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Blockchain application, we are looking for blockchain + film and television landing projects in the world, and we have found Chinese directors

Time : 18/01/2022 Author : 456qt0 Click : + -
        More than a month ago, a friend handed Xiaoyu a project plan. At that time, although we had heard of blockchain, ICO (the way that blockchain companies finance by creating digital currency) was explicitly prohibited in China, and we wanted to challenge the existing mechanism of centralization, intermediation and maintenance of human relations in the entertainment industry? It seems to be just a bony ideal. Who would have thought that the blockchain concept has caused a whirlwind among Chinese public opinion, that is, it took only a few months. Entertainment tycoons, investors and the media have focused their attention on this field that takes time to describe the concept. "In fact, most of them are foam now, but it seems that they can't keep up with the times without mentioning it." one investor was also on the way to attend a blockchain lecture when he lamented to Xiaoyu.
        It is said that distributed storage, decentralization, data source and accounting system cannot be destroyed. What is a blockchain? (please stamp for details: the blockchain is coming, will scalpers lose their jobs? This company declares war on all intermediaries in the entertainment industry!) Xiaoyu most appreciates the description of "Weiwu doctrine" by media people:. The blockchain is equivalent to 2100 naked photos of Chen Guanxi shared in 1 million homeboy computers. Each photo is marked as unique and cannot be copied, modified or deleted (unless everyone reaches a consensus). Every transaction track will be recorded. At this time, Mr. Chen's photos are as valuable as Picasso's paintings. If Mr. Chen had known such divine operation a few years ago, he might have become the richest crypto artist in the world.
        It is said that when talking about blockchain, we only talk about tokens, not about the landing of projects. This article pushed by entertainment capital today will mainly introduce the projects and companies that have entered the application layer in the global blockchain + entertainment field from the perspective of film and music, as well as the views and Prospects of entertainment industry practitioners and investors on this market: is blockchain and representative economy a tuyere or a scam?. "Hey, buddy, please keep your voice down and I'll record the program... Hello, I need a lot of money for the project" wild horse hair splitting ". I hope you can give me some money. Thank you.". In the camera, Wei Shujun, a young director from Beijing, laughed.
        Perhaps he didn't think that through cooperation with singulardtv, a decentralized film and television entertainment platform, his film project "wild horse's mane splitting" was quickly supported by 4625 Ethereum (bitcoin version 2.0) from global netizens. According to the recent market, this is roughly equivalent to 8 million yuan. At present, the project has entered the stage of script modification, and shooting will start this year and it is planned to go online. Wei Shujun, who usually likes to shoot around the street with a DV, is a native of Beijing. "The wild horse's mane is completely adapted from my own experience. It tells the story of a boy and a jeep. It is like a portrayal of my growth track in my youth.
        ”In addition to crowdfunding, the singulardtv website can also find the details of the project's main creative team, development progress, budget planning and subsequent promotion process. As a blockchain film and television entertainment technology company headquartered in Switzerland and based on Ethereum, singulardtv itself is also the product of the crowdfunding miracle. On October 2, 2016, singulardtv completed the financing target of US $7.5 million in only 14 minutes. One of its founders, Zach & bull; Zach Lebeau's original intention is simple: to break the monopoly of traditional media industry by using blockchain technology.
        "We don't want artists to spend all their energy on how to deal with various intermediaries, and we don't want them to be left to the mermaid because they are not good at this kind of dealing. The vision of singulardtv is to make creators in the entertainment industry truly profit and stimulate the greatest potential of creators.". In the field of blockchain + entertainment, most domestic companies are aiming at a certain link to make breakthroughs, such as the transparency of copyright transactions. Previously, entertainment capital reported that a domestic company and intelligent IP trading platform [future copyright] were also launched on the platform. Any remake, adaptation and copyright transaction based on works can be tracked and queried at any time through blockchain technology.
