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Open and transparent: everyone participates in the blockchain, so that love has a mark, and technology makes the world free of difficult public welfare

Time : 22/12/2021 Author : b5e7vy Click : + -
        China Economic Weekly - economic news (reporter Sun Bing) "at present, the public welfare industry faces two prominent problems, one is the trust problem and the other is the connection and participation problem. Science and technology is the only way to solve these two public welfare problems. Alibaba public welfare will continue to make efforts to promote openness and transparency of the industry with technology, and everyone can participate, so that there is no difficult public welfare in the world." On September 5, sun Lijun, partner of Alibaba group and chairman of Alibaba public welfare foundation, said at the offline forum of Alibaba 95 public welfare week. On the same day, the group standard of "Public Welfare chain technology and specification" proposed and jointly drafted by Alibaba public welfare foundation was officially released, which is the first public welfare blockchain industry standard in China.
        Jia Xiaojiu, director of the Department of charity promotion and social work of the Ministry of civil affairs, Zhang Zhaohui, Secretary of the Party committee of the youth volunteer action guidance center of the CYL Central Committee, vice president and Secretary General of the China Youth Volunteer Association, fan Luyuan, partner of Alibaba group and President of Alibaba culture and entertainment, Ma Yili, love ambassador of the free lunch fund of the China social welfare foundation, Wei Ya, member of the all China Youth Federation and super popular e-commerce anchor, etc. from the Ministry of civil affairs The public welfare industry and public welfare enthusiasts from all walks of life gathered together to discuss the future development of public welfare. The rapid development of the Internet has brought about rapid changes in the development of the times. Before 2008, China's public welfare remained more at the level of "charity", with only entrepreneurs and a small number of people participating.
        In the past 12 years, Internet public welfare has flourished. All kinds of social organizations, platforms, institutions and the public can participate in it. China's public welfare era has rapidly opened. "However, many problems of public welfare have also been exposed in the process of development. Many people are not doing public welfare with the heart of public welfare, which has caused great damage to the public's trust. When trust is repeatedly betrayed, how much confidence does the public have to continue to do public welfare?" Sun Lijun said, "let trust have support and faith have strength. It is a problem that we must solve in public welfare today.". Technology is the key to solving the problem of public welfare transparency and trust. The group standard of Public Welfare chain technology and application specification (hereinafter referred to as the standard) proposed and jointly drafted by Alibaba public welfare foundation was officially released. This standard covers more than 10 specific implementation standards in three categories, namely, technical requirements, application requirements of public welfare organizations and project implementation parties, and information protection requirements, which are required for public welfare projects to achieve openness, transparency and efficiency improvement by relying on blockchain technology, It is the first public welfare blockchain industry standard in China.
        To this end, Alibaba commonweal will also open all necessary technical support for the industry and create a transparent public welfare infrastructure in the future. During last year's 95 public welfare week, Alibaba's "public welfare plan on the chain" was officially released. In just one year, more than 60% of love donations on Alibaba's economic public welfare platform have been stored in the chain, realizing the transparency and openness of public welfare. Jia Xiaojiu, director of the Department of charity promotion and social work of the Ministry of civil affairs, said that as the functional department in charge of charity, the Ministry of Civil Affairs attaches great importance to the development of Internet charity and places high hopes on the mutual integration of science and technology and charity. "In the next step, we will continue to improve the laws and policies in the field of charity, guide, encourage and support charitable organizations and the charity industry to actively strengthen the application of the Internet and new technologies, share the dividends of scientific and Technological Development and the deep integration of science and technology with charity, and better help win the fight against poverty and the fight against epidemic prevention and control.
        ”。 In sun Lijun's view, the Internet has brought a variety of ways of public welfare participation, making public welfare participation more efficient and making public welfare more accessible. However, how to make the public's public welfare behaviors recordable, precipitable and shareable, and how to promote wider public participation are still issues that need to be considered. In 2017, Alibaba commonweal launched a 3-hour commonweal platform to help public welfare institutions and caring people easily and conveniently realize the information release, experience exchange, participation in public welfare activities, and public welfare record of online and offline public welfare projects, so that Internet commonweal can move from everyone's donation to a new era of everyone's participation. After three years of development, the platform has more than 70 million registered users.
        At the same time, Alibaba commonweal has also launched the public welfare time standard, which enables every public welfare action to be precipitated, recorded and shared with technology. Besides capital account, carbon account and credit account, public welfare account has also become the fourth account of many people. "Great love is boundless, but great love has traces. Let goodwill donations have traces, and let public welfare activities have traces. Only when trust has support and faith has direction can everyone participate and make public welfare a fashionable lifestyle." Sun Lijun said, "the power of Internet platform and technology will bring new changes to Internet public welfare and become an epoch-making new start for public welfare. During the same period of the forum, Alibaba public welfare platform and Alipay public welfare platform jointly launched the special action of" transparency digital construction "of Alibaba economy public welfare platform, and issued A100 initiative to the industry, calling on more platforms and institutions to work together to create more good projects.
        According to statistics, at least 50 public welfare foundations have clearly responded to the initiative, and will gradually follow the public welfare chain technology and application specifications. "Alibaba will use the strength of the whole economy to escort these good projects that are open, transparent and popular, so that there are no difficult public welfare in the world." Sun Lijun said.
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