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Introduction to block bus and 12 services of cloud exchange

Time : 17/06/2022 Author : ole3dm Click : + -
        The blockbus platform is a "tmall type" cloud trading service provider, which aims to reduce the threshold for entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry to start businesses and provide investors in the blockchain industry with richer market investment options. Taking "no hard to open exchanges in the industry" as its own responsibility, it has opened the function of "one key to open exchanges", realized "one key to open exchanges" in one minute through technical means and commercial innovation, greatly reduced the opening time and operating costs, and realized zero technical threshold for global blockchain practitioners, breaking the long-standing industrial monopoly and technical barriers from the source. 1. One click to open the exchange: 0 basic 1 minute one click to open the exchange, and various currencies can be online at any time One to one service training: front and back end use training and operation training of the exchange to ensure that the operation system can be quickly established.
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