        Cmojeckcheng of singulardtv Asia Pacific told Xiaoyu that their idea is to apply blockchain technology, launch a series of applications such as crowdfunding, project release and production, distribution and promotion, and build a decentralized ecology of the entire entertainment industry, "to help artists and audiences connect directly and solve all middlemen". At present, singulardtv has released several core applications & mdash& mdash; Tokit, an intellectual property token creation platform, launchpad, a crowdfunding platform for project release, and singularx, a global decentralized trading platform. Global artists can carry out financing distribution and copyright trading for their films, music and even charity projects on various applications.
        In the second half of this year, ethervision, a video on demand platform known as "decentralized Netflix", will also be launched. It is understood that singulardtv plans to launch 18 applications for the film and television entertainment industry to reduce the pain points in all aspects of the industry. All functions of s-dtv are built on the blockchain. Every transaction record and transaction process of the project from creation to issuance will be recorded and cannot be tampered with. "In the traditional mode, in addition to sharing the income with investors when financing, artists also have to face the charges and sharing of various channels in the aspects of intellectual property transactions, online works and platforms. In addition, in the centralized environment, the data such as the video playback volume that is closely related to the sharing can be manipulated to a large extent. In the end, artists may only get 10-20% of the income.
        Even so, artists may find hundreds of investors, but they may not get financing. This phenomenon is particularly severe for independent artists, "Jack said. In the blockchain ecology, if a filmmaker needs 10 million yuan to make a film, he can create a corresponding number of tokens on the singulardtv platform, set the income distribution of production, copyright trading and later distribution through smart contracts (this income distribution only involves creators and netizens who support the project, without intermediaries), and then send the information to netizens around the world. After the later film project comes out, netizens can watch on-demand on ethervision through tokens and participate in the profit sharing.
        "Blockchain regulates all revenue management and changes in intellectual property ownership through programmable smart contracts and token based economic models. For fans, if they invest in artists' projects, there will also be corresponding tokens When sent to them, the project will have a good reputation, and the token will appreciate; If the IP has no influence after the film is shot, it can be exchanged for other intellectual property tokens through the platform. This revenue sharing mechanism between creators and fans is unique to traditional crowdfunding platforms. ". For netizens, film and television entertainment projects that support the singulardtv platform need to purchase sngls tokens through the mist wallet.
        Wei Shujun had previously been shortlisted for the 2016 Busan Film Festival with the film "floating world thousand". In contrast, Zeng Yuting, the director of another Chinese language film project supported by the singulardtv platform, joked that he was "a nobody without a prominent industry background". She plans to shoot a portrait of the gay community, rainbow of the night, with more sensitive themes "I talked about more than 100 homosexuals before I found the first friend willing to be interviewed," she and the photographer specially visited the hometown of the brave teller, a relatively remote and isolated mountain village in Sichuan. "The first time I heard about bitcoin was five years ago. At that time, blockchain had not become a hot word.
        In March 2017, I first came into contact with singulardtv. At the beginning, I didn't think much. I just thought it was a way to help me get funds to prepare for the film, "said Zeng Yuting frankly. "The idea of decentralization, in the final analysis, is to meet the demands of human nature for equality and freedom. One day, on ethervision of singulardtv, people should not only see the story of welcoming the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, but also the story of Lao Wang next door falling in love with Wang erxiao.". But in fact, under the current social environment in China, Lao Wang next door can not only fall in love with Wang Er Xiao, but also his wife can never touch Wang Er Xiao.
        This makes the blockchain related projects look not only an entertainment behavior, but also a mission to promote social change. Xiaoyu asked many young directors in China, most of whom knew nothing about blockchain. To some extent, this means that the experimental functions of the first batch of blockchain cultural and entertainment projects are likely to be greater than their actual quality. Jack also frankly said, "the difficulty is that we need to explain what the token economic circle is for artists. Most of the time, they focus on creation and do not know much about high-tech topics. There are some difficulties in education. Since the development of blockchain applications, we have participated in many film entertainment and technology summits, and also went to different film festivals and filmmakers to understand their projects and find artists with the same ideas.
