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Blockchain weekly: in 2022, the blockchain sector received US $116.5 billion in investment, and the first batch of domestic meta universe technology standards were released

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        In the fourth week of April (April 18 & mdash; April 24), important events in the blockchain industry include: in terms of policy, EU negotiators reached an agreement on the digital services bill, French President macron expressed support for the encryption regulation mica and the digital euro project, and South Korea may introduce the first NFT regulatory rules; In terms of industry dynamics, the first batch of domestic meta universe technical standards were released, and the products of Tianxia Xiuhong universe will be fully opened in 2022; This week, the blockchain industry completed 31 financing transactions of nearly US $1 billion. Blockchain daily will continue to pay attention to the technology, application, investment and financing of the blockchain industry and companies. If you have blockchain related cases, you can contact us through the following email:.
        According to coindesk, members of the European Parliament will discuss on April 25 how to tighten the tax laws and procedures in the Web3 era. According to L & Iacute, a Portuguese member of the European Parliament; According to a draft report prepared by dia Pereira, tax authorities can begin to exchange data on personal crypto asset holdings. According to the news of the financial news agency on April 24, the negotiators of the EU Member States and the European Parliament reached an agreement on the EU Digital Services Law on the 23rd local time. The bill requires Internet platform enterprises to take more measures to delete illegal and harmful online content, including hate speech, false information and fake trading information.
        The EU digital service law is applicable to digital service providers serving EU users, including online shopping platforms, social media platforms, search engines, etc. relevant large-scale service providers must comply with more rules. According to the news of cointegraph on April 22, French President macron expressed support for the mica framework of encryption regulations and the digital euro project in an interview with local media. The Australian Prudential regulatory authority (APRA) released a policy roadmap on Thursday to regulate financial entities engaged in crypto asset activities. APRA plans to negotiate the financial treatment requirements of crypto assets in 2023. During this period, it will also consider possible methods of prudential supervision on payment of stable currency. The regulatory measures will take effect from 2025.
        According to cryptonews on April 21, Argentina is gradually promoting the regulation of cryptocurrency and further adopting cryptocurrency. The country will establish a new "innovation center" to allow regulators, investors and cryptocurrency start-ups to cooperate. The center is similar to the regulatory sandbox projects operated by other countries in Latin America such as Colombia. According to coindesk on April 23, the Economic Affairs Committee of Panama's legislative assembly approved a bill on Thursday to regulate the use of cryptocurrency, NFT, etc. On April 21, according to a recent report of Fortune magazine, cryptocurrency and blockchain companies have attracted us $11.65 billion worth of capital in 2022.
        According to the data of Galaxy digital, in 2021, cryptocurrency companies attracted $33 billion worth of venture capital companies, with more than 2000 transactions, breaking the previous record. According to the news of Guangzhou Daily on April 22, two group standards, the "meta universe identity authentication system based on blockchain technology" and the "meta universe payment and clearing system based on blockchain technology", drafted by the Shenzhen information service industry blockchain Association, were recently released. These are the first batch of meta universe technical standards released in China. The two technical standards of metauniverse released this time focus on the field of digital identity and payment settlement. According to the news of cryptodate on April 22, according to a new study, Switzerland has the most profitable bitcoin traders in the world, and each investor will earn US $1268 in 2021.
        However, France became the best bitcoin trading country among the top 25 countries. Although it ranks 12th in the percentage of people who invest in cryptocurrency, it ranks third in terms of per capita BTC income and 8th in terms of BTC income per investor. Huobi technology announced on April 21 that the company cooperated with Wanfang family office to establish a digital family office platform to provide high net worth investors with cryptocurrency based investment and related advice, wallet integration, inheritance consulting and family governance solutions. On April 22, coinbase tweeted that it launched a cryptocurrency credit card "coinbasecard" for American users. Each consumption can earn 4% of the cryptocurrency rebate, no expenditure handling fee and annual fee, no credit check and no registration requirements.
        On April 21, it was reported that sflmaven, a major supplier of high-end luxury goods, would begin to accept bitcoin as a payment method for purchasing products, and intended to strengthen its reserves through BTC, which has been added to the balance sheet. Li Meng, chairman of tianxiaxiu, said at the financial report performance communication meeting on April 20 that the company's honguniverse products will be fully opened in 2022. Meanwhile, the company will continue to deploy Web 3.0 in the future.
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