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Open sharing, co construction and co governance | message of quchain technology 2022 open atom global open source Summit

Time : 21/11/2021 Author : rzim8a Click : + -
        The fourteenth five year plan for national economic and social development and the outline of the long-term plan for 2035 put forward for the first time that "support the development of innovative consortia such as digital technology open source communities, improve the open source intellectual property rights and legal system, and encourage enterprises to open software source code, hardware design and application services". Under the guidance of this plan, China's open source industry has entered a period of rapid development. In the context of open source and openness, improving the R & D capability of core technologies is the key to building an open source ecosystem. As a unicorn enterprise in the blockchain field, Hangzhou quchain Technology Co., Ltd. has been deeply engaged in the application of the underlying technology and industry of the blockchain of the alliance since its inception, providing comprehensive support for the development of digital transformation and promoting the high-quality development of social economy.
        In 2020, quchain will build a blockchain 3.0 full stack and full ecological capability system. Its core technology products include the enterprise level alliance blockchain platform, the blockchain privacy computing platform bitxmesh with efficient data sharing capability, the open and interconnected cross chain technology platform bitxhub, the comprehensive and powerful blockchain performance testing platform hyperbench, and will contribute some core technology products to the open source cause. Bitxhub, as an alliance chain cross chain platform with high performance, complete authority system and abundant application chains in the industry, realized full open source in March 2020, supported the implementation of core blockchain infrastructure projects such as the alliance chain, people's chain and xiong'an chain of the public security, procuratorial and legal department of Shanxi Province, and participated in the formulation of multiple interoperability standards at home and abroad. It is an open source cross chain platform with great influence in China at present;.
        Hyperbench, a blockchain performance testing tool, was fully open-source in September 2021. Currently, it can adapt to such heterogeneous blockchain platforms as interest chain blockchain, Ethereum, hyperledger fabric, open atom super chain, and China Telecom CT chain. It is a blockchain performance testing tool that adapts to a variety of heterogeneous blockchains. It has established a good ecological cooperation relationship with Zhejiang University, China Telecom, Zhejiang blockchain Research Institute and other units. The open atom open source foundation is the first open source foundation in China and an important promoter and organizer of open source projects. With the bright vision of openness and win-win, quchain technology cooperates with the open atom open source foundation and actively contributes.
        In September 2020, quchain technology became a platinum donor of the open atomic open source foundation and one of the initiators of the blockchain working group under the open atomic open source foundation;. In December 2020, Yiyuan initial & middot; Openness and co creation & mdash& mdash; At the 2020 summit, quchain technology, as one of the co construction units, fully cooperated with the work of the open atomic open source foundation, and contributed wonderful sharing in the blockchain and education and training sub forums;. In terms of education and training, the technical experts of quchain technology, as members of the expert group of open atom lecturer training, contributed to the curriculum system in the field of blockchain and participated in the actual teaching of the training in spring and autumn;.
        In September 2021, hyperbench, an open source project of quchain technology, started the project donation process. It has passed the TOC project review. In the future, it will carry out more in-depth exchanges and cooperation with the open atomic open source foundation in project operation. Quchain technology expects to rely on the "distributed business" realized by the blockchain with multi-party participation, shared resources, intelligent collaboration, value integration and transparent mode, and join hands with the open atomic open source foundation to promote the development of open source and build an open and win-win blockchain technology ecology. Open source is to better build the industrial ecology. With the rapid development of the new generation of Internet technology, open source construction will have a more profound impact on the development pattern of global scientific and technological innovation. Quchain technology plays a leading role in the blockchain field and promotes the development of core technology innovation.
        As a partner of the open atom open source foundation, quchain technology and the open atom open source foundation will continue to deepen cooperation in project operation, technology promotion and other fields, continue to build an open source ecosystem, help all sectors of society to jointly build, govern and share, and promote the better and faster development of China's open source cause. Quchain technology wishes the 2022 open atom global open source summit to be held successfully! I sincerely hope that this summit will become the top voice platform in the field of open source, a bridge connecting industry, University, research and use, and unite all forces to help the development of open source. Software defines the world and open source builds the future!.
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