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Chongqing: the action of "strengthening the tax base" promotes the modernization of government governance

Time : 04/10/2021 Author : iaulhw Click : + -
        Taxation plays a fundamental, pillar and guarantee role in national governance. At the beginning of this year, Chongqing Taxation Bureau put forward the "six actions" in the next five years. Among them, the "action to strengthen the tax base" focuses on improving the quality and efficiency of tax collection and management, the ability to perceive tax sources, the efficiency of tax supervision, the accuracy of tax law enforcement, and the level of audit work. It further solves the problems and shortcomings in the basic tax areas such as tax collection and management, tax law enforcement, and tax supervision, and realizes the legalization, standardization, and accuracy of Tax Governance at a higher level, Better promote the modernization of government governance and serve the high-quality development of the economy and society. Big data with the characteristics of "being able to store, calculate and see deeply" is the "golden key" to improve the quality and efficiency of tax collection and management.
        The Chongqing tax department has widely applied the "digital governance" means to the implementation of policies, tax collection and management, tax service and other work, and promoted the intelligent and digital transformation of tax governance. The large-scale retention and deduction of tax rebates is the main play of this year's tax rebate and reduction. 3— In June, Chongqing Taxation Bureau started from consolidating the basic data, introduced the relevant data of the market body of Chongqing market supervision and Administration Bureau, and completed the industry identification and scale classification verification of nearly 200000 value-added tax taxpayers in 13 industries including manufacturing industry in three batches. 2983 enterprises were changed in industry identification and 2589 Enterprises were changed in scale classification. The accuracy rate of industry identification and scale classification of the whole system reached more than 98%.
        "The accuracy of data is the basis for the implementation of policies. Only by calibrating data can we accurately portray enterprises, ensure that policies are more accurate and dividends are more stable." Xu Hao, the second-class inspector of Chongqing Taxation Bureau and director of the tax collection and management and science and technology development department, introduced that the identification and scale verification of the tax rebate industry is essentially a confirmation process for the applicable subjects of the new tax rebate policy. At the same time, the Chongqing Taxation Bureau made use of the convenience of data improvement to enable taxpayers to apply for tax refund with retention and offset. The Electronic Taxation Bureau automatically captured data and automatically filled in the relevant columns of tax refund application, effectively reducing the rate of wrong filling; After the tax refund is approved, the data will be automatically synchronized to the system of the people's Bank of China to realize the whole process of electronic return.
        More than 95% of taxpayers in Chongqing choose to apply for tax refund with the electronic tax bureau. Beibei District's tax personnel screened the data labels and accurately pushed the qualified tax preferential policies to taxpayers through the "tax enterprise interaction" platform. Photo by Yang Shengnan. There are many such "data governance" application scenarios in Chongqing's tax authorities: using the big data platform, establish a risk indicator model, set indicators from the dimensions of doubtful data, key industries and specific matters, scan the doubtful points of tax rebate in real time, and block the risk in time; Through the tagging system of tax related data, the list of enterprises eligible for tax preferential policies is screened, and the policy information is accurately pushed by the "point-to-point" tax enterprise interaction platform. This year, more than 9 million households have been pushed & hellip& hellip;。
        Xu Hao said that the tax authorities will continue to innovate on the existing "digital governance" means, make full use of modern information technology to achieve intelligent collection of tax data, automatic analysis of the collection and payment process, dynamic supervision of all links and all factors, promote all-round reform of tax collection and management and service processes, and play a prying role in realizing the digital transformation of national governance. Tax co governance is an inevitable requirement of the reform of the national governance system in the tax field, and also a basic way to promote the modernization of the tax governance system and governance capacity in the new era. Chongqing Taxation Bureau has established a cooperation mechanism, optimized the tax related information exchange mode, and expanded the interactive use of data. It has signed bilateral or multi-party agreements with 18 municipal units, accessed 67 shared resource directories to the municipal government information sharing platform, constantly expanded the "circle of friends" of Tax Governance, and improved the integrity and integrated efficiency of tax governance.
        The collection of relocation construction fees and water and soil conservation compensation fees for air defense basements in Chongqing involves multi-level and multi-level examination and approval. After being transferred to the tax department for collection, the original responsibilities, administrative examination and approval authority and administrative management procedures of the competent departments of the industry remain unchanged, which puts forward new requirements for inter departmental cooperation. In this regard, Chongqing Taxation Bureau creatively applied the "blockchain" technology to the collection of these two non tax incomes, breaking the data barriers between departments and systems, establishing a departmental collaborative management mechanism based on data sharing and application, and realizing the real-time two-way transmission, sharing and interworking of the administrative license approval information of the transfer matters and the payment and collection details information of the tax department. The flow of business processing was significantly accelerated, The payment time of market participants was shortened from the original average of 3 days to the day when they did not leave the house, and the payment was completed on the "Chongqing Express office" platform and the electronic tax bureau.
