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Sun Yuchen, founder of wave field Tron: web30 will realize the common "Internet access" of wealth and flesh, and the blockchain will bring more wealth

Time : 05/01/2022 Author : z9k5vs Click : + -
        Original title: Sun Yuchen, founder of wave field Tron: Web3.0 will realize the common "Internet access" of wealth and flesh, and blockchain will bring more abundant resources and opportunities wise2022 yuan universe & times; Game Industry Innovation Summit. Metauniverse and games can be regarded as different application fields of the virtual world. Before the popularity of the concept of Web3.0, the metauniverse tended to be interactive and collaborative, while the game paid more attention to the user's sensory experience. When various industries began to discuss what was the mainstream in the next Internet era, 36 krypton found that "virtual reality symbiosis" had become the consensus of industrial development. From August 2 to August 3, 36 krypton successfully held the annual summit in Beijing with the theme of "virtual reality symbiosis, endless future".
        This summit brings together experts in the fields of games, metauniverse and Web3.0 to discuss how to open the "endless future" of the next digital era of mankind. At the summit, sun Yuchen, founder of wave field Tron, said that metauniverse is leading the development of the Internet into a new stage, which is also a stage of integration. In the future, mankind will realize the common internet access of wealth and flesh. The two are inseparable. Among them, blockchain can bring the accumulation of the whole society to the Internet, and bring more abundant resources and opportunities for the development of many industries. hello everyone! I am sun Yuchen, founder of the wave field. Thank you for the invitation of 36 krypton, which gives me the opportunity to talk about the development direction of the meta universe in the international perspective.
        I personally think that the meta universe is indeed a new stage of the development of the Internet, and it is also a stage of integration. I personally feel that it is like a point produced by the big bang, and the whole world was produced after the explosion. The metauniverse is actually equivalent to a new big bang in the future online world. This is a link between the past and the future. Many innovations of Web1.0 and Web2.0 have laid the foundation for us today. For example, from the 1.0 stage represented by Sina and Sohu in China to the 2.0 stage represented by today's giants such as Alibaba and Tencent; On the Internet, from the 1.0 era represented by Yahoo and AOL to the 2.0 era represented by Facebook and Google.
        I personally believe that the Internet is evolving towards the 3.0 stage worldwide, which is a general trend that will not be changed. Of course, I personally think that the future development of Web3.0 and metauniverse may have some arguments in the industry, such as which direction they will develop. But I think the general trend of history is unbreakable, that is, our human society will be unprecedented online. In fact, we are looking at the development history of the Internet in the past decade. For example, in the first Web1.0 era, I personally think it is information surfing, so we see more information websites and various kinds of information.
        Web2.0 is more about relationship surfing. We can see that our interpersonal relationships, including social network, were born at this time. Our interpersonal relationships, including o2o and e-commerce to a greater extent, and some components of our real life are gradually surfing the Internet. The first aspect is from the perspective of AR and VR, and we are often addicted to the immersive vrchet. I think Web3.0 is an immersive online experience, which marks the whole chain of life is moved to the network. At that time, in the era of Web1.0, there was a very interesting experiment called how long you can survive on the Internet alone. Of course, it was very difficult because there were no technical facilities on the Internet at that time, so it was difficult for everyone to persist. The highest record at that time was two weeks.
        In the future, I think that the evolution of 3.0 is equivalent to how long you can persist if you do not contact the Internet. It is equivalent to that your entire Internet life and your whole soul and spirit may have been completely immersed in the Internet in this immersive Internet experience. I think this is a brand-new display brought to you by VR and AR and immersive, whether it is the embodiment of interpersonal relations or the embodiment of games. The second aspect is brought about by the blockchain Technology (which is easy to ignore). In my opinion, it is the financial Internet and the wealth Internet. In the past, this was impossible. Let's imagine that from the Song Dynasty when jiaozi was just invented as the currency of the Song Dynasty, to the Ming and Qing Dynasties when the banks were completely materialized, to our current electronic currency era, it may be online to a certain extent, but it is closely related to the entity. It is not a completely Internet or Web3 based on cryptography and mathematics, And the blockchain has realized the Internet access of wealth and finance in an unprecedented way.
        First, I think the physical body needs to enter the Internet. To a certain extent, it can be said that what we enter is the experience brought by Ar and VR. Our team is also exploring virtual people to help you realize the physical spirit online. I think it will take a while for a person like neuralink to upload his soul. The first step is to experience the spirit of surfing the Internet. The second and most important thing that many people ignore is that your wealth and money should go online with you. If a person goes online only with a virtual image or a physical body, and the money does not go with him, what is the meaning of going online? I have heard a joke about a rich man who said to God that he would ascend to heaven after death. But on the first day after he ascended to heaven, he said that my money didn't come to heaven with me. How can it be called heaven? Is it not hell? We want to achieve complete Internet access, and wealth and flesh should be connected together. This is inseparable.
