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Blockchain will play a key role in VR driven social media

Time : 17/05/2022 Author : 2p4slj Click : + -
        Sensorium, a virtual reality media platform, has announced its membership in the global blockchain Business Council (gbbc), a non-profit blockchain Industry Association in Switzerland. Cointegraph talked with gbbc and discussed the intersection between social media and virtual reality (VR) and the role of blockchain in the future of the industry. A representative of gbbc said that the integration of VR and social media has begun to gain momentum, and pointed out that major platforms such as Facebook are "providing users with new ways to share and experience content.". "In addition, as in the real world, blockchain technology can be used to protect ownership and copyright, and create new advertising models in the virtual world.
        ”。 Brian & middot, CCO of sensorium; Brian Kean emphasized the security advantages provided by distributed ledger Technology (DLT), and pointed out that "identity theft, false accounts, etc. will be eliminated to a large extent, because human participants in the social virtual world will be required to verify their identities through the blockchain." Kean also disclosed that the blockchain will also be used to "promote payment for third-party content created". As a member of gbbc, sensorium will participate in a series of gbbc activities aimed at "promoting the adoption of blockchain technology and providing education on the benefits of this technology to regulators, policymakers and leaders.
        ”。 The two entities first began to formally cooperate in gbbc's flagship activity, namely, the central Davos blockchain activity participated by sensorium. Gbbc spokesman added: "that night, we had a special demonstration on sensorium VR platform and a performance by gbbc art and Music Ambassador and former gunman for gunsnrose. Matt Sorum's performance ended." Gbbc spokesman added.
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