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Chain Inspection Bureau: a large number of original authors are abandoning youtube and choosing blockchain

Time : 03/08/2022 Author : f5mgur Click : + -
        Recently, a delegation composed of Chen Jianrong, member of the working committee of the Guangzhou Development Zone, Secretary General of the administrative committee of the Guangzhou Development Zone, director of the office of the Huangpu District Party committee of Guangzhou, and Ren Hao, President of the Guangzhou urban blockchain Industry Association, visited and investigated many blockchain Enterprises in Shanghai. On April 9, the delegation visited Jinqiu blockchain, which won the "top 20 innovation and entrepreneurship" as the only blockchain enterprise in the "2017 Shanghai Pudong new area economic outstanding contribution enterprise commendation activity", and had in-depth exchanges with Zuo Peng, CEO of Jinqiu blockchain, on the development status of blockchain and the industrial policy of Guangzhou Huangpu District blockchain.
        Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone are the main carriers of Guangzhou's strategic emerging industries in recent years, and blockchain, as a highly advanced science and technology industry, has become the key area of its exploration. The first blockchain industry support policy in Guangdong Province issued by Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone is the blockchain support policy with the largest domestic support and the strongest mode breakthrough. In terms of talent support, it also ranks first in the country with a maximum reward of 1 billion yuan. On the afternoon of April 10, the Japan finance agency released the report on the status of virtual currency transactions. The report analyzed and summarized the current status of the virtual currency market at home and abroad from three aspects: the global trading status, the domestic trading status and the business status. It is worth mentioning that the report spent a considerable amount of time introducing in detail the potential risks in the current market.
        Today, at the Boao Forum for Asia's "revisiting the blockchain field", Li Lihui, former president of the Bank of China, said that since 2017, blockchain technology has made great breakthroughs in large-scale applications. There are two aspects that can be confirmed. The first breakthrough is the establishment of a multi-dimensional delivery architecture, which realizes zero distance and zero time difference traffic between many trading parties in a highly complex financial transaction scenario. The second breakthrough is the establishment of a registration and verification platform called trusted data. This platform can be used for both financial and non-financial purposes. I am looking forward to the future applications of blockchain, including large-scale applications in the financial field.
        Li Lihui also said: China has a huge market scale and market potential, and also has sufficient investment capacity. Therefore, the research and development of underlying blockchain technology and application technology in China are in the forefront of the world. LAN Hongming, investment director of illuma capital, in consensus & middot; At the future of the chain - blockchain application and innovation forum, it was stated that the success of a blockchain project needs to meet the following four points. First, it is to build the community. The community operation determines the flow, and the flow can attract more people to participate; The second point is how to select the public chain. The selection of the public chain is very important, and different public chains of similar businesses are different; The third point is community motivation. How to motivate the indigenous people in the community and upgrade them to partners; The fourth point is the economic model, which determines the success or failure of the project.
        On April 10, in an interview with bitcoinist, the host of Russia today, Max Kaiser, said when asked about the bitcoin futures contract, "The futures contract will promote the next high growth of bitcoin. Investors such as Soros and Rockefeller can monopolize the bitcoin market. They can use these financial instruments to hedge positions and establish larger positions. In fact, I am not surprised if Soros tries to monopolize the bitcoin market, because he can easily raise low interest capital and occupy a large share." MacArthur once predicted that the price of bitcoin would reach $100000 in the future. At the Boao Forum this afternoon, sun Pishu, chairman of Inspur Group, said, "we hope to link the three (production link, circulation link and inspection and detection) together with blockchain technology, and we have established a quality chain network to link the quality into a chain and become a network for promotion.
        It is hoped that by establishing such a platform and using this technology to establish a quality traceability platform, I think you can put the information on the Internet where your products are. On April 10, State Grid e-commerce held the 2018 spring product conference in Beijing, and launched 9 major products and technology application achievements such as the blockchain platform of "block of district data, chain the world to trust". State Grid e-commerce company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Grid Corporation of China and the largest energy e-commerce enterprise in China. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, one of the four major consulting companies, announced on Tuesday that after Eric piscini, the former director of the company's Insurance Department blockchain project, Linda pawczuk, became the new director of Deloitte's US financial services blockchain group.
        Pawczuk will continue to promote the company's blockchain schedule, innovate business models, change existing business processes, integrate underlying technologies and ecosystem participants, and provide solutions for customers and industries. At the trailheadx conference recently, salesforce, a cloud software giant, said that it hoped to integrate blockchain and cryptocurrency into the company's products before September next year. As for the specific implementation in the future, the company does not have a detailed plan, but continues to pay attention to the technological evolution in this field and is ready to welcome new ideas at any time. As many people expected, the integration of big data, cloud computing, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies will be the future development trend, bringing more and better user services.
        Cointracker, a cryptocurrency investment management startup, announced on Tuesday that it had obtained $1.5 million in seed financing from a heavyweight investor. With the support of "seed incubator" ycombinator, this round of financing was initiated by the investment company initializedcapital, which was partially initiated by the co-founder of reddit and was one of the early investors of coinbase. Elemental, an Indian blockchain management platform, announced that it had obtained a new round of financing. The leading investor was Jingwei venture capital India. The specific financing amount was not disclosed.
        At present, the company has launched pilot projects with the national stock exchange of India and several enterprise customers to explore the application in KYC compliance, trade financing, enterprise reconciliation, contract management and other fields. As bearish sentiment dominates the digital currency market, bitcoin remains below $7000. Barclays analysts compared bitcoin with the flu model. "As more and more people become asset holders, the proportion of potential" owners "who can be used to become new buyers decreases, while the proportion of potential sellers (" recovery ") increases. In the end, this will cause prices to continue to rise, and with the random impact of a large supply population pushing up the ratio of sellers to buyers, prices will begin to fall.
        This triggered speculative selling pressure because the price decline is expected to increase exponentially, "Barclays Joseph explained in the report. The price of BTC / USD is close to US $6700. The short-term resistance is generated in the region of US $6800, and 50 and 100 times per hour (interval per hour) gather at this level. Once the clean-up is completed, the economic recovery may expand to $6900, $7000 and $7174 (the peak on Monday). Bi'An publishes rules on bifurcated coins and airdropped Sweets: 1. Bi'An will no longer support bifurcated coins and airdropped sweets by default; 2. If supported, an announcement will be made at least 7 days in advance; 3. As for the transaction, the bifurcated currency will pass the normal currency listing review process of the currency security, and the transaction will be opened only when it passes.
        According to Bloomberg, a large number of original authors are turning from youtube and Facebook to blockchain based media applications. There are three main reasons: 1. The blockchain media application review system allows users to directly pay the creators of works in digital currency; 2. The blockchain media application does not prohibit digital currency advertising; 3. There are user privacy problems in mainstream media applications.
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