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Blockchain's hottest Forum,The blockchain sub forum of the global open source summit was successfully held

Time : 08/03/2022 Author : pok4qn Click : + -
        Recently, the blockchain sub forum of the 2022 open atom global open source summit was successfully held in Beijing. With the theme of "open sharing and value return, open source blockchain innovation in the Web3 era", the sub Forum gathered experts from all walks of life from domestic and foreign blockchain technology industry, University and research to discuss the development direction of open source blockchain in the Web3 wave. The blockchain Unicorn enterprise quchain technology gathered with hundreds of experts and representatives from blockchain enterprises, blockchain project teams, Beijing Zhongguancun and other well-known science and Technology Parks at home and abroad, domestic and foreign mainstream and scientific and technological media to discuss the development trend of blockchain technology under the new situation. Shang Xuan, R & D director of quchain technology, was invited to attend the forum and delivered a keynote speech entitled "blockchain technology ecology and compliance governance", which introduced the open source technology ecology of quchain technology in detail and shared the governance framework and technical system of alliance chain compliance governance. He hoped to build, create and win-win cooperation with like-minded partners to meet industrial needs and enhance industrial value to the greatest extent, Work together to build a new ecology of the alliance chain.
        Since its establishment, quchain technology has deeply cultivated the underlying technology and industrial application of the blockchain of the alliance, providing comprehensive support for the development of digital transformation and promoting the high-quality development of social economy. In 2020, quchain technology built a blockchain 3.0 full stack and full ecological capability system. Its core technology products include enterprise level alliance blockchain platform, blockchain privacy computing platform bitxmesh with efficient data sharing capability, open and interconnected cross chain technology platform bitxhub, and comprehensive and powerful blockchain performance testing platform hyperbench. It also contributed some core technology products to open source. Bitxhub, as an alliance chain cross chain platform with high performance, complete authority system and abundant application chains in the industry, realized full open source in March 2020, supported the implementation of core blockchain infrastructure projects such as the alliance chain, people's chain and xiong'an chain of the public security, procuratorial and legal department of Shanxi Province, and participated in the formulation of multiple interoperability standards at home and abroad. It is an open source cross chain platform with great influence in China.
        Hyperbench, a blockchain performance testing tool, was fully open-source in September 2021. At present, it can adapt to such heterogeneous blockchain platforms as quchain technology blockchain, Ethereum, hyperledgerfabric, open atom super chain and China Telecom CT chain. It is a blockchain performance testing tool that adapts to a large variety of heterogeneous blockchains. It has established a good ecological cooperation relationship with Zhejiang University, China Telecom and Zhejiang blockchain Research Institute. The 2022 open atom global open source summit is jointly organized by the open atom open source foundation, Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, and Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee.
        The whole summit lasted for three days, and set up an opening ceremony, a main forum, more than ten sub forums and related activities. It carefully prepared rich activities such as the "open source corridor" offline experience area, the foundation donor awarding ceremony, and the "annual open source contribution star" award ceremony. Based on China and facing the world, it gathered global open source participants to jointly explore the development path of open source ecology and build a bright future for the open source cause, Promote the high-quality development of the digital economy. Open source is the trend of the times. Strengthening the construction of open source ecology is of great significance to the core basic technology of our country. Next, quchain technology will play a leading role in the blockchain field, promote the innovation and development of core technologies, continue to build an open source ecosystem, and promote the better and faster development of China's open source cause.
        Recently, the blockchain sub forum of the 2022 open atom global open source summit was successfully held in Beijing. The sub forum is opened in the Web3 era with open sharing and value return. Calligraphy is the unique business card of Chinese culture, the most symbolic national symbol of Chinese traditional culture, and the unique artistic work in the world cultural treasure house. The author. Generally speaking, the overdue interest generated by the credit card cannot be reduced and the cardholder needs to bear it. However, if it is due to the loss of labor, unemployment and other special. China has become a big country in the demand for soft packaging, and the number of enterprises in the soft packaging industry is also on the rise, reaching 1.01 million in 2021.
        From the global economy. The Dragon Boat Festival is in the middle of summer, when the Qing Dynasty and the sun return to the long road of the extraordinary brand. Medocchi Petrochemical (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in all synthetic lubricants, mainly in. Exhibition Name: walk into Jinchan gorge to help the first rural revitalization of perlite. Exhibition time: August 8-2, 2022. 2022 is a special year. Human beings are experiencing special experiences. On the one hand, future life is full of uncertainty, and on the other hand, literature is also full of. On August 8, the @ Weibo Security Center released a series of comics of the elderly's privacy protection knowledge manual, which opened the.
        (news from Bengbu, Anhui) on August 6, the Anhui public welfare project team of Tao Xingzhi Education Foundation and Anhui Xingzhi Heyi Trading Co., Ltd. jointly signed a public welfare agreement in Bengbu. As the saying goes, a long illness makes a good doctor. In the face of the disease, the patients were not frightened by the pain. Instead, they took the initiative to self-study, learn relevant anti-cancer knowledge, and seek suitable.
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