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The incubation of the "gold" blockchain project in the "sea" starts from the class group

Time : 02/12/2021 Author : eowvyn Click : + -
        Hainan Island is the largest "tropical treasure land" in China. With the approval of the State Council to establish the China (Hainan) pilot Free Trade Zone, the Hainan free trade zone (port) blockchain pilot zone was rapidly established. More than 100 blockchain head institutions and enterprises gathered here. Hainan has become a "blockchain" gold mine. On December 1, Hainan International Offshore innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration zone construction and blockchain & middot; The high-end forum on digital asset trading technology innovation was held in Sanya, Hainan. The "chain Shanghai South" plan, which has been brewing for a year, will also be released for the first time on December 4. Blockchain technology is undoubtedly of great concern. However, "if we want more roses, we must plant more rose trees.
        ”Human civilization has evolved from an "identity society" to a "contract society". After countless attempts, more exploration is needed for the blockchain technology that can lead us to a "smart contract". There are various problems in the operation of start-up projects. At this time, the incubation of blockchain projects is particularly important, and the emergence of a class of clgroup in the form of a dark horse appears so dazzling. The one-stop blockchain project incubation platform is a forward-looking and low-cost new generation of innovative R & D companies in various industries empowered by blockchain technology. Relying on the advantages of technology R & D, it is particularly handsome to create a closed-loop business ecosystem centered on content + technology, help content dissemination by means of the Internet, and build advantage barriers in "content entry" and "technical services", So as to build a blockchain business ecosystem service system.
        At the same time, clgroup has set up a supporting industry fund for the project, providing sustainable development funds for valuable high-quality blockchain projects in the process of project industrialization development, effectively reducing the economic burden of enterprises, and establishing a broad win-win partnership ecology.
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