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Blockchain truth new book release - restore the true face of blockchain

Time : 30/06/2021 Author : l9w3i4 Click : + -
        On September 21, 2019, the new book release of the truth of blockchain was held in the report hall on the 10th floor of the machinery industry press, welcoming guests from various fields related to blockchain and enthusiastic readers interested in blockchain. He said that the publishing work of Huazhang company, the machinery industry press, in blockchain related books is in the forefront of the national publishing industry, and it is the earliest and most comprehensive publishing institution in China to build the whole blockchain book system. They published the first bitcoin book "decrypting bitcoin" and the first localized blockchain book "blockchain defines the new pattern of future finance and economy". The author is Zhang Jian, CTO of original Huobi.
        In addition to popular science blockchain books, Huazhang also has a series of book products in the fields of technology development, technology application and technology practice, and has expanded products including blockchain communities and blockchain operations. He believes that blockchain is returning to rationality and will have great potential in the future. Wu Qing, author of blockchain truth and founder of Qilin media, described the publishing experience of this book. In February 2018, Wu Qing came into contact with the blockchain information and was deeply interested when he was making the silicon valley big guy project in Silicon Valley. After returning to China, she decided to dig deeper into the field of blockchain. As a media person and former investigative reporter, Wu Qing believes that the information about blockchain delivered by some media is often inaccurate, which may cause confusion in cognition.
        So she wants to investigate the truth, discover the truth, tell the truth, use the investigation method to crawl a lot of data, find clues and clues, then analyze the essence, draw conclusions, and uncover the truth of the blockchain for people. Therefore, she interviewed more than 40 blockchain scholars, entrepreneurs and investors from China, the United States and Israel. After many shooting at home and abroad, she produced and broadcast a series of videos of global chain & mdash; blockchain truth investigation. In addition to the video, she has published a work that condenses the wisdom of all people: multiple major issues of the blockchain line, a work that collects 500000 words of raw materials. She said that this book is a collection of comments and an output of views.
        It tries to give the truth of the blockchain from an international perspective. And she firmly believes that blockchain will bring about changes in the future world. The new book release of the blockchain truth also invited four guests related to the field to share on the spot. They were Zheng Yannong, researcher, former Secretary General of the international economic and Technological Research Institute and the World Development Research Institute of the development research center of the State Council, Duan Yongchao, founding partner of Weicao Zhiku, executive chairman of the 50 people forum on the information society, Lu Xujun, founder and CEO of Weblog technology, founder of the world wide chain, Deputy Secretary General of Zhongguancun blockchain alliance Dr. Zou Jun, CEO of Guangdian Yuntong blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. Distinguished guests, together with the authors and publishers, will unveil the new book.
        Researcher Zheng Yannong gave a keynote speech on "the most important value in the era of globalization 4.0 trust". He believed that blockchain technology has brought traceability of enterprise products, established trust from the perspective of communication, and made information transmission efficient, authentic and reliable. Guest Duan Yongchao believes that there has always been a problem of trust in human society. Blockchain is a kind of Utopia, which reduces the cost of trust to a very low level. Blockchain can also bring us a concurrent society. Social wealth distribution no longer lags behind wealth production. Value distribution can be completed instantly through the Internet and blockchain. At the same time, it is possible for the society to get rid of the state of discontent and form an appropriate society.
        The guest LV Xujun reviewed the development history of the Internet and looked forward to the future development relationship between the Internet and blockchain. He believes that the blockchain is actually on the Internet, and digital plus another layer of technology, such as blockchain Internet, are closely combined. In addition, he also talked about the basic mode of asset chain and the decentralized operation mode. Dr. Zou Jun has published many books related to blockchain technology. In his speech, he redefined the digital economy. He believes that the digital economy refers to the economic activities that create value through digital technology in the key links of the life cycle of products and services. Digital finance is a financial innovation form that provides services around digital assets.
        It changes the way of trust building into building trust with digital information, and builds it by means of system process specification, protocol algorithm, performance record, reputation evaluation and publicity, so as to make finance more efficient.
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