017 and the second generation of graphics card mining machine pm208 in January 2018. At present, the orders of the two mining machines have exceeded 1000, mainly sold to Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hebei and other places. However, the digital currency mining machines produced by Baode technology are mainly used for mining digital currencies, and are not related to the company's main game business and cloud computing business. "The development of blockchain game products is based on the company's original board and card games and adding blockchain technology algorithms to create new blockchain board and card games. It is expected that the development time will be 3-6 months and will be released in Southeast Asia. Such games are still in the exploratory stage.
        ”According to zhongqingbao, since the second half of 2017, the company has organized technical forces to explore, study, accumulate and expand the distributed ledger, consensus mechanism, cryptographic algorithm, network routing protocol and script system involved in the blockchain. The company does not have full-time personnel to take charge of the blockchain business. Instead, the original game team personnel conduct business discussions in combination with blockchain technology, and launch new game products based on the company's original game development experience and blockchain technology.
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