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Analysis report on the development forecast and investment strategy of China's education information industry in 2023-28

Time : 16/07/2022 Author : a9roes Click : + -
        Educational informatization refers to the systematic process of actively applying information technology, deeply developing and extensively utilizing information resources, cultivating innovative talents to meet the requirements of the information society, and accelerating the realization of educational modernization in all aspects of education and teaching under the guidance of advanced educational ideas. Since the reform and opening up, China's education informatization construction has made remarkable achievements, and has experienced a development process from nothing to something and from something to a strong one. From 2018 to 2019, the overall development of education informatization continued to show a good trend, and the state increased the efforts to promote education informatization. The development of educational informatization has gradually moved from the 1.0 era to the 2.0 era. The role of educational informatization in promoting the systematic reform of education, promoting the reform and development of education, and driving the realization of educational modernization has been significantly enhanced.
        The intelligent level of educational information infrastructure has been gradually improved, and universities and primary and secondary schools have accelerated the construction of smart campuses. The digital teaching resources show the development trend of diversity, intelligence and intelligence. The smart education demonstration zone has emerged, and the application of educational informatization in China has entered a stage of in-depth development. In 2020, China's investment in education informatization reached 343.1 billion yuan, an increase of 22.7 billion yuan over 2019, a year-on-year increase of 7.08%. In 2021, China's investment in education informatization reached about 368.7 billion yuan. From January to November 2021, there were 85 investment events in China's education informatization market. With the increase in the number of investment events in China's education informatization market, the investment amount also increased rapidly. From January to November 2021, the investment amount in China's education informatization market has reached 14.663 billion yuan.
        In 2021, China's primary and secondary education informatization funds will reach 163.4 billion, and the financial education funds are the main guarantee; The input shows the difference of learning stages. On the whole, software resources account for 11%, hardware equipment for 43%, and professional services for 46%. Driven by the three national level projects of "school to school" project (2000), "modern distance education project for rural primary and secondary schools" (2003) and "weak school transformation plan" (2014), the Internet access rate of primary and secondary schools in China has rapidly increased. By the end of 2020, all primary and secondary schools (excluding teaching points) in China have realized network access. The guidance of education informatization policy continued to be strengthened.
        On March 12, 2021, the Ministry of Education issued the specifications for the construction of digital campus in Colleges and universities (for Trial Implementation), solidly promoted the action plan of education informatization 2.0, actively developed "Internet + education", promoted the deep integration of information technology and education and teaching, improved the informatization construction and application level of colleges and universities, and supported the high-quality development of education. In July 2021, the Ministry of education and other six departments issued the guiding opinions on promoting the construction of new education infrastructure and building a high-quality education support system, which proposed that by 2025, a new education infrastructure system with optimized structure, intensive efficiency, safety and reliability should be basically formed, and long-term and comprehensive development should be realized through iterative upgrading, updating and improvement and continuous construction.
        On February 8, 2022, the key points of work of the Ministry of education in 2022 were released, which put forward the strategic action of implementing digital education. According to the requirements of the document, it is required to guide and promote the pilot demonstration of new fields and new models of education informatization, and deepen the integration and innovation of information technology and education and teaching. We will improve the system of standards and norms for information technology in education, and promote the pilot work of artificial intelligence to promote the construction of teachers. Establish an audit system for educational information products and services entering the campus. We will strengthen the protection of key information infrastructure and improve the level of personal information protection. The irregular outbreak of the epidemic has provided an opportunity for the development of the C-end of education informatization. In the future, with the gradual deepening of the application of big data analysis and the further improvement of the penetration rate of paid offline services, the value-added service at the C-end of education informatization is expected to achieve rapid development, and the market space at the C-end of education informatization is broad.
        The report on the development forecast and investment strategy analysis of China's education information industry in 2023-2028 issued by the Industrial Research Institute has 13 chapters. Firstly, it introduces the concept and influence of education information industry, then analyzes the development of education information industry in major countries in the world and the development environment of China's education information industry, and makes a detailed analysis of the overall development of China's education information industry. Then it specifically introduces the development of vocational education and other types of education information Regional development was analyzed in depth. Subsequently, the report analyzes the typical enterprises in the education information industry.
        Finally, the paper makes a case study of investment and projects in the education information industry, and makes a scientific prediction of the development prospects and trends of the industry. The data in this research report mainly come from the National Bureau of statistics, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of finance, the Industrial Research Institute, the market research center of the Industrial Research Institute and key publications at home and abroad. The data are authoritative, detailed and rich. At the same time, the core development indicators of the industry are scientifically predicted through professional analysis and prediction models. If you or your company want to have a systematic and in-depth understanding of the education information industry, or want to invest in the education information industry, this report will be an indispensable and important reference tool for you.
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