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Blockchain news: the overall market trend fell slightly, and the overall performance of general platforms was weaker than the market

Time : 16/03/2022 Author : 3clgkn Click : + -
        The Ti index, which reflects the overall performance of the blockchain industry, reported 789.51 points on August 2, Beijing time, down 1.70 points or 0.21% from the same period yesterday. The general platform index TIG barely held 700 points to 701.26 points, down 17.13 points or 2.38% from the same period yesterday. The overall trend of general platform is weaker than the market. According to the monitoring, BTC's popularity increased by 0.094% (0.31% last week), which was significantly lower than that of the same period last week; The number of global transfers dropped 3.7% from yesterday to 237000 (249000 last week), down 5% from the previous week; The calculation force of the whole network is 42.57eh/s.
        Bctrend analysts believe that the price decline will lead to the decline of BTC's unit computing power and daily profit margin. With the shrinking popularity, it is not appropriate to fight in the medium term. In terms of technical analysis, Tommy, an independent analyst, believes that BTC is currently in the process of rebounding and repairing indicators after experiencing a sharp correction, and is expected to fall to around $7300 after being blocked around $7800 to find support.
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