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Blockchain is beneficial to life

Time : 14/10/2021 Author : lo5asj Click : + -
        Recently, blockchain has become a hot word. With the craziness of the beginning and the gradual return to the dull, the synonym of blockchain has also officially entered our vision. From the small audience in the past to the hot one today, it has also been followed by a group of new audiences. They have entered the hottest industry of blockchain, and some new problems have followed, How does the blockchain enter our vision from a niche industry?. We should pay more attention to the blockchain itself, rather than the single vassal value brought by the blockchain. We should pay more attention to the landing direction of the blockchain technology. For example, the electronic invoice on the chain can make this business more open, and each transaction can be queried on the chain. The blockchain political platform can better realize the transparency of the office. The mixin on the social chain is a social group of many blockchain practitioners, JD chain does this by using blockchain for product traceability, which makes future online shopping more reassuring. There are many similar examples, such as ant blockchain, quark blockchain and gold chain.
        Chongqing's first local white paper on blockchain industry innovation was also released today. Based on the development of Chongqing's blockchain industry, the white paper on blockchain industry innovation compiled and published the 2019 white paper on blockchain industry innovation in collaboration with domestic blockchain industrial bases and excellent blockchain enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, providing Chongqing municipal government, blockchain enterprises and traditional industries with "textbooks" of guiding practical significance. The white paper on blockchain industry innovation gives a detailed understanding of the development of China's blockchain industry from the aspects of global blockchain industry overview, digital currency, global blockchain industry development policy, global blockchain industry regulatory practice, and future prospects of China's blockchain industry.
        I believe everyone has heard of the chain island in Chongqing. There are many blockchain companies, such as Cangzhou technology, jinwowo and many other blockchain companies.
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