        "The interconnection and intercommunication of information on the collection of relocation construction fees for air defense basements has ensured the orderly development of the collection of relocation construction fees and provided a financial guarantee for the construction of the city's civil air defense undertakings." Li Jun, director of the Engineering Department of Chongqing People's Air Defense Office, said. Since the beginning of this year, Chongqing Taxation Bureau has shared 1974 pieces of information on the relocation construction fees and water and soil conservation compensation fees of air defense basements with the Municipal People's Air Defense Office and the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau through the "blockchain" platform, involving an amount of about 407 million yuan. In addition, the Chongqing Taxation Bureau has also cooperated with the municipal finance, planning and investment departments to realize the full data network sharing of the income from the transfer of state-owned land use rights and the special income of mineral resources and the electronic processing of the whole process of tax collection and refund through the "data special line + interface call"; Cooperate with the municipal ecological environment, industrial information and other departments to continuously improve the accuracy of environmental protection tax data analysis and realize online closed-loop management of environmental protection tax; In dealing with the tax related issues of enterprise bankruptcy, we established a linkage and cooperation mechanism with the Municipal People's court for the tax management of enterprise bankruptcy, and cooperated with the Municipal People's court to deal with about 1000 bankruptcy cases; In terms of strengthening the protection of public interests, the opinions on improving the working mechanism of "inspection + taxation" and strengthening the protection of public interests were jointly issued with the Chongqing Municipal People's Procuratorate to establish a normalized working mechanism of tax inspection & hellip& hellip;。
        At the same time, Chongqing Taxation Bureau has also promoted taxpayers and payers to put forward opinions and suggestions from different perspectives and actively participate in Tax Governance by establishing and improving mechanisms such as tax business environment experience, specially invited supervisors for tax refund and reduction, and joint construction of tax enterprises and universities. "We have branches in Chongqing and Chengdu. In the past, we have encountered whether the same practice is illegal or not. The two places will have different interpretations. Now we don't have this problem." Tang Gang, director of Chongqing Beirui cultural and creative Co., Ltd. This change stems from the fact that the tax authorities of Sichuan and Chongqing have unified 62 standards for law enforcement and administrative punishment in seven categories this year. "Similar cases are judged with the same ruler", which effectively avoids the occurrence of improper punishment, leniency and severity, and different punishment for the same case. The tax penalty is changed from the subjective question to the objective question, and the law enforcement is more accurate.
        ”Said Deng Huaping, deputy director of the policy and regulation department of the Chongqing Taxation Bureau. The unified tax law enforcement standard highlights the accuracy of the rule of law in taxation, and the accurate crackdown on tax violations and crimes is the best protection for the dignity of tax law and law-abiding people. Since the implementation of the large-scale value-added tax rebate policy, the Chongqing Taxation Bureau has always maintained a high pressure on the illegal and criminal acts of cheating on tax rebate. Through such measures as accurate case selection, joint crackdown by seven departments, and strengthening case exposure and warning, it has resolutely prevented the "red packets" of the tax rebate policy from falling into the "pockets" of illegal elements. Among them, in terms of accurate case selection, Chongqing Taxation Bureau relies on the "one case" case selection analysis platform and uses the "1 + 3 + n" case selection analysis system to conduct multidimensional analysis on 97 items of tax related information such as bad tax credit records, invoices and statements of enterprises by setting index model algorithms, so as to achieve accurate case selection and improve the ability to accurately identify, accurately warn and accurately attack tax related illegal and criminal acts.
        As of July 20, the city's tax inspection department has verified 108 enterprises suspected of obtaining tax rebate by fraud or violation of regulations, involving tax rebate by withholding and recovering various tax losses totaling 123 million yuan. Xu Guanglie, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Chongqing Taxation Bureau, said that the taxation department will continue to consolidate the foundation of tax collection and management, optimize the supervision methods, standardize the law enforcement behavior, crack down on tax related violations, promote new progress and new results in the standardization of tax law enforcement and the accuracy of tax supervision, further improve the ability of Tax Governance, and contribute more tax forces to serve the modernization of national and local governance and promote high-quality development. (Wu Wenjing, Wu Miao). People's daily, Chongqing, August 11 - from 9:30 p.m. on August 10 to 1:00 a.m. on August 11, members of the service team of Hongyan (Bishan transportation inspection) personnel of the State Grid carried out "zero point" maintenance on the 110 kV Road Substation in Bishan District, Chongqing, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the cool summer of the citizens.
        In recent days, the temperature in Chongqing has remained high, and the power load has been rising. The State Grid Chongqing electric power company organized the operation and maintenance personnel to "check the pulse" of the lines and equipment in the supply area during the peak period of power load according to the power load of the line, focusing on infrared temperature measurement at the line switch, knife switch and the connecting point of the lead line& hellip;。 Fraudsters claim to be "pills" for treating difficult and complicated diseases. People's daily news, Chongqing, August 11 (Liu Zhengning, intern Yue Yihang) a kind of "ancestral secret prescription handbag medicine" which is claimed to be specialized in treating difficult and complicated diseases, the elderly will have stomach pain and diarrhea after taking it & hellip& hellip; Causing serious harm to the patient.
        …。 People's daily, Chongqing, August 10 (Chen Qi) learned from the Chongqing health comprehensive administrative law enforcement team on August 10 that the results of the cross departmental joint law enforcement and cross inspection activities of "you name me and I supervise" of Chongqing Medical and beauty institutions in 2022 were officially announced, and 10 of the 22 inspected institutions were placed on file for investigation. From July 26 to August 1, the Chongqing health comprehensive administrative law enforcement team and the Chongqing market supervision comprehensive administrative law enforcement team carried out a joint operation to conduct surprise inspections on 22 medical and beauty institutions in Chongqing& hellip;。
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