        Blockchain brings our entire wealth and social accumulation to the Internet. I think this is also the most critical. One is to help our physical bodies better access the Internet, and the other is to help our wealth accumulated in the physical world better access the Internet. I think the cooperation of the two can make our human beings more introverted than ever. In fact, there are two directions for the future growth of human beings. Of course, I personally think these two directions are not mutually exclusive. The first is introverted growth, that is, the current direction of Web3, physical Internet access and wealth Internet access, and then our human future will be in a virtual world as a whole, including Tron, the first virtual world movie in the world created by me, which is earlier than matrix. This name has for the first time created a brand-new human, a key to enter the virtual world, that is, the meta universe we are talking about today, Of course, it is a bit like the matrix. The whole person is absorbed into the metauniverse. This is an introverted growth direction.
        Of course, there is also an export-oriented growth direction, such as space exploration. This is also my recent cooperation with the blue origin of Bezos to go to space, to the international space station, to the moon, and to Mars in the future. We will also cooperate with neuralink. I think this is also a very important direction of the sea of stars. I think the two are not mutually exclusive. It does not mean that we cannot go to the sea of stars if we are introverted, To explore Mars and even any planet, we need to rely on this robot, rely on the inward growth to simulate the exploration environment, and even control the robot to survive in the environment. Introverted growth opportunities have enabled us to leave the carbon based body and enter the silicon-based era. Therefore, I think that the two now seem to be robbing resources. I often hear people say that if we enter the introverted growth, it may hinder our exploration of the star sea universe. But I think the two are not mutually exclusive. In fact, I am not only interested in space exploration, but also in the development of the meta universe, I think this is the ultimate goal of human science and technology development in the next 20 to 30 years.
        In my opinion, on the one hand, wavefield can provide the best blockchain platform in the world for metauniverse: at present, the value bearing capacity of wavefield has exceeded US $40 billion, our daily transfer volume has exceeded US $10 billion, and the TVL of the whole financial service on our chain has now exceeded us $10 billion, and the transfer has exceeded US $10 billion / day. At the same time, we have also built the NFT platform, providing a good platform for NFT creators and artists to release the NFT metauniverse. Of course, we have many shortcomings, and we will continue to improve. We also have a lot of layout in the DFT field. I believe our friends who pay attention to us also understand it very well. At the same time, we have not delayed the star sea. As I said just now, we have cooperated with Bezos to explore the universe. Although this is still a relatively early stage, we are now a stage of cooperation and joint exploration, but we have not given up.
        In addition, from the perspective of national and international perspectives, I think that the future metauniverse will also provide a different opportunity for many developing countries and small and micro countries. Similar to Grenada and the Caribbean countries and regions, which I am currently serving as the plenipotentiary Ambassador of the WTO, including the African countries and regions that China focuses on supporting, I think it will bring them a lot of changes. In the past, countries and regions like the Caribbean and Africa were relatively difficult to rise under our international order dominated by service industry and trade. Because many places are remote and not in the center of the industry, they can not enjoy many dividends of service industry and trade.
        However, in today's metauniverse, Guizhou, which is located in the remote part of China, can also become the distribution center of big data and the cornerstone of the Internet. No matter in any corner of the world, everything is equal. Even in the isolated islands in the Caribbean, the Sahara desert, the East African Rift Valley in Shenzhen, and the East African grassland, as long as you have a good Internet infrastructure, you can immediately get involved in the center of the world. Therefore, I think that the meta universe is very decentralized, and you no longer need to be located in a centralized city and at a centralized node to enjoy the dividends of the Internet. Therefore, I think it is a good opportunity for small and micro enterprises and developing countries, as well as for China.
        This is also what I emphasized at the WTO Ministerial Conference on behalf of Grenada. In the future, metauniverse, blockchain, and virtual and digital economy will be a great opportunity for small and micro developing countries to overtake at a curve. I also hope that this opportunity will be recognized by more and more small and micro developing countries, and truly integrate metauniverse, Internet, blockchain Digital economy is a part of the economic industry that their country focuses on developing. Thank you very much for communicating with you at the 36 krypton summit today to share my own views on the metauniverse. If you want to know more about me, welcome to Weibo to follow brother sun, Tiktok to follow sun Yuchen, and Twitter to follow justinsun & middot; Create an account with the same name as sun Yuchen. Thank you.
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