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2019 smart Expo blockchain Summit Forum will be held on 27th

Time : 15/02/2022 Author : 3nra0i Click : + -
        On August 20, the Commission Office of 2019 smart Expo announced that the blockchain Summit Forum will be held in Yuzhou Hotel on the afternoon of August 27. At that time, experts, scholars and industry representatives in the field of blockchain at home and abroad will gather together to discuss important topics such as how to use blockchain technology to empower the real economy. This forum is organized by Chongqing Big Data Development Bureau, Chongqing Economic and Information Commission, Yuzhong District People's government and China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute. It is a large-scale comprehensive activity of the national blockchain industry. This forum will take "linking new industries and building new ecology" as the theme, based on the blockchain technology and industrial advantages of Yuzhong District and other places, jointly discuss and build the blockchain development ecology and industrial integration, and create an important platform and industry brand for the development, exchange and cooperation of China's blockchain industry.
        It is reported that in addition to the summit, the forum will also invite more than 240 enterprises inside and outside the city to visit the Chongqing blockchain industry innovation base and the headquarters economic Park of Yuzhong District to inspect the development of the blockchain industry. At the same time, the forum will also focus on the specific application of blockchain technology in the fields of "+ urban management", + evidence chain ", + agricultural product traceability". During the forum, China blockchain alliance and other authoritative organizations in the industry will release reports such as "2019 China excellent blockchain solutions and application cases" and "2019 China blockchain business environment development report" to systematically analyze and judge the development environment and application scenarios of the industry.
        On August 20, the reporter learned from Yuzhong District that since the establishment of Chongqing blockchain industry innovation base in Yuzhong District in November 2017, our city has now settled and signed 40 enterprises such as Inspur Group and jinwowo, and more than 30 enterprises under discussion, initially forming a blockchain industry cluster. The plan of the base is to strive to cultivate and develop more than 150 blockchain technology and application enterprises within 3 to 5 years, achieve an output value of 50 billion yuan, and build a western highland of blockchain industry. What is "blockchain"? Its essence is decentralized database technology. Relying on distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, etc., it has the basic characteristics of openness, collaboration, sharing, tamper resistance, traceability, and has opened up a new application mode of computer technology.
        In the national "13th five year plan" for informatization, blockchain technology has been identified as a strategic frontier technology, parallel to cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and biogenesis. According to the 2018 evaluation report on the development level of China's urban blockchain, at present, the comprehensive competitiveness of Chongqing's blockchain industrial innovation base has entered the "first echelon" of the country, and 8 blockchain enterprises including Chongqing jinwowo network technology and India chain technology have been selected into the list of China's blockchain excellent enterprises, the list of best teams and the list of best business operations. For example, Huayi kangdao joined hands with Baidu to use blockchain and other technologies to link patient information, inspection and inspection reports, diagnosis records, electronic prescriptions and other information, so as to ensure the data security, diagnosis and treatment safety and drug safety of medical Internet services, and form a whole process safety system for diagnosis and treatment, prescription, medical insurance and drugs, so as to realize the comprehensive supervision of pre-warning, in-process monitoring and post tracing of the diagnosis and treatment process.
        For example, Chongqing Lianneng Technology Co., Ltd. uses blockchain technology to empower marketing, organically connects merchants and consumers through the "digital marketing + trusted mechanism" mode, and consumers obtain marketing dividends through the fairness and transparency of the blockchain; Merchants record and trace the full life cycle data of products used by users through marketing data uplink to achieve accurate marketing. Next, Chongqing blockchain industry innovation base will rely on blockchain technology to accelerate the construction of food and drug safety traceability, smart elderly care, smart medical and other platforms. (reporter Bai Lin).
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