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Monthly income 100%? Metauniverse blockchain game scam uncovered

Time : 28/05/2022 Author : f75h8b Click : + -
        According to CCTV finance and economics report, recently, some blockchain games under the banner of meta universe claim that they can make money while playing games, and the monthly income is even close to 100%. The reporter found that no matter what form of meta universe blockchain game, users need to convert RMB into virtual currency such as usdt, and then convert it into the virtual currency used in the game. In 2017, the central bank and others clearly pointed out that the so-called "virtual currency" is essentially an unauthorized illegal public financing. Insiders told reporters that the "meta universe chain Tour" advocated on the Internet was just a hoax promoted by the concept of meta universe. Many blockchain games are small web games in nature. The development cost is very low, and external publicity can make money. In fact, they only use the funds paid by people who enter the market to fill the holes.
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