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Two public hospitals in Hainan promote the large-scale scenario application of "blockchain + health"

Time : 28/06/2021 Author : sj78pa Click : + -
        Recently, two large public hospitals in Hainan, the people's Hospital of Hainan Province and the First Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College, successively held a signing ceremony for comprehensive cooperation in digital strategy with Yunhai chain holdings in Haikou to jointly build a national innovation pilot of "blockchain based regional medical and health digital collaborative sharing platform". The contracting parties reached a consensus aimed at creating a first-class modern hospital in China and promoting the high-quality development of smart medical care with science and technology driven system integration and innovation as the core. According to the agreement, the integrated application of the "blockchain based regional medical and health digital collaborative sharing platform" can supervise the blockchain, trusted execution environment, behavior-based digital identity system and other key core technologies. Through the construction of digital doctor identity authentication platform, electronic prescription circulation platform and drug traceability platform, the sharing of medical and health data online and offline, inside and outside the hospital is realized, and the trusted storage of health and medical big data is provided The whole process of compliance sharing and data traceability.
        The platform will be constructed including H The development of OS medical and health big data operating system, regional medical and health application system (smart hospital, basic medical care, resident health), regional medical and health coordination system (integration of Medical Union and medical community) and other digital systems. The reporter learned that one of the important construction contents of the platform is h.os medical health big data operating system H OS (healthcare operation system), which is the targeted practice of the open platform "chain Shanghai South" (SSC +) in the field of health care, which was built by Hainan before, is a set of digital infrastructure system integrating the application of blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things and other technologies, which is "online, on core and on chain".
        The system has full life cycle data to be supervised; New data confirmation and privacy protection; Incentive mechanism based on credible integral; The virtual data center reduces the construction cost, and the cloud edge converges the computing framework to realize the advantages of data availability and invisibility. It is reported that Yunhai chain Holding Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise in Hainan Ecological Software Park. The enterprise is committed to digital technology R & D and application innovation with blockchain as the core. It has a technical team led by academicians and more than 300 people from Oxford University, MIT, Tsinghua University and other top R & D in the world. It has several core technologies such as digital identity system, trusted execution environment, and supervised blockchain. At present, it has applied for 46 patents related to invention blockchain, including 10 international patents and 11 authorized patents.
        In addition, the "blockchain based regional medical and health digital collaborative sharing platform" led by Yunhai chain Holdings has been selected as the "blockchain + health" characteristic field pilot in the "national blockchain innovation and application pilot" published by 17 ministries and commissions last year. Yang Chunzhi, general manager of Hainan Ecological Software Park Group Co., Ltd., said that the cooperation with the hospital means that the "blockchain based regional medical health digital collaborative sharing platform" piloted in the characteristic field of "blockchain + health" has begun to be applied in large-scale scenarios, and the project has good innovative significance.
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