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Zhao Yongliang blockchain,The Boao yuancosmos cultural tourism ecological conference was successfully concluded!

Time : 23/02/2022 Author : y3lmhc Click : + -
        On August 3, the award ceremony of Boao yuancosmos cultural tourism ecological conference and yuancosmos NFT Innovation Conference was closed at Boao Forum for Asia International Conference Center in Sanya, Hainan on August 2. More than 300 industry elites from all over the world attended the conference. With the completion of the conference, the award ceremony of Boao yuancosmos cultural tourism ecological conference and yuancosmos NFT Innovation Conference was successfully concluded. It is reported that this conference is sponsored by wma world meta universe development alliance, Great Wall commune, VOV meta universe, bizbrain, and other units, jointly sponsored by Haikou city block chain association, Jingli art platform, Tianyi space, and Sanyi art, and co organized by meta universe maker center, Youdun token trading platform, Langya community, yiuniverse, and digital real estate.
        Despite the inconvenience caused by the epidemic prevention and control, with the strong support and active participation of all parties, the conference was still held as scheduled and successfully, which fully reflects that the concept of meta universe has a deep mass foundation in China, and also shows that the broad masses including decision-makers, enterprises and participants in China pay great attention to the Tibetan field. At this conference, experts and scholars from political circles, business circles, the blockchain industry, the field of meta universe technology, the digital library platform and other fields from all over the world conducted in-depth dialogue and exchange, spoke freely in various sub venues and speech stages, and discussed the future of the meta universe and the experience and achievements of digital library empowerment.
        Zhao Yongliang, Deputy Secretary General of China circulation industry management and Political Research Association and director of digital reform special committee, gave a speech on "block space empowering entity enterprises"; Li Boda, COO of Tianyi space, expressed his views on the enabling entity of Digital Library 2.0; Zhang Dongri, CEO of North digital media, made a speech on the e-commerce platform of Tibetan cat digital collection trading, which explored the feasibility of combining the trading e-commerce platform with digital collection;. Wang Dashan, chairman of yuanmingtang digital technology and expert consultant of Youdun token trading platform, thoroughly explained the current situation and future of "yuanuniverse empowering real economy"; Liu Nan, President of Youdun token trading platform, explained the technical development process and future prospects of Youdun token trading platform, and demonstrated the considerable development potential of Youdun platform in the industry; Xi Guangao, the operation director of Jingli art platform, gave a speech on how digital collections can enable entities to realize greater value; Li Zhenwei, operation director of Koi alliance, affirmed the future potential of "digital virtual people create positive energy in the digital industry"; Focusing on the future of the field, Artyom tsaturyan of Hubble metauniverse (Hainan) Technology Co., Ltd. has built a broad future of the metauniverse with the title of value creation in the metauniverse and commercial application of the virtual world.
        During the forum, the world meta universe development alliance made a press release on "how to innovate and entrepreneurship in the meta universe era" and announced the official launch of a series of global activities of meta universe education such as "how to innovate and entrepreneurship in the meta universe era". The purpose of the activity is to train urgently needed metacosmic talents for the society;. The award ceremony of the metauniverse NFT Innovation Conference was held at the same time. Enterprises and individuals with outstanding contributions in the field of data collection from around the world were commended. Zhao Yongliang, Deputy Secretary General of the China circulation industry management and Political Research Association and director of the digital reform special committee, Li Deshi, President of Haikou Urban blockchain Association, Li Mengen, Deputy Secretary General of the blockchain branch of China small and Medium Enterprises Association and founder of the Great Wall commune, and other leaders presented awards to the winning institutions.
        At the signing ceremony held at the same time, many institutions including Zeus sub space, Youdun digital collection, zhichain yuancosmos, universe NFR, Tianyi space, original wine commune, nuosta agriculture, Guangzhou Xiankou cosmetics, kuyu fragrant pear organic planting base and so on participated in the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement. It is initially estimated that the total value of the strategic cooperation projects will exceed 10 billion yuan. This conference has achieved fruitful practical results. According to statistics, more than 300 industry elites and industry representatives from more than 10 countries and regions around the world attended the conference, attracting more than 600000 global digital collection players and blockchain practitioners to participate online. The complete success of this conference has laid the foundation for the development of meta universe in China, realized the in-depth analysis of the current situation of the field, and drawn a grand blueprint for the vigorous development of Digital Library in China.
        The conference will become a clarion call for the industry to take off, and continue to provide support for the development of the domestic meta universe and digital library, help digital library empower the real economy, and create a better scientific and technological future! Return to Sohu to see more.
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