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And digital chain class: how much do you know about the sustainable application of blockchain technology?

Time : 18/07/2022 Author : 2khftp Click : + -
        The multiple applications of blockchain technology in the market let us see a new data era. In this new digital market, we have a stronger demand for data production factors. Whether it is user service or commercial marketing, a large amount of data is inevitable. Especially in distributed collaborative business, the smoothness, security and stability of data can truly reflect the value of data. However, data islands are still a problem. In short, the blockchain is a distributed public ledger. The core here is "Distributed Accounting". You don't have to dwell on its concept. If you understand "central bookkeeping", you will naturally understand "distributed bookkeeping".
        Blockchain technology "does not need a credit system of intermediaries", and the transactions generated are still reliable, even more reliable. The credit cost in the transaction is close to zero. The traditional asset transaction needs to rely on banks, investment banks and stock exchanges for credit endorsement. With the blockchain, these transaction costs are almost negligible. Our birth certificate, house property certificate and marriage certificate can only be recognized through the credit endorsement of relevant departments. This makes the procedures for overseas travel and real estate transactions very complicated. If blockchain technology is widely used, these things will become extremely simple. The Internet has been monopolized by giants. There are only a few websites or apps that people use frequently.
        The Chinese are bat series, and the Americans are Google / Facebook / Amazon & hellip; This is almost a global trend. However, almost all the data among these giants are closed, forming an information island and seriously hindering the flow of information. The emergence of blockchain technology has broken this centralized mode and fully released the ability of individuals. All enterprises and individuals do not need to rely on the giant's platform and can share public data, which provides unlimited possibilities for entrepreneurs. The time pointer will move forward after the termination and declare war against uncertainty. Therefore, in this mode and upsurge, learning blockchain will make your career path more clear.
        And the digital chain classroom has an outstanding expert talent pool to carry out specific vocational skills training around the blockchain technology, industry and application ecosystem. College teachers rely on college education resources to guide students to carry out blockchain technology theory teaching and general practical activities; Technical experts from leading enterprises focus on blockchain application practice and provide students with blockchain code training and project implementation practice; The technical director of the new R & D platform and various experts familiar with blockchain technology make use of their own advantages to provide students with the experience of leading-edge technology achievement transformation projects. Jointly promote the linkage of all industries, innovate the talent training mode, and form a demonstration and driving role.
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