        Some artists will come to us when they see successful cases. ". Singulardtv has many departments such as scientific research, product operation, marketing and global legal affairs. Currently, its branches in the United States, China, Spain and other countries and regions are mainly responsible for market promotion. The Asia Pacific branch "singularity distributed media Co., Ltd." was registered in Hong Kong in March 2017. "Blockchain is essentially just an underlying technology, and the state vigorously promotes its application." Jack thinks, "however, blockchain and tokens are highly related. Some companies in the industry have bad purposes. They use blockchain and tokens to engage in ICO or project illegal fund-raising.
        So sometimes when we talk about blockchain to others, they will say that it is a lie. ". Some netizens believe that the blockchain that is popular in China is a blockchain without pow (mining), which is at best the Tencent Q coin of that year. "If foreign technology is still possible, in China, the blockchain is equivalent to internal points for purchase + Ponzi scheme + leverage capital, and the chives are harvested.". At present, the creators on singulardtv can spread the crowdfunding page of the project by themselves, but there is still a way to go to spread the influence to the public beyond the scope of the blockchain, and it is likely to face the resistance of monopoly companies in the entertainment industry.
        Jack told Xiaoyu that the revenue model of singulardtv is to charge the co artists the equivalent of US $100, or 0-5% of the token value on tokit. "More than 95% of the rest belongs to the artists themselves, which is a great advantage, because in traditional entertainment media, it is difficult for them to get more than 50% of the profits.". It sounds very ideal, but in the past, centralization seems to have finally returned to the new mediation mode. "Most of the time, the emergence of technology is not to replace a certain industry, but to lead the development of the industry in a new way.". Just two days ago, Beijing Haidian District Court made a final judgment on the infringement case of Hua'er film and television v. Jiang Shengnan, the author of the novel Mi Yue Zhuan.
        This lawsuit, which started in 2015, makes Xiaoyu cannot help sighing: if the future copyright transaction is based on the blockchain, what will happen to the world?. Furthermore, if hip-hop singers such as Gai are withdrawn from the competition or reduce their appearance opportunities, can they finance and promote their music works globally through the blockchain? If popular film and television projects such as "chasing the murderer in the white night" and "crime without a certificate" are launched on the blockchain platform in the future, can piracy be eliminated? If the Weinstein scandal means the collapse of the centralization of the Hollywood center, will the entire entertainment industry no longer be controlled by a few people and companies in a few years?.
        "The system resistance and its own landing ability still need to be considered, but I think the blockchain will be a real outlet in the cultural and entertainment field," said an insider in the copyright trading industry. Despite the numerous problems, more and more blockchain application projects have been quietly launched around the world, and the music field may be prized faster than film and television. Only Xiaoyu knows that there are more than ten blockchain + music applications, including consennsyssuite, dotblockchain and resonate. On Christmas Day 2017, more than 40 groups of artists including Mariah Carey, SIA and falloutboy will try to trade their albums and peripheral products with "Monroe coins".
        The new album of Bjork, a famous Icelandic singer, also accepted payment in four cryptocurrencies, while the Grammy winning singer RAC released his first full album on the Ethereum blockchain. Whether accepted or not, blockchain and token economy are no longer out of reach for ordinary people. In Canada, you can buy a "bitcoin bucket" at KFC; I saw a women's group dancing in the streets of Japan. Do you want to buy some peripheral support? They say they only accept virtual currency; In the United States, OTOY hopes to use tokens to replace the idle GPU on the consumer's computer for light field cloud rendering. It doesn't matter if you don't understand. You just need to know that you can make money lying down.
        The author of sad frog expression has uploaded rare expressions through the blockchain smart contract. The most expensive sad frog expression has sold more than $10000. What is more important is that each expression has a special mark, and each use will be recorded without worrying about copyright ownership. If Tianxia Ba sang earlier, he would have been happy. On the road of reshaping the distribution mode of the film and television entertainment industry, singulardtveo Zack & middot; Loeb has great ambitions. "Netflix talked about the death of the cinema, but it didn't know that it was dying." In his view, "the future will either adopt decentralization or perish.
        I can't predict whether Netflix will acquire singulardtv for the sake of decentralized technology and continued survival, or singulardtv will eventually acquire Netflix? ". It sounds like a fantasy. But when a frog runs away from home, it can make the girls ignore the domineering president Li Zeyan. What else is impossible in this world?.
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