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Help Chengdu and Chongqing press the "acceleration key" of the twin city economic circle, and the Chengdu Chongqing blockchain application innovation alliance was established

Time : 22/02/2022 Author : p4e7q5 Click : + -
        On October 29, the first international blockchain Industry Expo of 2020 Chengdu global innovation and entrepreneurship Fair (hereinafter referred to as "2020 innovation and entrepreneurship fair") opened in Western China International Expo City. It is reported that this Expo is sponsored by Chengdu Municipal People's government and China computer, and jointly organized by Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau, the blockchain Professional Committee of China Computer Society and Sichuan blockchain Industry Association. With the theme of "linking ecology and creating a new future", it aims to explore the current situation and trend of blockchain technology development, link the resources of all parties in the blockchain, and create a blockchain industry development ecology. It is particularly worth mentioning that at the blockchain Technology Development Summit, the Chengdu Chongqing blockchain application innovation alliance was officially established, and the Sichuan blockchain infrastructure Shuxin chain ecology was awarded. At the same time, many project sites signed contracts, which injected a "heart booster" into the further development of Chengdu's blockchain industry.
        ”。 At the summit site, the first 20 institutions in Sichuan and Chongqing jointly established the Chengdu Chongqing blockchain application innovation alliance under the leadership of the Sichuan blockchain Industry Association and the Chongqing urban blockchain application innovation industry alliance. The alliance aims to jointly promote blockchain empowerment in various industries and fields, and help the development of digital economy in Chengdu and Chongqing. "The Chengdu Chongqing blockchain application innovation alliance is actually facing the whole Chengdu Chongqing region, finding different application scenarios, uniting with enterprises and associations in various industries that can apply scenarios, connecting the blockchain ecology, expanding the ecological scope of the Chengdu Chongqing blockchain application innovation alliance, and further affecting the blockchain industry in the whole Sichuan Chongqing region.
        ”Liu Kelin, director of the industry ecology center of Sichuan blockchain Industry Association, introduced. Focusing on the future, Liu Kelin mentioned that the alliance has two main directions. First, further expand the member organizations of the overall alliance. "The blockchain is actually the underlying infrastructure and can be applied to many different industries. The next step is to expand the ecological scope so that different organizations and enterprises can participate." The second is to expand the application scenarios. Liu Kelin mentioned that the current application scenarios are not enough, and more standards and specifications should be formulated. "For example, the copyright field was in a rough development stage in the early stage. Now it should standardize some technical rules of the enterprise itself, so that the copyright can enter a more standardized scenario.
        ”。 The licensing ceremony of Sichuan blockchain infrastructure Shuxin chain ecology was also held at the site. Shuxin chain is the Sichuan blockchain infrastructure led by the Sichuan blockchain Industry Association to organize the construction and operation. It has begun to take shape. The growth and expansion of Shuxin chain ecology is closely related to each node city and ecological institution. The holding of the awarding ceremony symbolizes that each node of Shuxin chain ecology has opened a new era of ecological "co construction, sharing and win-win". At the same time, explore the strategic cooperation of building digital asset trading platform and Baijiu digital asset operation, and sign contracts on the site for intellectual property chain copyright ecological content review, infringement monitoring platform and Cross Chain Co Construction and sharing.
        Taking blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies, we accelerated the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. At the summit, many industry experts shared the cutting-edge trends of blockchain technology development. "At present, cross chain is an important challenge for the development of blockchain. Therefore, in the 3.0 stage of blockchain development, heterogeneous Multi Chain interoperability should be realized." Sun Yi, a researcher of the Institute of computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, shared his thoughts on building a blockchain interconnection ecosystem. Sun Yi pointed out that interoperability, multi chain, heterogeneous and on-demand are common problems to be solved in building a blockchain interconnection ecosystem. "The current cross chain technology system still lags far behind the ideal heterogeneous Multi Chain interconnection system we expect. The blockchain Laboratory of the Institute of computing technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has also made relevant explorations. We hope that more technical solutions will emerge to achieve a hundred flowers bloom.
        ”。 "At present, we have established contacts with many blockchain technology teams in Chengdu and conducted in-depth exchanges." Sun Yi believes that Chengdu has the foundation, talents and characteristics to develop the blockchain industry. "Especially in the field of network security, Chengdu has made many distinctive explorations. Chengdu's attraction to talents at home and abroad is growing day by day, and the future development prospects of the blockchain industry are broad.". Chen Zhong, Professor of Peking University and director of the blockchain Research Center, said that regulation and blockchain are closely related. Regulatory technology is the new theme of financial technology development in the new era, and blockchain is an important means to help regulatory technology and promote regulatory technology innovation. (Chen Rongqi).
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