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Leading edge Web3. 0 digital music, brand IP economic development summit was successfully held in Hangzhou!

Time : 04/08/2022 Author : p0fx8a Click : + -
        Similar to the situation when the concept of meta universe arose, this concept was put forward more than 10 years ago. It was popular in the mobile Internet era when it was in the bottleneck of growth. Well known institutions invested in it, investors paid attention to it, and social media discussed it. For ordinary people, just as the netizens lamented, "every time I read this kind of article, I read it word by word and still feel confused.". Compared with the lofty talk about the meta universe, more investors are secretive about it. People's attitudes towards it are also very different. Some people think that it is the gate to the new world, and we must seize the opportunity before the next wave comes. Some people think that this is too ideal an empty talk concept, and it is difficult to have a landing space in the current environment.
        On the afternoon of July 27, the "Web3.0 digital music & amp; brand IP Economic Development Summit" hosted by Hanhou technology and co organized by yuannote and Xiancha duck was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The summit focused on the background of the Web3.0 era and brought together many experts and scholars to share and exchange views on the topic of digital music and brand economy. This conference is a Web3.0 industry seminar. Well known experts and scholars, enterprise representatives, industry technical experts and investment institutions, including Zhao Baohua, founder and CEO of Han monkey technology, Luan Jiandong, co-founder, CIO Kang Jian, co-founder, Weng Xuejie, head of the yuan note business department, Xiao Gu, founder of flamedao, Yang Qingyu, famous music producer in mainland China, CEO Lori, founder Niu Zong, As well as guests and representatives of various media attended the summit.
        The summit aims to gather all forces in the field of Web3.0 and intellectual property and jointly explore the possibility of institutional innovation and technological progress jointly promoting the marketization reform of intellectual property in the Web3.0 era; Explore the development trend of intellectual property informatization and securitization in the future; Display the industrial achievements of intellectual property informatization exploration under the background of Web3.0; We will explore the landing scenarios and business opportunities of Web3.0 and intellectual property, and promote Web3.0 and intellectual property informatization into a new practical stage. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Xiao Gu, the founder of flamedao, shared in-depth the meaning and development prospects of blockchain technology. He published his investment direction and confidence in the Web3.0 industry.
        He believes that the wave of Web3.0 is sweeping the world, and Web3.0 is bound to usher in a deterministic revolution, change the existing creation rules, reconstruct the new pattern, and build a new fan economy. Subsequently, Mr. Yang Qingyu, the founder of "91 music" production organization and a famous domestic music producer, shared his thoughts on online music during the process from Web1.0 to Web3.0. Mr. Yang mentioned that Web3.0 has formed a mainstream race track in the world. He said that the purpose of the deep cultivation of metanote on Web3.0 is to protect everyone's data privacy and property rights, to develop a digital economy in which everyone has data property rights, to realize everyone's data, and to become personal wealth.
        During the sharing, Mr. Yang even proposed that the yuan note should be responsible for bringing good aesthetic guidance to the society and creating due social and economic benefits for everyone in the music circle!. Find Mr. Cai Yiming, Dean of Chaya business school, to discuss how to realize the trinity of user independent value creation, value confirmation and value exchange around Web3.0, so as to achieve two-way penetration between the real world and the virtual world and maximize the realization of value landing. Next, Mr. Zhao Baohua, CEO of Hanhou technology, introduced the Web3.0 layout of Hanhou technology to the participants: distributed form, people are the platform, so that value creators can obtain value. In the transition stage from Web2.0 to Web3.0, the distributed ecology starts to grow.
        Apply the distributed operation system to the whole industry, so that users can realize the data, privatization and capitalization of value. It is always the enterprise's intention of the Han monkey. At the summit, Mr. Zhao reviewed the development process of Han monkey's continuous expansion in the past two years. The 3.0 model was built with the carrier of 2.0. Starting from Hangzhou operation center, five operation centers were successively established. It has formed a national layout with the Beijing headquarters as the core and the five regional operation centers of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, central China, southwest, northeast and South China as the support, and has initially completed the goal of radiating the main regions of the country. At the same time, the product matrix of Han monkey has begun to take shape, from single to matrix closed loop.
        At present, private domain products belonging to individuals, enterprises and cities have been formed. Three levels of different management ports have been built, and high-quality products such as Han monkey yuan homepage, circle level yuan homepage, yuan note, Yan Ji City, service provider system, creator center and singularity point system have been created to open up resource links for new individuals. Subsequently, this Web3.0 digital music & amp; Luan Jiandong, co-founder of Han monkey, Yang Qingyu, founder of "91 music" production organization, Xiao Gao, founder of flamedao, and Yan Xier, a new generation musician, answered the current hot content of Web3.0 and the industry's concerns in the form of question and answer, such as how to view the relationship between creators and fans under the current Web3.0 background? How does Han monkey lay out in the field of Web 3.0? What are the future development prospects and opportunities of digital music in Web3.0? Look forward to the future of Web3.0, the development path of brand IP and a series of issues.
        At the same time, the conference made full use of Web3.0 related technologies and adopted the form of offline forum + online live broadcast to bring a brand-new visual feast to industrial users. Han monkey, as the full enabling supporter of the conference, provides support for the conference from all aspects, and works with all industry supporters to jointly explore the industrial technology development and win the wealth opportunities in the Web3.0 era. At the last dinner session of the summit, the climax of the summit was ushered in. Luan Jiandong, COO of Han monkey technology, unveiled the world's first shared music digital copyright work "meet in summer" for all the guests. After the rush purchase was started at 18:30, it was sold out immediately and won a good reputation. The participants said that they were very optimistic about this kind of digital music attempt of Web3.0, and the atmosphere of the summit was extremely intense!.
        As a leading force in exploring the informatization and securitization of music copyright, Yuanjian is a leading force in Han monkey's efforts to adapt to the development of the Web3.0 era, fully respond to the implementation needs of China's strategy of building an innovative country, take the promotion of intellectual property and economic integration as the main line, strengthen the protection, transformation and application of intellectual property, and support the transformation and upgrading of the music industry, so as to fundamentally help the structural reform of China's cultural supply side, A brand-new copyright trading service platform built on the basis of Han monkey chain. Based on the blockchain and distributed storage technology, it provides more musicians with scalable, simple and information-based one-stop data service support through distributed data storage!. In the development of Web3.0, Han monkey will provide exploration pilot and landing application for the transformation and upgrading of intangible assets assisted by Web3.0. Han monkey's pioneering exploration is conducive to creating new business forms, new scenes and new consumption highlands! Taking this summit as a starting point, Hanhou strives to become a pioneer and pioneer in the field of Web3.0 enabled intellectual property. In the future, it will continue to upgrade new digital scenes, explore new applications of Web3.0, and jointly promote the release of new opportunities of the times.
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