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Sum software: why is blockchain and crypto assets important to realize the metauniverse?

Time : 07/07/2022 Author : 2y9w5n Click : + -
        Recently, Facebook announced that it was renamed "meta" and is actively exploring the "meta universe", which has triggered a lot of discussions on how this field will develop. Speaking of this, the meta universe will become a great opportunity for the mainstream of blockchain and crypto assets. Why is this? Metauniverse will bring users an augmented reality experience, which and the opportunities in it surpass physical reality in many aspects. In the discussion of the potential of metacosmology, what is often overlooked is how all the information involved in the metacosmos can be protected. For example, if people want to spend more time in the virtual world, how can they ensure the security of their transactions and related information?.
        Virtual reality and its related applications have been discussed recently, but the impact of blockchain and crypto assets on the innovative concept of "meta universe" has not been discussed. In short, the metauniverse needs crypto assets to operate as it advertises. Let's see why. As we all know, the blockchain is not tamperable. Facts have proved that blockchain technology and platform are inviolable and tamperable. This is a crucial point if any virtual reality platform wants to become the mainstream. Specifically, if a person or a group of people want to interact with others in a virtual environment, the security of these transactions should be ensured.
        Hacker attacks and data leaks are common in the web2 era, but if people want to participate in a completely online and virtual environment, the basic platform they use must be secure. The blockchain not only supports instant confirmation information, but also supports encryption protection for such transactions. In other words, blockchain and crypto assets are essential components to realize virtual reality. Real time transaction, the metauniverse will require and need to complete the transaction in time, which is also what blockchain and crypto assets can help achieve. For a real virtual reality environment, to operate as it advertises, it needs to conduct transactions on a secure and almost real-time basis.
        Specifically, users who are part of the metacosmic ecosystem will need to be able to handle and communicate as easily as personal experience; We have confidence in the execution of these transactions. Just because crypto asset payment is related to the metauniverse and based on people's familiarity with online payment, the opportunities of crypto assets in the metauniverse are self-evident. In the virtual virtual environment and ecosystem, a secure, traceable and transparent payment method will become an important part of the future development of the meta universe, while crypto asset transaction provides a feasible and long-term test way for individuals and institutions in its virtual, traceable and real-time way. In fact, encrypted assets already exist.
        Online transaction and processing business has become the mainstream, and payment giants such as visa, MasterCard and paypal have also started to use encrypted assets for payment. This development will become more common. In a completely virtual ecosystem (i.e. metauniverse), payment driven or enhanced by crypto assets will become more popular, and it is reasonable that crypto asset payment will go to the forefront of the future. Metauniverse is still an emerging and rapidly growing field, but the fundamental fact is that in order to promote and realize a fully functional metauniverse, blockchain and crypto assets will need to play an important role in its future implementation.
        In order to realize the real potential of the metauniverse, a transparent and traceable way will be needed to realize people's transactions and interactions. Blockchain and crypto assets provide a potential answer to this demand.
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